Good morning my little friend!

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I woke up this morning and found my self alone in my house. Wife gone off to work and kids safely at school. She let me sleep in this morning which was good considering I came in so late from my flight last night.

I was still a bit sleepy but knew I needed to get the day going. I hung in bed just enjoying the moment and trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep in between roll overs to get comfortable again. I reached under the sheets and grabbed my unit through my Calvin Klein Black trunks. The warmth of the bed made my cock and balls happy and they were resting in a semi-hard state waiting for the day to start. I enjoy the feeling of my cock through the satiny fabric of this underwear and a few rubs against the fabric sent a message to my cock that I might want it to come out and play.

Now that I felt myself growing, my brain got into sex mode as well and soon my cock was hard and the rubbing action and warmth of the bed was morphing into a solid masturbation moment. I pulled my underwear down and was naked under the sheets stroking my cock and playing with my balls a bit. Enjoying the sensations of it all, I just kept working myself over and took my other hand to play with my nipples.

Pre-cum began to leak from the tip of my penis and I easily pulled the sticky droplets down my shaft. The heat of the covers quickly dried that up making it hard to stroke properly so I pulled the covers down. The cool air met my nipples and I instantly went hard. I returned to my cock and the cool air had dried the pre-cum and warmth off and I was able to begin a rhythm. Up and down a few times. A rub over the tip to collect the growing pool of pre-cum and lathering up my shaft in the process. The feeing intensifying and I worked myself over. Loving the feeling of my cock in my hand. I tugged and massaged my balls a bit to help ease the building feeing that I was going to cum. I watched my cock pulse as I played with my nuts, begging me to take him back into may hands and stroke him.

I return to my shaft and stroke it. Pre-cum leaking all over it. I stroke it with increased speed, making a tight hole with my thumb and fore finger and pretending I am fucking a tight pussy. I am locked in the moment and arch my back. I feel my cum building up and I grip a bit tighter around my tip and press through down my shaft. I reach the base and I feel my cum explode out of me. I put my hand around my shaft now and stroke it tightly. Pulling load upon load of cum from my balls. I feel it splash against my chest stomach and even managed to blast a small batch onto my face. I stroke myself until I am drained fully and collapse my back onto the bed.

I stroke and stroke my retreating cock until it falls limp to the side. I pull the last drop of cum from its tip and mix it with the other pool of cum into my pubic hair. I rub it in and then return my cum drenched hand to my shaft and try to cook it to life but with no luck.

I return and pull the bead off my face and lick my finger clean. Enjoying my salty and sticky batch. I rub the rest of it over my nipples and stretch the gooey substance off my nipples and between my finger. I enjoy watching my fluid stretch between my body parts. Relaxed, I pull the sheets up and drift into another slumber, having satisfied my craving to blow a load.

Written by shyguy654
Cargado March 18, 2021
Notes A wake up call for my little friend is just the way to start the day
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