Distracted During a Zoom Call

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Yet another yawn inducing zoom call... I was growing weary of all these pointless video meetings. And this one was just a team check-in. I had already given my portion, but I was expected to sit silently by and just listen.

Just off camera, my girlfriend had finished her meetings and decided to mess with me, knowing I was on camera. She was a curvy Latina with big tits that she knew I loved. Standing behind my laptop, she began swaying seductively and pulled out those luscious tits which bounced pleasantly in their freedom.

I tried to keep my face composed on camera, but she knew I was entranced. Below the table, my pants started to tent while I watched her tease me. She noticed with a wicked grin.

Onto her knees, she climbed under the table and carefully pulled my dick out of my shorts. It immediately sprang to attention as I adjusted to camera upward to be safe.

Teasingly, she kissed and licked up and down the shaft. I sat tensed, trying to maintain some professionalism on camera. When my girlfriend slowly took my head between her lips and eased me down toward her throat, I blinked my eyes and sighed peacefully.

Steadily, she sucked, taking deep and increasingly fast bobs on my dick, while a coworker drowned on about something that wasn’t nearly as important to me now.

Determined to fully steal my attention from work, she began pulling out all the stops. Her tongue swirled around my shaft as her mouth plunged up and down. Her wet mouth felt like heaven. Her soft lips pulling me toward total ecstasy while her tongue played. One hand gripped my base to hold everything in place, while her other found and massaged my balls.

I couldn’t help, but watch her work. Both hands, her tongue, her lips all ticking like a machine, well oiled with plenty of saliva. My breathing deepened in total relaxation.

My girlfriend glanced up and laughed at my hypnotized staring. She backed off my dick, ignoring my disappointed pouts. Her hands began playing with her tits as she dropped her extra saliva and my precum down onto those bouncing pillows. My pout turned to excitement as I realized what was happening.

She leaned forward and engulfed my dick with her soft tits. Holding them tight and expertly using the wetness from her spit, she bounced up and down, allowing me to fuck her delicious tits. She looked so fucking sexy, happily bouncing with my dick burrowed between those mounds.

I felt pressure building as I neared an eruption. Sensing this, she reverted to her earlier position: lips at the base of my dick with her throat on the tip, tongue lapping along the shaft, hands massaging my balls. In no time, the pressure mounted to dizzying heights and released, with streams of cum flowing into her mouth. She kept working, milking me till every drop of cum had been sucked out of me.

I sank back into the couch as she put my dick away and laughed. She bounced away, leaving her spot covered tits to play. Finally pulling away my eyes from watching her and back to my meeting which was somehow still going on, I saw an instant message in my inbox from a coworker.
“Having fun over there?” With a couple of winking emojis.
I laughed. I guess people could tell.

Written by wingsa345
Cargado March 22, 2021
Notes Bored during another pointless zoom call, my girlfriend decided to keep me entertained with her mouth
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