Around the world with my bosses daughter.

Story 1: Cliona the beautiful
  • Story 1: Cliona the beautiful
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I'm a high end professional painter and have been working for a local contractor over 3 years now. It was the middle of winter and things were very slow. I told him I was getting cabin fever when we talking on the phone one day. He told me that if I wanted to I could paint some interior doors and windows in his house the following week while he, his wife and two kids went to Florida. I told him that would be great and we made plans on what to do and when to be there. Next week came and after I left the paint store and was heading over there something had come to mind. My boss has three kids and if his oldest daughter Cliona must be the one not be going with them. Clee is around 5'1", 95 lbs with short red hair, freckles and creamy white skin, toned healthy legs from long distance running, gorgeous bubble butt and tiny waist with a flat stomach and you could bounce a quarter off of both. She is of exquisite Irish heritage and has to be 22 now. When i first started I think she was 19 and i was painting at Rick my bosses next door neighbors house. Cliona was there babysitting and 100% caught me checking out her gorgeous perfecy ass when she was bending over tending to one of the kids. She busted me hard and she wasn't smiling either. I didn't even know it was Ricks daughter until he stopped by and she made it a point to say, hey dad". If I had known I wouldn't even have looked at her. From that day on there has been an awkward tension between us that i cant quite figure out. She has this mysterious and sexy presence with intense bright green eyes and a naval ring, tattoos and a very unique fashion sense. Her body is hard and she is fucking HOT. I cant help myself. I love hot young women! I always have and always will. It's all I go after so Lord strike me down for being highly attracted to young beauties. Not my bosses daughter though. I wouldn't even think of it. I would fuck Clee senseless if she wasn't Ricks daughter, don't get me wrong. It is kinda funny though. Rick shop is at his house on his property. Every time I'm around and Clee is home she makes herself seen by me. It's like I disgusted her when she caught me checking her out however, she liked it and puts her hot little body in front of me whenever she knows I'm around. Now im going to be alone around her. Ive already made the decision that if she gives off the slightest vibe as to a green light to make a move on her. Im going to strike like a viper and advance on her in an explicit and extreme sexual matter. I hate to say it but shed be worth loosing my job over and thats why im going to make it count. I will fuck that little woman senseless if it comes about. I was heading to Ricks from the paint store when a text comes over my phone. Brandon, go in the house through the back basement door. Cliona didn't come with us so she will be around probably sleeping all day. Don't mind her. Thanks, Rick.

Written by albinodick4u
Cargado March 25, 2021
Notes Doing work at my bosses house when he is down in Florida. To my surprise his 22 year old first born was home because of school and she blind sided me with very intense seduction around the world and never leaving the house that I will cherish forever.
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