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Cruise ships have a ranking system a bit like the military. They are easily broken down into 3 groups... officers, staff and crew. As a dancer I was in that middle group, staff. As a staff member I was allowed to use the guest facilities such as the gym, the pools, I could lay out by the pools, I could eat at certain times from the lido deck buffet and I could drink at the bars and clubs on board. We also had 2 to a cabin and our own bathroom in the cabin. Officers had more luxury depending on their position and rank. Crew on the other hand, they were not given any luxury. Often 4 to a cabin with a shared corridor bathroom facility on the older ships located on Deck C, a few decks below sea level. They were not allowed to use guest facilities and definitely not allowed to eat or party with the guests. Most crew positions (waiters, bar, cabin stewards, deck, engine, cooks) worked insane hours, like 10-14hrs a day 7 days a week for 4-6 months at a time. So their down time wasn't all that much, but I came to learn that some of these boys really knew how to party and let their hair down!
I should say that this happened on my 2nd contract! I'd been and had a short (4week) vacation and had gone through my cast change and now I was trying to sus out a new ship to see what adventures I could find for myself!

I had been drinking in the crew bar and I had a good buzz going and I was contemplating going and getting dressed up so that I could go to a guest bar and carry on drinking, but the thought of having to get ready was putting me off. I tried to negotiate with the bar tender to sell me another bottle of wine but he was having none of it. I made a mental note to stock up the cabin! A Filipino crew member had over heard my lack of more drink plight and told me his friend sells things in his cabin and motioned for me to follow. Eh what the fuck, I followed along, he was a lovely man and told me he worked in the engine room. It was nice to talk to someone that I'd never normally chat to.
We arrived at a cabin on Deck C, he knocked and made the introductions. The guy who's cabin it was invited us in and proceeded to display the many things that his "out of hours shop" had on offer! I was amazed! What a great little business he had going! A bottle of red that I would have bought in the crew bar for $7 he was charging me $10, perfect. Me being me I made myself at home and sat down and started chatting to the guys in the room, 5 guys and me were there at this stage. I introduced myself to them all and found out what they all did on board, they were all Filipino and had all worked for the cruise line for many years. I was sipping my wine from the bottle (all class!) and really enjoying this little gathering. They were very intrigued about working as a dancer, they joked that I had it easy on board! I told them it was hard work staying in shape and looking good for the crowd. I was wearing a pair of tight denim jeans and a vest top with no bra, I could spot that they had been looking at me the whole time, I noticed one of the guys nudge his friend to look at me, I looked down and spotted my nipples were rock hard and making for a very obvious view. I laughed and said to the guy "they are just nipples!, it's either cold in here or I'm horny" the guys all let out a laugh, the room got quiet, it was a very awkward silence, then bold as can be the guy who lead me from the bar to the cabin suggested that I show them a dance.

I was feeling tipsy at this point and my sense of adventure kicked in, I wanted to see how out of control this situation could get. I told ‘mr all of a sudden confident’ to sit on the desk chair, I grabbed the TV remote and put on the music channel. I started give him a slow seductive dance, his eyes didn't move off my body, I decided to move in for the lap dance. Facing away from him I shook my tight 18yr old dancer ass at him before sitting in his lap and grinding into his obvious erection. To my surprise his hands came up and grabbed my tits over my top, he was playing with my nipples through the material. I stood up, turned around and slowly removed my top. His eyes filled with lust. I straddled his lap and his mouth instantly found my nipple. He was going to town on my nipple, using his teeth and tongue expertly. My pussy felt like it was on fire. Between the attention my tits were getting and knowing that 4 other guys were watching on I was beyond horny, my pussy needed attention.

I got off my new friends lap and undid my jeans and clumsily pulled them and my panties down, I tossed them to one side, laid on the floor with my legs spread and told him to eat me. He dove right in, eating my pussy with passion. I looked to my right and spotted one of my watchers with his cock out, he was hard and was stoking himself, I waved him over and I greedily took his cock in my mouth. This was all the encouragement the other guys needed and I felt hands exploring my tits and a cock was placed in my left hand. I wanked him and I sucked his friend and was eaten out. This was not what I had envisioned my night being but I was loving it!
I asked the guy eating me if he had condoms, he instructed one of the guys to go to his draw and he brought out a stash of condoms. My new friend put one on and got between my legs and guided himself into me, it was exactly what I needed, he began fucking me quite hard while I sucked a cock and wanked another. A few minutes in and he pulled out, ripped the condom off and just about made it to my mouth, he came and I swallowed his load down, I was draining every last drop as I felt another cock slide inside me. He was slightly bigger and it felt good. I got back to sucking the guy off and he came, also encouraging me to swallow his load, which I gladly did.
The guy fucking me pulled out and went and sat on the chair, he indicated for me to follow. I straddled his cock and rode him facing him, he was sucking my tits as I rode him. I knew there were 2 othe

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