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I waited in line at my local coffee shop to place my order. I had just left the gym after a great workout. I was still in my work out gear due to covid and the showers being closed. Just then a lady walked in and got in line behind me. "I have had my shots so I am safe, that is why I am not wearing a mask." she said standing right next to me. I figured her to be in her mid sixties and not bad looking.

"I will stand with you, my you are a good looking young man." she said. "If I was twenty five years younger I would be flirting way more with you." she whispered. She made some other small talk. Finally I turned to her and said "if you want me you can have me, right now." The look of surprise on her face was priceless and she was now speechless. I had nothing to lose and had not been able to close the deal with an older woman since I banged one of my buddies mom back in high school. I placed my order and moved to order pickup window. I got my order and went out side and found a small table and sat down to people watch as I drank my coffee. A few minutes later much to my surprise, Nora, came out and joined me. We had some great conversation.

We finished our coffee and I got up to leave. "Will you be so kind as to walk me to my apartment? I live right over there." Nora asked. "Sure" I replied and she took my arm and we walked back to her place. As we walked I sized her up, about five foot tall, slim, silver hair, pretty face. Once inside her place she showed me around then we started kissing. Like I said before I had not been with an older woman since high school, I was not sure how to proceed with someone the was at least fifteen years older than I. I decided that if what I had said earlier to her did not scare her off I was good.

A minute in I had her shirt and bra off. Her small tits had some sag, but not bad. Next was her pants, small pot belly but not bad. Then she had nice hips, a little sag to her ass and her pussy had a little sag too, not very hairy or lippy. Brown and grey hair in her bush. I slipped a finger inside and to my surprise she was wet, very wet. I quickly undressed, my cock stood proud at eight thick inches and ready to meet some new pussy. Nora lead me to the bedroom where we got on the bed and I buried my face between her legs. Her Aroma was intoxicating to me and I worked her clit with my tongue and fingered her at the same time.

She came a hella large orgasm, I moved up so that my cock was in position to sink into Nora's quivering cunt. As my head sank into her, she stopped me. "It has been a really long time for me, so please go easy." Nora said. I slow fucked Nora for several minutes before I drained my balls deep in her womb. I am a heavy cummer and I think this surprised Nora. I was pleased with Nora as I thought a woman her age would be all dried out and loose and smell funny. We laid there, my cock deflating inside her.

"My husband died three years ago and I have not any sex before he passed. I don't want you to think I am a fluzzy or do this sort of thing all the time. When you said what you said to me, it made me feel attractive and I wanted you." Nora said. "I hope this will not be a one time thing, I am very lonely and would love for you to come around and do me some more. I have been wanting to have sex." She continued. Perfect I thought to myself.

So there you have it. I work out at the gym three days a week and then meet at the coffee shop. We have a coffee and talk and then we head to her place and fuck. Now I do not have to go easy on her any more, we fuck like a couple of teens. And she is okay with me having girlfriends. So next time you are standing in line at the coffee house or where ever and that older lady is flirting with you, you might outta think about hitting it. Old pussy is good pussy.

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Notes A young man standing in line meets a horny older lady and gets lucky.
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