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I can taste your lust. Take you deep, only to slide out almost completely a short time later and then take you in even deeper. You moan so horny. Rough. Feel the blood pulsing inside you. The small vein on your shaft has come out. Your grip on my hair is getting tighter. You slip a little further forward, toward me and fuck my mouth hard. Spit runs out and drips onto my breasts. "Arms behind your back." I follow. You let me catch my breath for a moment and pull yourself out of me, which lets a new gush of the spit-juice mixture drip over my lips and onto my upper body. You really like the look of it.

While you get up, you pull me up. "Well done", you praise me. You gently stroke my cheek with one hand. "It seems you belong to me a little more than you did before." Your eyes fixate on me. You make me feel insecure. I feel like an inexperienced teenager. I've never seen this game live. The thrill was always there, but never the right partner. Suddenly you're behind me. How'd you do that again? I feel your right index finger on my neck while your left hand firmly grips my hip.

You stroke with the finger and light pressure down my neck to the breech. Sweet, excruciating pain. I wriggle slightly, I can't stand still. So, you push me on the bed and with one foot you push my legs far apart. "Do not move." I obey you. See your shadow. You pull the belt out of your pants. What are you going to do? I want to turn around and contradict you. But you push me back on the mattress. "Are you sure you don't want me to? I won't do anything you don't want me to do, and I'll stop the minute you say so. So, think it over, girl." You smile. You're smiling. I'm confused. That's awesome. Wet. Excited about the pain. Too curious. I want to try. Breathe in a soft and tentative "okay." But you're relentless. "Okay" what? I couldn't hear anything here? Did you say something?" I lean on my elbows. "I want to try. Do it." That settles it.
The first blow is down to my ass cheek. The leather is cold and doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I concentrate on breathing and try to relax and let go. My heart is pounding up to my neck. I am so excited. And so fucking horny. My body is in full mode. I'm wide awake and eager for your next move.

Just when I want to think about it further, it claps loudly and even before the sound reaches my ear, I already feel the pain, through your flat hand on my bottom. I'm so startled that I'm cheering. You do not wait, but give me a volley of blows, first on one side and then on the other.
When I start to wriggle under you, you grab me and when I lie on my back, you fix me and look deep into my eyes. "What are you fidgeting about? Should I stop?". Of course, your question is rhetorical. I know for a fact that if I really didn't want to do this, this game would be over for us in no time.

You tie my hands with your tie over my head and somehow tie me up there to the bed frame. I'm smiling. You've been constantly surprising me ever since we met. You're so unpredictable, but not in a dangerous way, but in the very best way. It's weird, but I trust you 100% already.
My reaction makes you glow. You gently stroke my cheek and whisper, "Be my good girl." You look expectant. And I think you want my reassurance. So, I nod and affirm. "I'll be good, sir." Where did that come from? Sir? I don't believe it. I can't believe how quickly you got me into this role. You bend down a little toward me and your fingers stroke my hands, over my arms, further down my sides, tickling me terribly and not keeping me still under your touch. You turn me with a lightning fast movement on my stomach and hit me hard on my surely now already well reddened and warm ass, well supplied with blood.

I immediately stop fooling around and hide my face in the blanket. "Ow." You reach for your belt and grab a loop. My hair is falling down a little bit and I can't see you. Not now anyway, as you walk down the side of the bed and scrape the edge of the leather over my skin. You don't exert much pressure, but it's still uncomfortable. I squirm easily. Try to bear it. I don't want to upset you. Feel how damp my crack is. How this new game turns me on. You. In this role. How you excite my senses. Push me straight to my limits, push over and catch me. And all this with my consent. This is crazy, and it's exactly what I want and need right now.
Your voice is rough and sounds distant.
You ask: "What do you think about ten strokes per side, increasing in intensity? Is that what you want?"
For whatever reason, I nod.
Voluntary pain?
During sex? Never.
In the old days, I would have fought back.
Today I cannot resist the temptation.

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Notes The adventures of a German sub. Inspired by real life events.
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