Unknown Master

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By: Jill Shannon

Tonight would be their last night together, Cassidy thought, looking out the window from her room down on the grounds surrounding the estate. Dropping the curtain and moving back to the bed, she picked up a shirt, folding the clothes he had bought her, placing them in her suitcase. When Cassidy had arrived at Coyote Hill Estate, she had no idea what she had been getting into. She had found out very quickly though when she walked in and was told by Master to strip. He had sat in a chair watching as she did, telling her to stand in her submissive position. Rising from his chair, he had walked around inspecting her. When he returned to his chair taking down the zipper on his jeans, he lowered them then sat back down in his chair calling her to him, "Show me how appreciative you are for giving you this opportunity."
His gigantic cock was fully erect, awaiting her attention. She had gone down on her knees, sliding her hands up his legs, her nails grazing along his warm skin. She wrapped both hands around the base of his cock, using the pressure of her thumbs as she began massaging up and down his cock. Spreading his pre-cum along his length. With her hand around the base of his dick, she had taken him in her mouth. Using both her hands and mouth, she had made love to his cock. Taking him to the back of her throat, swallowing every last drop, had her own arousal dripping down her leg. He had then taken her over his lap and turned her ass a rosy red for not asking permission. She had been so wet when he was finished, anticipating him sliding into her weeping entrance, and then everything stopped. He had sent her to this room, leaving her unsatisfied. That had been her introduction to Master Viper.
Her friend Snow, part owner of the Black Crystal Dungeon, had arranged everything. Snow knew Cassidy needed money and thought this could be her solution. After her rat bastard of an ex-husband had left for the slut next door, she had found out how far in debt he had put her. Her house had been sold at auction and the one time she had gotten a job; they had garnished her pay so badly it wasn't worth working. When Snow had learned of Cassidy living in her car, she had offered her a room till she got back on her feet.
Snow had told Cassidy of an eccentric Master that was looking for a live-in sub for two months. Someone to be available twenty-four seven, and because of that reason, he was willing to pay well for the sub's time. What Master Viper was offering would go a long way in helping her. The one requirement he had was, when they were together, she would not touch, nor see his face. However, at the end of said contract, no matter what, she would scene with him one last time without his mask. So, Cassidy had agreed now, after being here for the duration of her contract, she would finally find out what Master Viper really looked like. She knew his incredible body intimately. She had run her hands along his wide chest, held onto his strong shoulders while he had slammed his incredibly long thick cock to the center of her core. Igniting a world of pleasure Cassidy had only dreamed about. She knew he was intelligent, wealthy, and sometimes funny. Conversations were easy, and she had grown to care for him. She didn't need to see what was behind his mask. If he asked her, she would stay.
Marcus Rafferty had waited fifteen long years for this moment. Behind the door he stood before, she would be waiting for him. The way it would have been. Had he been good enough all those years ago? Her parents had refused to let her have anything to do with him. The motorcycle riding, trailer trash, piece of shit as she so eloquently put it, standing next to her father, tears running down her face as the words spewed out of her mouth when he had gone to pick her up. Then, right after graduation, she up and married the captain of the football team, moved away and Marcus had tried to forget her.
He joined the Lone Coyotes Motorcycle Club, a local chapter. He prospected for a year until he finally got his patch. Now, VP of the club, they had gone legit, investing in three local businesses, and owning one. Adding the strip clubs, repairs shops, and marijuana dispensers the club and its members were financially set. The clubhouse was located on the grounds of Coyote Estates, as well as some other member's homes. Boasting over two hundred acres of Colorado land, the homes were spread out. The club had voted for Marcus to live in the main house, since he was the one who had found the property. How far the tables had been turned, Cassidy living in her car, him living on an estate.
He had planned for how he would pull the rug further out from under her. He didn't count on falling for her all over again, but he knew when she found out who Master Viper really was, she would run as fast as she could. She would know that he had arranged this whole thing as some form of revenge, and that was how it had started. It had taken everything in him that first night not to lay her over his desk and pound her dripping wet pussy. He had smelled her arousal as he had spanked her. His dick had been rock hard and dripping to get into her tight channel. But she had needed to learn, as his submissive he controlled all, when she ate, slept, and especially her orgasms, and learn she did.
He had thought if he could train her to be the perfect slave, have her submit to only him, that when he had gotten her out of his system, he would give her to one of his brothers. Now, standing here in front of the door ready to put the final nail in the coffin, he didn't know if he could. He had heard how broken Cassidy was when he had made her explain what her life had been like. But the only way he would find out was to step inside the room and finish what he had started. One last test for her to prove if she had truly changed.
Marcus opened the door and there she was a stunning vision in her submissive position. On her knees, leg s

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Written by Jill Shannon
Cargado March 23, 2021
Notes Unknown Master By: Jill Shannon
Cassidy has hit rock bottom and has taken a job for the eccentric Master Viper. Marcus Rafferty has waited to exact his , but once he has total control over her incredible body, will he be able to let her go?
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