Stealing My Roommate’s Hook-up

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One Friday night in my apartment I shared with an acquaintance from college, I was relaxing and watching tv after a long week when he bursts in, hammered after an extensive and extended happy hour. We chatted briefly where he mentioned he had a girl coming over soon. He slurringly bragged about how hot she was and told me to wear earplugs because of the the noise they would be making. My eyeroll went unnoticed as I pieced together a snack from the pantry and he went to get ready.

A knock came while he was still in his room, so I got the door for him. The sight that greeted me was incredible sexiness packed into a dick appointment outfit.

Her shorts barely covered her caramel colored thighs. A casual t-shirt tightened around her tits, teasing with their perfect handful size. Her curly, natural hair accented a sexy face.

Cursing my roommate for seemingly pulling my dream fuck, she asked. “Tom here?”
“Um.. yea..he-“
“Oh heyyy Maya.” My roommate interjected, dragging her name in a drunken attempt at seduction. Maybe it was imagination, but I thought I caught her sigh softly at this.

My roommate gestured toward his room and started walking, with Maya following behind. I couldn’t help checking out her ass and with a groan, I saw the back of her shorts straining around her deliciously, round ass.

The door closed behind them as envy and horniness mounted inside me. It had been a minute since I’d gotten any and longer since anybody near as hot as Maya.

I settled back into my room and tried to watch tv, but my mind kept flashing back to Maya and blood slowly flowed to my groin. When my mind finally strayed to her juicy ass, my dick sprang up and throbbed.

I began to stroke softly imagining Maya teasing me and started to get into it when a loud knock came on my door.
“Hey, um. Can you come here?” Came Maya’s voice. I tried to hide what I was doing before opening the door.
“So, he passed out. Like immediately.”
My eyes widened in fear before “oh, he is just asleep. Sorry. I just wanted to see if you would check on him.”
“Oh. Yea. No problem.”
“Cool.” And she turned towards the door when in a burst of courage, I asked. “Do you want to stay and hang out anyway?”
She smiled. “Sure if you don’t mind. What were you just up to?”
My cheeks burned as the lusty images briefly returned. “Looking for a show to watch.”

Walking into my room, the laptop on my bed showing Netflix’s main screen backed my story... the lotion and tissues where I was clearly laying told another. I tried to plan how to move them casually when she said, “was I interrupting some private time?”

I laughed nervously. “Yea, I don’t blame you. The only reason I’m here is because I really wanted to get laid and your roommate caught me at the right moment.”
“Um.. yea..” I stammered as my mind had gone blank.
“Did you just close something or do you really like Netflix?”
I laughed. Probably harder than I should, but she was getting comfortable and felt more friendly than mocking. Considering she mentioned how horny she was, I took a risk.

“Haha, I was thinking about you.” I was ready to say I was joking when Maya stepped closer and replied, “I’m flattered. Let me know if I’m better than you imagined.”

Maya pressed her body against mine and placed my hands on her ass. I gave them a squeeze. Fuck, her cheeks were so soft. She giggled as my dick poked at her through our clothes until I leaned in and we kissed.

Steadily, the kisses grew in intensity. At first, my hands explored this magical wonderland in front of me, before eventually our clothes were being thrown off. Striped down to her panties and my boxers, we fell onto the bed.

I laid her on her stomach and kissed down her back. She shivered and sighed at my kisses as I worked toward her waist. Her thick, light brown thighs parted slightly as she lifted her sexy, round ass into the air. I carefully pulled her panties down, loving every moment of the view.

Hungrily, I buried my face between her thighs, my tongue dancing in the wetness of her pussy. Her upper body sank into bed with an “oh fuck” as I continued to lap at her.

Her moans got louder until she gave a shudder as her pussy climaxed around my face. Relentlessly, I kept licking until she called out “I need your dick!!”

I backed away to position myself as she hypnotized me with her seductive wiggles. Taking many mental photos, I slid into her dripping wet pussy from behind and she pushed back, until my groin was up against her soft, light brown ass.

She wiggled slightly against the base of my dick, urging for me to fuck her. I grabbed her ass and began fucking her, with deep, hard strokes. I savored the wetness that sucked me in and the cushion that caught the end of my stroke, while Maya gripped the bed and enjoyed every inch of my throbbing dick probing inside her.

After a number of increasingly savage thrusts, I stared into the soft bounce of Maya’s ass as another shaking orgasm engulfed her. The sight nearly pushed me over the edge.

I backed out intending to catch my breath, but in her enthusiasm, Maya spun and grabbed my dick. Excitedly, she started sucking my dick, taking me deep toward her throat, while playing with her soaking pussy.

I had no chance.. Maya pushed me straight past my threshold as my dick erupted into her mouth. A quick look of surprise gave way to a content one as she cleaned me off with her mouth and swallowed.

“Wow. So much.”
I nodded, panting. “Was that good? I wanted to last longer, but...”
My eyes ran up and down her body vaguely, as she laughed.
“You really know how to flatter me. I might even let you do that again, sometime.”
“Can I do again tonight?”
“You got more to give me?”
I smiled. “I’m just getting started!”

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Cargado March 18, 2021
Notes My annoying roommate invited a sexy girl with a delicious round ass over, but I was the one who truly got to enjoy her body
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