Trilateral Damage

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Do you remember when I started to kiss her neck?

Lu: Nope. It’s not always and everything about you in my life. I was busy.

Arian: You were! And I felt a little left out. So, I started to kiss her neck, let my tongue draw a line from her ear down her carotid to her collarbone. She shivered, her little hair responding like little antennas reaching out for the impulse. Since you both were so “busy”, I could concentrate on undressing her, softly pulling her jumpsuit down. She wound herself out her clothes like a snake, meanwhile you both were moaning like shit and it got wilder every minute. So I decided to introduce my hands to her great ass. I was really relieved that she had such a great body, she looked like a damn model. You would have complained if she didn’t look perfect.

Lu: I would have killed you if she’d been ugly. I expect some style from my playmates. But you’re right: Her body was perfect. Like a gazelle’s.

Arian: And I started biting this gazelle’s buns, at first she squirmed and tried to avoid my attacks, but as soon as she felt my teeth, she pressed against them. But that was her style: She always wanted more and more and more. Of everything. She was like earth after months of drought….

Lu: And you, you were the rain or what? C’mon, don’t be overdramatic.

Arian: Well, at least she groaned, every time she felt the slight pain… When I pulled down the last piece of cloth, she immediately opened her legs more and arched her back. I grabbed her ass with both hands…

Lu: And I thought that you had played alone back there long enough… I pulled you up and made you kiss me. I loved that, she was so hot between us, my hand grabbed her throat, your face touching hers, I licked over your lips, then over hers, then back again. Do you know that I thought it’s impossible to have a good three-way French kiss? But somehow we were like a good team, all of these tongues being in sync, that was really hot, must admit that. I kissed you and her at the same time…

Arian: And you beast seemed so focus on the kiss, I wouldn’t have expected that you were also working elsewhere. I wondered why she was moaning so heavily, I mean, you’re a great kisser, the best, but she was really losing it.... I got the answer when my hand slid between her buns. My cautious fingers slowly followed the line of her ass cheek to the base of her sweaty thigh, going further to the soft of her lips, where my hand found your hand already heavily penetrating her, two or three fingers inside her pussy. She was so wet that even her thighs were moist, and I’d thought this was sweat! Why are you always so impatient?

Lu: They call it passion. Something you’ll never understand.

Arian: Fuck you. But it was ok, I slid up to her tits and took them in both my hands. We had her in a gridlock, her breasts firmly in my grip, her pussy in yours, she was standing between us, impaled, bound, fixated, made to groan like a slave. I could have enjoyed that longer. Why did you stop?

Lu: ‘Cause I wanted to taste her. This had gotten way too exciting for me. I was burning from inside. I hated you for this and I wanted you at the same time. And her. You had made me lose control, which I hate. But now I wanted to lose it more. That’s why I just had to shove her down on the bed…

Arian: And I couldn’t believe what you did then…

Lu: Why? I don’t remember very much… It was all like warm haze.

Arian: But I do remember! You stood there in the dark room, like an amazon warrior, she was on the bed, naked, your prey, breathing like after a 100-meter sprint. You turned to me, told me to undress, fast, and then you started to take off your clothes. The next thing I know is you, bare naked like her, bending down with voracious eyes, grabbing her ankles and lifting her legs in the air. You spread them wide, she lies there like a surrendering dog on his back. Then, without even a hesitance, your right hand slides down her leg, advances to her pussy and I see a few fingers disappearing inside her. Your face follows your hand and I observe you licking wet over her most intimate part like a lioness her puppy.

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