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So here I am on my first contract at sea, I'm enjoying the cheap crew bar drinks, the endless supply of sexual partners and the fact that I get to dance for a living, things were good, I knew I'd be doing this for a while. As a fresh faced 18yr old I knew I had a lot to learn about life but I also felt I had a good grasp on things and definitely felt I was sexually advanced for my age.

I still had lots of fantasies that I was determined to make happen, some I was seeking and others I would jump on as they came up. One of those fantasies was to be played with by much older men, something about their lust for someone my age was a huge turn on, while I wasn’t actively seeking it, I knew I wouldn't turn one down if they came my way. Which leads me to this series of events.

It had been a pretty quiet cruise, we were in the mid stage of our contract hitting the 4 months on board phase and everyone in my cast had calmed down a bit. I wasn't going out quite as much as normal either. It was the 2nd formal night on board and I was sat in the piano bar alone listening to an extremely talented musician smash out the hits to a drunkenly excited small but mighty crowd of guests. I was sat toward the corner, keeping out of the way. There was an older guy, pretty average looking who was sat right at the end of the bar almost opposite me, I would catch him having the odd glance at me now and then and when I left to use the toilet I could feel his eyes on my ass, I added an extra shake to it just to be sure he got a good view!

When I came back into the bar he was sat at the table I was at and a fresh glass of wine was on the table waiting for me, he asked if he could join me, to which I agreed. I'm a chatter box so I was happy to have some company! We got talking and I was engrossed in his amazing life story. He looked mid 40s but was actually late 50s, he told me how him and his late wife had cruised every year for 20yrs and when he lost her he just felt he wanted to keep cruising by himself. He was a rare American guest who had been to Australia and I enjoyed sharing stories of my home with him. We had gotten so lost in our conversation that the piano man had finished for the night and we were just sat in the corner of the bar having this chat. Eventually he asked if I had a partner to which I jokingly replied "several" that drew a laugh and some more probing questions about my sex life! I was upfront and honest about enjoying a sexual journey while onboard. He then proceeded to tell me that he and his wife had been swingers and had been very active on the scene so he knew about those urges and needs in a women. He then said "my wife was a big fan of the gloryholes" my reply of "what the fuck is a gloryhole" drew laughter from him and a sense of realisation that I still had so much to learn.

He went on to tell me all about gloryholes and I was sat there getting wetter and wetter, the idea of sucking and fucking 100% total strangers was having quite the effect, the image in my head was spectacular. I was going to need sex after this chat! I said to my older man that I had an urge that needed seeing to. He told me his cabin number and said hope to see you there and calmly left the bar. Now I had a decision to make, I knew the risk of being caught going to a guest cabin was high, I could easily call a fuck buddy from the crew and have my urge attended to, but I just had to try with this guy. Legs like jelly and heart beating hard in my chest I got to the corridor that his cabin was on, I took a deep breath and as casually as possible walked down the corridor, it was late, no one in sight, I got to the cabin door and it was ajar so I walked in and closed the door behind me. He was sat on the bed with a smile on his face. I took all my clothes off and stood naked in front of him, his eyes roamed every inch of me and he pulled me to him and kissed me. He picked me up, still missing me and I wrapped my legs around him. He walked over to the desk and sat me down, he moved between my legs and started eating my pussy, fuck he was good! I was squirming, moaning loudly in pleasure, he had the perfect combo of tongue on clit and fingers inside me. I came loudly, gushing over his face.

He moved back and stripped off, he was in decent shape, his cock average in size was stood to attention. I stood up and walked over to him, kissing him before dropping to my knees and taking his cock in my mouth, I teased the head for a bit before taking his whole cock in my mouth, I looked up at him and winked, his hands were on the back of my head pushing his cock as deep as it could go. Then he pushed me onto the bed and onto my stomach, he placed a condom on and grabbed me by my hips pulling me up into him, then I felt him drive his cock into me hard and deep. He continued to fuck me hard and fast, he was moaning loudly and I was enjoying hearing his intense pleasure. He let out a loud groan and I could feel his cock pulsing inside me, he had cum. He fell onto me and kissed my neck and was whispering "thank you" into my ear, it was nice, I felt great that someone had enjoyed me so much.

We regained ourselves and he half got dressed, I stayed naked as I knew it was a tease and might lead to round 2! We began talking and he brought up glory holes again, he told me there was a sex shop close to the port of Miami that had them and he offered to pick me up on a home port day and take me there! He said worst case, he just buys me some new toys! I was very keen, I wanted to fill this gap in my knowledge. He was delighted. He gave me his card and I told him that I'd be able to get off the ship the following week in Miami, he was available so we set a time and place for him to collect me. I could sense there wasn't going to be a round 2 so I kissed him, got dressed and left.

A week had passed and it was the morning of my first gloryhole experience. Safe to say I was freaking out, excited and scared all rolled into one.

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Written by Cruise Dancer
Cargado March 19, 2021
Notes My amazing introduction to gloryholes!
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