Turns out She is a Lesbian

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So after my cone-ing experience with a very sexy black guy in the theatre toilets, my desire to be naughty had gone through the roof!
I had always tried my very best to be a respectful cabin mate, id never let a guy stay over, id never fuck while my cabin mate was in the cabin, but my sex life hadn't gone unnoticed by my cabin mate. She worked as a social host, she was from London UK and was a lovely girl. We would chat about all sorts, about home, about work, about our frustrations of ship life, but never really about sex... until this particular evening.
We were in our cabin, it was quite late and we were watching a movie on the shitty cabin TV sipping away at a glass of wine, out of no where she says "how do you do it" I had no idea what she was on about and I think she sensed the total bewilderment in my look. She followed up with "how do you manage to have so much fun with so many guys" Well bam, right to the point, she definitely knew what id been up to!
I proceeded to tell her about my sexual desires, my lust for new experiences and how I really loved experiencing new people. She sat mouth open, not sure what to say. I asked her if she had any interest in hooking up with guys, I felt it would be nice to have someone to go out with on the prowl, she looked very nervous about the idea. She told me she didn't feel a very sexual person and wasn't sure how she would go just having sex. I told her that she should never feel like she has to do anything. There was kind of an awkward silence and a topping up of our wine glasses, I could sense she had more to say, but was struggling to get it out. I told her that she can tell me anything and it would stay between us, after all she knew my dirty little secrets. She took a big drink of wine and then mumbled "have you ever been with a girl?" she went bright red and looked down. I confidently told her I had and that I was bisexual and enjoyed sex with women as much as I do with guys. I waffled on about the differences and how at different times I will feel like different genders. She sat and listened. I then asked "have you?" again she went bright red and said "no, but I want to"
As soon as those words came out of her mouth, I moved in and gently kissed her on the lips, I waited for what felt like ages to see what her reaction was, finally she kissed back. The kiss became very passionate, I took her wine from her and then pushed her onto her back on the bed. I carried on kissing her, her hands were all over my ass, my tiny little shorts not covering much of it. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes, they were filled with lust, I knew that she was mine but I was going to have to take control. I kissed her again before lifting her vest top over her head, she had a great set of tits, a solid C cup and her nipples could of cut ice at that point, I kissed down her neck and found my way to one of her nipples, taking it between my teeth I nibbled gently before my tongue darted over it, she moaned loudly, her hands holding my head in place.
I moved my way down her body, kissing her as I moved down, I quickly rid her of her shorts and panties and saw a beautiful bald and very wet pussy, I just had to taste her, I kissed up her thigh and my tongue found her clit, one little flick over it and she started begging me to eat her. I was more than happy to oblige. my tongue entered her pussy and I was amazed by how wet she was, I moved back to her clit and teased it with my tongue as I slipped one finger into her dripping pussy, followed by 2 fingers, followed by 3 fingers, I was working her g-spot and clit and I could feel her getting more and more tense, she was moaning loudly, begging me not to stop, then all of a sudden she let out a huge scream and coated me in cum, id made her squirt!!! in the total lust I was in, I also really wanted to pat myself on the back, id never made someone squirt before! it was the most surreal experience, each flick of her clit, she would squirt more cum at me, I was in my element! she pushed me away and I sat back and admired my work, there on my bed was a sexy naked British girl, eyes closed, breathing deeply and my bed covered in girl cum! I was very proud! but also very fucking horny! surly it was my turn!
I stood up and got naked, she opened her eyes and smiled. I took that as my encouragement and got back on the bed on top of her in a 69, presenting my very wet pussy to her face, this was the moment for her, to eat or not to eat! she leaned into my pussy and I felt her tongue just lightly touch me, she was just having a sample taste, but she must of liked because straight away she started to frantically explore my pussy with her mouth and fingers, it wasn't the best oral, but I knew id be able to train her, she did manage to make me cum! I rolled off her and laid next to her, both of us silent. She cuddled into me, I kissed her head and stroked her back, she looked up at me and said "I think I'm gay" I kissed her and we fell asleep.
I woke up the next day to her between my legs eating my pussy, she was flicking my clit with her tongue and looking up at me. I blew her a kiss and she slid up my body and kissed me. It was a confident and passionate kiss, her nerves all seemed to be gone. We spoke a bit about her sexuality and she admitted she had known she was gay for years but hadn’t felt she was ready to express it. I told her it was our little secret. She told me she had been with guys and didn’t hate it, but had enjoyed the sex with me so much more.
It was the start of some very regular girl on girl cabin sex, she knew I was just having fun and she embraced that, we teased a few guys over the next few months with some girl on girl love. It was great and I was so happy that I got to be there to help her find herself and be true to herself.


Written by Cruise Dancer
Cargado March 19, 2021
Notes Discovering my cabin mate is a lesbian.
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