A Dream of Him

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A rush of breath slid past her. Once again, the urgency to awake and search for him had brought her from the sweet clutches of slumber, and she…desirous from the memories of the illustrious scenes that had occurred there were enough to make her heart flutter wildly against her chest. She never could seem to shake him. It was as if something had been evoked within her so long ago that his imprinting had been deep; to the core of her soul. She could never forget him. No matter how many others might have held either of them. No matter how many past wounds that the two had both endured in their very separate, yet somehow always interwoven paths.

Perhaps, it could be said that some loves are meant to challenge and force growth. And wouldn’t it be just as beautiful for whatever Maker to find joy in this? Ah, to give merit to the analogy that the Lord did, indeed, work in the most mysterious of ways. She had all but given up the notion of ever finding anything remotely similar to the spark he had ignited inside her all those years before. And, while she did love, one thing that rested in the depth of her soul was how wildly he had ignited her that night so many years ago. When the two had been young, foolish, and mislead by their own vanities, lecheries, and misguided hopes. Hopes that later developed into buried and burned disasters that neither could have ever foreseen. And, yet, it seemed that this bout of bad luck, as both had deemed it had continued for the very will of that god who now surely smiled upon them both as she awoke from her fervent dream. Oh, but to recall it with such fondness. She could not help but do so, and thinking upon it she allowed her mind to wander to the sweetness of those provoking thoughts….

‘I need to have you,’ he murmured, his voice soft like velvet whispering gently against her earlobe. Her lips curved, the sweetness of them lifting to overtake her visage as her eyelids fell closed. Such bliss, he seemed to promise….and oh, how she wanted it. The envisioned possibilities now brought a surge of flaming need straight to the apex of her thighs. Clenching them, she hoped to quell the rising need. And yet, the more she fought the more his words seemed to entice her tight cunt walls to seep. As if her body already anticipated having him deep inside her; within the well of her pleasure. Somewhere only HE belonged. God, she wanted him there. But more than that, she wanted to be one with him and to burn with the unity of their shared passion – a passion they both knew existed and could drive them wild with both pleasure and euphoria alike. Oh, nothing more beautiful could exist for her. And as she found herself thinking more of him, the more her body seemed to drip with the fragrant sweetness of her desire. She glanced around – was everyone asleep? Could she finally draw her sweet fingertips down across the swell of her abdomen as she fantasized about him? Did he know how often she wanted to tease her clit, wishing it was his fingers…hoping that maybe someday the silkiness of his tongue would slide over her throbbing labia before he finally laid claim to what he should have so long ago?

‘God, I just want you to take me…I can feel you already…’ she whimpered, knowing that he was so close and yet so very far. All she wanted was to be wild beneath him and caught in the tempest of their mutual yearning. Patiently, she continued to imagine what this would be like and yet he seemed to hold himself at a distance – as if pacing himself on purpose for some sweet and earth-shattering moment that she could not foresee. At times, it killed her.

The need he had sparked was just too much and she wondered if he at all felt the same. Striving daily to show him how much she wanted him. Not just for the sexual relief he could provide, but for everything he was. And yet, that desire…allowing her mind to wander she traveled to her one favorite fantasy…the one she had secretly hoped to fulfill with him. The one that almost seemed to be plucked from a mythical love story, and yet, for her was all she could imagine would satisfy them both. Her fingertips now slid over her naked labia, splaying apart the tender flesh tenderly as she sucked in a breath. With her opposing hand, she drew her fingers up toward her lips, sucking the tips of them between her lips and teasing her tongue over them. As she whet them, she brought them down to encircle her clit, lightly stroking it as she focused her mind on his face – seared into her memory as it was. She groaned a bit, slowly teasing her clit as her slit began to slicken some more. Oh, such sweet preparation – if he were present there was no doubt she would give him everything – in any fashion, for the rest of her life.

Her body ached, just thinking of how sweet his claiming would be. Through so many years, to find such a connection and it belongs to him was a reward beyond describing, ‘I adore you…God, I need you inside me so bad, Master…’ she groaned, her fingers continuing to work the magic she so desperately desired of him. In her mind, her fingers were not her own – she belonged to him and what she did now, she did as if it were him and knowing she would deliver the message of her pleasure to him without any delay the moment he presented once again. For this, pleasure, it belonged to him – and she could never deny this truth.

Suddenly, she shifted her fingers from her clit, drawing her index down to slip within the tight confines of her now juice-laden cunt, ‘Mmm, Vana’she I so wish to be stretched around your cock…and only your cock.’ She moaned, slipping her finger deeper as she shifted her thumb to further rub her clit. Feeling a sweet driving need rising within her pelvic floor she continued to rub her clit, speeding up a bit before slipping one extra finger deep within her body, ‘Mmm, it's still not as good as you would be, but this is for you, Master…’ she whimpered, drawing herself closer and closer to the moment

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Written by Sai Marie
Cargado March 20, 2021
Notes Sahirah's desire for her Master's touch is far more than she can handle. Her frustration has risen to heights farther than even she can endure, and a night of self-stimulation as she thinks of him seems to be what she cannot keep her mind from.
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