Gloryhole Gabbie: Surprise At The Gloryhole

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(This story is fictitious, all characters are over the age of eighteen, and none are actually related.)

“I’m heading out dad, be back sometime after midnight,” I shouted from the front hall.

“Where ya headed?” he shouted back.

“Going to the movies and probably ice cream after,” I lied.

“All right, hon, have fun. Say, can you grab the mail before you go?”

I finished tying my boots and opened the front door, poking my head out and lifting the flap on our mail box right under the doorbell. I shut the door behind me and looked through the pile of mostly junk for anything with my name on it.

“Anything good?” my dad asked as I walked into the living room where he was watching some boring History Channel documentary.

“Bill, junk, junk, magazine, and… what’s this?” I asked, plucking a letter out of the stack addressed to him from the local clinic.

“Let me see,” he said, taking the pile from my hands. He stared at the letter but didn’t open it. “Probably just results from my physical last week.”

“You had a physical last week?”

“Yeah. I’m finally at the stage where they put a finger up my butt for-”

“Ok, waaay too much information,” I laughed.

“It wasn’t that bad, actually. He was very-”

“Ok, byeee, love you,” I said, waving my hands as if to swat away any more details of his medical exam. He laughed and let me go. We have a pretty good relationship, if you couldn’t tell. Technically, he wasn’t my real dad, but he married my mom when I was just a baby so even though he was only my step-dad, we're tight as can be.-

When my mom died a few years ago, the judge didn’t have any problem giving him full custody. It helped that my biological father didn’t show up for the hearing. He hadn’t showed up to anything at any point in my life, so as far as I was concerned Matthew was my dad. Since then, it’s just been him and me against the world.

I double checked that I had my phone, extra tissues, a small bottle of flavored lube, a few extra hair ties and some wet wipes. Once I was confident I had everything, I called an Uber to come pick me up and take me to my ‘night job’. If I’m perfectly honest, it was more of a power hobby than a job. It all started when I went into an adult toy store to buy some lube and condoms one night when the owner asked if I was interested in making any extra money.

As a young college girl, of course I was interested. Given the place I was in, I assumed she would ask me to do porn. Several guys over the years have tried to get me to model for them or ‘become a star’, but I’m not naïve enough to fall for that. Sometimes it sucks being cute and curvy. I bet flat chested girls don’t get those kind of offers as much as I do, but maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, I figured it couldn’t hurt to see what her offer was. She asked if I enjoyed giving head. “As a matter of fact, I do!” I said. Giving a blowjob was my first sexual experience, and it had been a favorite of mine ever since. There’s something empowering about it to me.

Like, my partner only gets as much pleasure as I’m willing to give him. If I want to suck his brains out, I can. If I want to torture him, I can do that too. Plus, making a guy cum with my mouth feels like a challenge that gets rewarded by funny groans and a shot of sperm. Maybe I’m weird, but I like it.

“Ever work a glory hole?” she asked me.

“Can’t say I have,” I admitted.

“Oh, honey, if you like suckin’ dick you’d love every second of my booth!”

She went on to explain it to me. I understood the basics of course: you go in, a dick comes through the hole in the wall and you suck it. She said I would get $100 for a four-hour shift plus 25% of all tips. That’s pretty good money for a Midwestern girl like me.

The door would remain locked at all times, and I could refuse service if someone was unhygienic or I felt weird about it. She said all men would wear a condom unless they submitted an STD test less than a week old. I would be paid in cash, and my identity would be protected as best as she could.

All in all, she seemed reasonable for a gal asking a college girl to blow random dudes for her. I expected her to be much more gross. She said there were cameras in the store to protect the inventory, but not in the back area where I would be.

Plus, anyone using the glory hole had to turn in their phone before they entered. As a girl who enjoyed giving head and making money, it seemed like a pretty sweet deal. At the very least, I figured I’d try it and see what I thought of the whole thing.

My first night I made over three hundred bucks. Most of the guys were very respectful and appreciative of my services, and only one asked for my number. With that kind of money on the table, and a chance for me to enjoy my wilder side in relative secrecy, I started scheduling more days to keep myself busy.

With school it was sometimes tough, but Priya, the manager, always worked around my schedule. I assumed she had other girls who helped out, but I never actually saw any. Priya was very strict about privacy.

I think she knew the kind of mess she would get into if a customer got too clingy or if the cops came snooping around. Her glory hole worked on an unofficial donation policy, so technically there was a chance we’d get stiffed with every customer, but she was good about turning away the cheapskates. We had a healthy group of regulars that were common enough that I got to know some of them. Not by face or name, but by their cocks and conversations.

Some guys used my little booth like a form of therapy. They’d tell me about their stresses at work or at home. Explain the injustices in their life, blow their load and thank me for my time. I was pretty good at it, especially after a few nights in the booth, so it didn’t take me longer than ten or fifteen minutes for most guys. Many were over and done in five. The thrill of the situation probably contributed to my quick turnover rate, but I liked t

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Written by Vivica Snow
Cargado March 23, 2021
Notes Young and adventurous Gabbie has found a way to make some extra cash for life at college by working at a local gloryhole.

It's easy money, fun work, and no one knows who she is.

That is, until a surprise visitor comes through and changes her life forever.
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