Sex in public

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We have been together for a little over a year and through the pandemic we, at first, were not able to see each other but opened it up after a few months and began hanging out. She was a great woman and I loved her company and just loved talking to her and being with her. Our relationship was pretty good so I asked her to go away for a weekend and she graciously and happily accepted.

I selected Provincetown, MA and booked a nice B&B. It was late summer and the weather was perfect! We drove the two hours and checked in around mid day on Friday. We unpacked and changed out of our driving outfits. For her it was black yoga pants, white Keds sneakers, pink sports bra and a Sox cap with her brunette pony tail pulled through the back along with silver Ray Ban Aviators. For me, it was gym shorts, a beat up Hartford Whalers T-Shirt, flip flops, and Ray Ban Wayfarers, my hair blown wild from the topless Jeep ride up Route 6.

She undressed and showed off her nicely tanned and toned body and carefully placed her outfit into the drawer before slipping into a white lace thong and a cute yellow sundress with a floral print. She kept her Keds on and ditched the hat but kept the pony tail. She opted for no bra as the sundress had a spaghetti strap that would not have worked with a bra and her perky and firm breasts filled the “built” in support nicely.

I kept my Body Aware Red Satin Trunks on and put on khaki shorts, a navy blue Penguin polo shirt and kept the flip flops. I combed my hair back. Put out bathing suits, sunscreen and towels, a small cooler with some canned wine from the Truro vineyards and put it all in a backpack and head out. P-Town as it is called is a great location. Lots of fun sites everywhere you look!

We headed to Race Point to do a trail walk which is filled with beautiful topography and wild birds. We finished the 4 mile hike and spill out on the National Seashore where we put out towels down and crack open the Chardonnay. The cool wine tastes great after the hike and we enjoy the ocean waves crashing in front of us. The ocean is relatively calm and we see a seal pop is head out of the water every now and then. We chat away about our lives and the beautiful scenery and the relaxing and romantic moment we are witnessing together.

She leans over and places her head on my lap and I caress her hair, pulling strands of her brunette locks away from her beautiful brown eyes. She is staring into the far of the ocean when she says, “Have you ever had sex in public?” I spit a bit of wine out at the comment and respond, “Uh, no, I haven’t. Have you?” She says, “No, but today seems like a good place and time to maybe try it. What do you think?” I reply, “Where? Here?” She says, “No, too open even for me but lets go back to the trails and find a secluded spot. You game?” As she pulls off my lap and begins to pack up our towels and wine. As she bends over, a gentle breeze lifts her sundress just a bit and I see her beautiful ass split in half by her lace thong and her biscuit wrapped in the white lace, a prelude of things to come.

We trek into the trails about 3/4 of a mile and find a spot that is secluded enough and just off the trail. I put the towels on the ground and turn to meet her with a kiss. She tastes like cherry ChapStick and smells of suntan lotion. And I grab her around her tiny waist and pull her in tighter. She wraps her hands around my neck and our sunglasses collide. We back off a bit and each toss them to the towel below and return to our kiss.

I reach down and feel her toned ass though her cotton sundress and raise it a bit until I feel her flesh on my hands. I grind her ass a bit and cup as far underneath her as I can and I feel the warmth of her pussy though the lacy thong. She leans tighter into me, enjoying the feel of my hands near her pleasure zones. I gradually pull the sundress over her head and watch her firm B cup tits spring free and flop back into position. I cup her breasts and rub them as I go in for another kiss. She lowers her hands to my shorts and is busy unbuttoning me and soon, with a small hip shimmy, they slide to the ground and she reaches for my already firm cock.

I lower my hands to her cunt and begin to rub her through the lace. I pay attention to her clit and the lace against it drives her wild as she starts jerking me off through my undies, my love stick growing harder with each stroke. She is enjoying the pleasure build up from the clit attention and I can feel the heat building from her warming pussy.

She lets out a soft moan and says, “Fuck me”, and I lower her panties in return exposing her nicely shaved box, I rub a finger between her slit and am met with a little more wetness than usual. She unwraps my cock and starts stroking me bareback into a stiff shaft. I ease her back and turn her around and fold her at the hips. Her glistening hole reflecting sunlight off its wet surface. I rub my cock up her slit and butt crack and it absorbs her juice as it glides between.
I repeat this a few times to lube me up before pressing my tip against her hole. Her bleached butt hole staring at me as I press into her. I glide in with ease and bury my 8 inch rod into her, she moans loud with pleasure, louder than normal and I can here her voice echo through the valley we are in. I pull out and repeat, plunging my cock into her slick hole. She reaches under and plays with her clit while I drive her with increased fervor. My hips smacking agains her ass cheeks. I am fucking her and enjoy the view of me sliding into her gooey hole, I pull out and white cum from her pulls out with me before I jam it back into her, dripping down my balls.

She works her clit over and reaches further back for my balls and pulls me as deep into her as I can possibly be and she lets out a scream of orgasm, “Fuck me harder!”, she screams and I comply. I feel my balls tighten and pull her off of me and spin

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