Too Good To Be True

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“Please,” I hear Kaia moan.

Holy hell. Fucking shit. She’s begging for me to take her. Cursing under my breath, I spit in my hand, desperate to feel more warmth. I’m beyond wired – pure current. Electricity wreaking havoc in my body.

Her voice next door gets louder. She moans, whimpers, yelps, and begs.
Jesus Christ, do I want her. I find the edge of my dresser and wrap my left hand entirely around my dick. It’s so hard for her, I can literally feel the throb of my heartbeat pulsing through it.

“Fuck,” I hear the male voice swear.

“Fuck,” I repeat under my own breath.

I start pumping my base. The sudden relief makes me throw my head back, almost hitting the wall. I spit some more to pick up speed, my hand sliding around myself easily.

What would Kaia look like naked, thighs spread for me?
What would she sound like while I pounded into her, making her tits bounce?

She’d be loud. Way louder than she is now. The thought of her screaming makes me sigh with delight. I’d fuck her missionary style first then flip her around. She’d be surprised how much she enjoyed my hands on her ass as I took her from behind.
My hand tightens around my dick as I dream of fucking her. I squeeze my shaft – that’s it, that’s what it must feel like having her heat wrapped around me, begging for more. Always begging.

I slowly let go of all rest control I might have had, focusing on my cock and the muffled moans coming from Kaia’s apartment. Good God, I crave nothing more than to be inside her, to hear her whimpers and cries as my tip hits her sweet spot again and again.

My hand slides up and down my dick, faster and faster, occasionally brushing my sensitive tip. It makes me buck my hips, and soon I can feel the first drop of pre-cum joining the party, but I want to last longer. As long as it takes, I don’t care.
“Mm, fuck,” I can’t but grunt with pleasure.
Then there’s Kaia’s high-pitched voice again. Her moans pick up both intensity and speed, and so does my hand. I swear I can hear her whine “Good, good”, and it’s fucking music to my ears.

My balls slap the side of my hand as I continue to pound what I wished was her sweet pussy. I’m trying my best not to explode here and now. Just a little longer…
So badly I want to bury my hand in her hair, yank her head back and make her look at me while I fuck her senseless. I want to kiss and bite her neck, taste her sweet and salty skin, feel the vibrations of her moans. Her moans for me. I’m so screwed, I realize, with the way I want her setting my whole body on fire.

Pumping myself, I wish I felt her body underneath me. I’m dying, literally dying to lose myself in her slick core, warm and hot, the way I’m losing myself in her sweet pleas right now. I don’t even hear the other guy anymore. There’s no other guy here. Just Kaia and me. Me in her. Us. Together. Fucking so beautifully.
This. This is what sex with Yasmin was supposed to feel like. Hot and spicy and exciting and wild. And yet it was nothing like it.

I groan again and clench my butt as I keep fucking my hand more and more violently. My fingers swirl around my throbbing shaft. My abs are contracting, forehead slick with sweat, my veins all swollen and threatening to burst with the overwhelming lust. I’m bringing myself closer to the edge by the second.

“Yes,” I hear Kaia whimper, each breath its own word, overflowing with pleasure.

“Yes, yes, yes…”

And there goes my self-control.

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Notes Neo is having a bad night. After an unsatisfying one-night-stand, his hot neighbor decides to have loud sex – with someone else.
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