Waxing ends in pleasure

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I was visiting the waxologist and have been going to the same place for many years. Although I have changed waxologist a few times, I do stay with the same one so long as they do a good job and only change from them if they go to another job.

On this visit, I was met by Sydney, she was new but highly recommended by my last waxologist who was out on maternity leave. I get to the room and Sydney says, “So, for services, you are doing: Manzillian, Ears and Nostrils. Right?” I respond, “Yes, and glutes.” “Oh right, says that right here”, she replies and continues, “Let’s start with ears and nostrils.” As I lay on the table. She quickly completes this task and says, “Ok, I’ll let you get ready and I’ll be back in a few”, as she exits.

I take my pants off and my light blue lace and satin panties and fold them both and place them on the bench. I am careful to leave my panties front edge exposed so that the little white bow is visible. I take the wipe and clean my perineum and butthole. Nothing worse than waxing a shit stained butthole. I climb into the table and place the small paper towel over my junk and wait fro the knock of readiness.

Syd knocks and enters. She checks the temperature of the waxes and then turns and uncovers my 12 inch cock. She gasps a bit when she uncovers it and say, “Oh my.” “Something wrong?”, I ask and she says, “No, I’m sorry. I don’t think I have ever seen a penis that big.” “Oh, is that a problem?”, I ask and she quickly says, “No problem at all.” And picks my log off my leg and slaps the hot wax along the shaft before placing the paper to remove the hair. As she does this, I feel myself getting hard which has never happened during a wax. As it gets hard, Syd continues to wax and I say, “I am sorry, that has never happened during a waxing before.” And Sydney says, “That is okay, it is a common occurrence” and continues stripping hair from my pubic region.

I butterfly my legs and she goes into my perineum and strips me clean there. My cock still hard from the shaft cleaning. As she finishes my front, she asks me to roll over and get on all fours which I do, my stiff cock bouncing off my stomach. She waxes my glutes and butthole and says, “Ok, finished, you can roll over now” And I do.

I apologize again for getting hard during the service and she says, “No worries. But I am interested in your panties. Do you wear them often?” And I reply, “Yes, as much as I can!”
“Can you model them for me?”, she asks and I quickly grab them and pull them on. My semi stiff cock pushed to the side leaves a large imprint on the panties. She asks, “Can I feel the fabric?” And I welcome her to do so.

She feels the silky fabric around my cock and begins stroking my shaft. “What are you doing?”, I ask and she replies, “Feeling your beautiful cock through the fabric. Since I walked in, I noticed your panties and then I saw that cock and you heard me gasp, I wanted to touch you since then!” And she leaned in for a kiss.

I was growing harder as she continued to stroke me, my girth getting larger as blood filled my shaft. She lowers my panties and pulls me free. She lets go and I flop downward. She pulls her yoga pants off and lowers her thong, licks her hand and lowers it to wet her slit. And bends over the table and says, “I want you in me!”

I press against her slit and ease into her and ask, “Have you ever had a cock this large?” And she says, “No, that’s why I am doing this. My boyfriend isn’t half of you!” I say, “It’s not as easy as that, I could hurt you so I will go easy.” And she looks back and gives me a thumbs up. I gently insert a few inches and retreat. I do this a few times to make sure she is wet enough to take more. She reached under and plays with her clit making her a bit wetter as I slowly penetrate her hole, being careful not to hurt her.
I am now up to 4 inches and working it in and out of her with a bit more ease as her clit action is helping coat her inside with a slick coating. I got to about 8 inches and she is moaning with pleasure fully enjoying my thick cock in her. I pull out and in, moving with ease now. She erupts in an orgasm with nine inches of me in her and she shakes her body with the peaking orgasm and asks me to insert deeper. I push all 12 inches into her and I feel the base of her cervix wall and she lets out a small, “ouch” so I retreat an inch and bang into her with an increased pace. She loves me filling the inside her and I am gliding in and out with ease.

I pull back and put her on the table and spread her legs. She welcomes me back inside her and marvels at 11 inches of me gliding into her wet hole. She watched for a moment and then motions for me to come down and I do. We kiss as I continue to fuck her. My pace increases and I pull out and shoot rope upon rope on her shirt and face. I stroke myself and empty me as much as I can and let out a moan of pleasure.

Sydney wipes my cum off her face and licks her fingers clean. My cum soaking into her shirt, I pull off of her and put my panties back on. She climbs off and puts her yoga pants back on and gives me a kiss. “Thank you! I love your cock and I love your panties even more!”, she says and continues, “I’d love to do this again on you next waxing if you are okay with that.” And I say, “Sure, I look forward to that!”

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Notes A wax job gets better
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