Pay it forward

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I ran into her at the Starbucks that morning and noticed her cute figure in her purple Alo yoga pants with matching sports bra covered up by a white silk blouse. She had her blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and the matching purple scrunched was a nice addition to her look of perfection. I was in front of her in line and decided to pay it forward and bought the next three people behind me their coffee for the day. I left but not without checking her ass out in those awesome yoga pants!

Later that day, I was walking through the square and I noticed her walking my way, in the same outfit but with a yoga mat tucked under her arm. She still looked perfect in her outfit. As she approached, we locked eyes and she stopped and she said, “Hey, you ought me my coffee this morning! Thank you so much!” I replied, “You are very welcome! I am glad you remembered!”

“I was having a rough start to the day and that made me smile, sweet gesture!”, she said. And I replied, “Well, glad I could bring that beautiful smile out. The world could use more of that smile!” She blushed a little and I said, “You have a beautiful smile. I also couldn’t help but notice your beautiful outfit today. Heading to yoga class?” “No”, she said, “I just finished. I was heading to lunch. Care to join? I hate eating alone.” I looked at my watch and although I did have an appointment to get to, this opportunity wasn’t going to come along too often so I said, “Sure, I could go for a bite. Where you heading? I have one quick call to make, and I will meet you there right after. Won’t be long. Does that work?”

“Sure, I‘ll get us a seat at Joe’s, just around the corner, you know it?”, she asked. “Yes, they are a client of mine, I’ll be there in a sec.”, I said and she said “Great, see you soon!” And turned and walked away. As I dialed my next appointment to cancel, I glanced and watched her firm ass walk down the sidewalk.

A few minutes later, I was at Joe’s and scanned the restaurant for her and quickly found her at the bar with a nice white wine next to her. I sat down and said, “We never formally met. I’m Dan, thanks for the lunch invite.” She said, “I’m Sue, nice to meet you and like I said, I hate eating alone plus you were nice enough to buy my a coffee so it was a small ask.” “Happy to meet you Sue. What you drinking?”, I asked. “Pinot Grigio”, she replied as the bartender came over. “I’ll have what she’s having”, I say and turn to Sue who I is looking super hot now.

“So, yoga. I love the outfits you guys wear. They are very sexy and I must say, you fill yours out perfectly.”, I say. She blushes slightly and says, “I saw you checking my ass out while walking here. I am glad you like. I also like the way you look in you khakis and gold shirt. You work out?” “Yeah, a bit.”, I say.

“Well, I am not usually so blunt, but I noticed you this morning and thought you were kind cute and then you bought me my coffee and I was interested in meeting you but you walked right out, I never got the chance”, she said. “I was pleasantly surprised when I saw you again on the sidewalk this afternoon, and happier you remembered I go you the coffee.”, I replied.

“Listen, lets cut to the chase. We both like each other. Lets grab something to go and head back to my place.”, Sue offered and I quickly ordered some sashimi tuna and Sue ordered some sushi. We finished our wine and I paid for the order. She lived a few blocks away on the second floor of an old brownstone. We chatted about the busy square and the revitalized downtown as we walked to her place.

We got inside and she headed to the kitchen and asked, “Wine?”. I accepted graciously. She walked out and I started unpacking the food, handing her her sushi. She hands me my wine and we clink glasses and say, “Cheers”. I sip the cold wine and put my glass down and walk toward Sue. She puts her food and wine down and I wrap her in my arms and we kiss and she drapes her arms around my neck. We assault each other’s tongues and I reach down and feel her firm ass through her silky yoga pants. She lowers her hand and grabs my cock through my khakis. I work her to the couch and while lowering her down, I take her silk blouse off. She is half laying down and fumbling with my belt and button and works them free and pulls my pants down. I take my shirt off and throw it aside. She rub the palm of her hand up my shaft and it begins to grow. I kick my shoes and pants off while she is working me hard and am standing there in just my briefs.

I pull back and lean down and pull her yoga pants off. She helps by arching her back and allowing me to pull them off easier. I expose her white satin thong and rub my hand between her legs and feel her heat building. I lay on top of her and kiss her again while working her sports bra off. She helps out and before long our nipples are touching each other and grinding together while we kiss.

I grind my hard cock against her panties and try to press into her hole. It isn’t going in because of our underwear running interference but the feeling of rubbing against her is exciting me and her pleasurably. We moan in pleasure while I suck on her lip.

I pull off of her and grab her sushi. I open the carton and place one on each of her nipples and two pieces on her nicely trimmed pubic mound. I head down and pick one piece up with my mouth and and able to suck her nipple slightly, she moans. I chew and swallow and head to the next nipple. Same thing. Then head down and eat the pieces that are on her pubic mound. When finished, I go between her legs and pull her panties to the side. I inhale a scent of sweat and pussy, a nice mixture that was an obvious result of her yoga session. I enjoy the scent for a moment before licking her outer walls and then I unhook her clit and suck on that a little. She drives my face into her when I flick her clit and I give her more intense young int of her button.

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Notes Pay it forward sometime, you never know the reward you may be given
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