Risk, but full of rewards!

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During my 2nd contract and not long after my 19th birthday we had a spring break cruise. For my non American readers, spring break is awesome! College kids go wild and get messed up in various hot spots around the place. For my Aussies it's similar to schoolies celebrations!I was on embark duties so was in the lobby in a stupid very unflattering uniform welcoming guests on board. I was in my element checking out all the very sexy guys and girls coming on board and trying to seek out my targets! Even in the ridiculous uniform I was getting a lot of attention, I knew that if I could avoid the watching eyes of security then I could have a hell of a week!

As the ship was sailing out of it home port in Long Beach California, I was up in the gym, I enjoyed this time as it was always pretty quiet there. I had seen a guy who I'd caught checking me out a bit and he was cute so I made sure I put on as much of a show as possible for him. I'd just finished on the treadmill and was heading to the change room when he finally approached me and introduced himself. He was on board with a large group of friends. He told me he was in college on a football scholarship so needed to make sure he kept his gym schedule, so while his friends drank, he was up here. He was on the excessive bike next to me and we had a decent chat, he asked a lot about ship life and Australia. I could tell he was gaining his confidence and he then asked about the rules of guests and crew. He was concerned that I'd get in trouble talking to him... aww bless. I told him to meet me after the show that night in the piano bar and we could party. He had a huge smile as I got off my bike, gave him a wink and walked to the changing rooms, I could feel that his eyes never left my ass!

I went about the rest of my day and got the show done. I had asked a few of the cast if they wanted to come out, but none were keen. So after the show I was in my cabin getting ready, I put on a nice tight black dress, it hugged my body and I always felt very confident wearing it. I opted to not wear any underwear and topped it off with some killer heels. A quick look in the mirror and I was ready to go. I arrived at the piano bar and felt eyes following me as I walked, I found my new friend and gave him a quick hug on meeting him. He introduced me to his friends, they all seemed pleasant. There were 8 of them all up including my new friend. The drinks were flowing, the music was playing and we were having a great night, the group were full of innuendo and very loose with their hands on me. I was enjoying the attention. It came to closing time in the piano bar and the group were headed up to the Lido deck to carry on drinking, I whispered to my new friend to take me to his room, he made his excuses and off we went.

When we got to his room I was disappointed that I was having to lead things, I was the right level of drunk to want him to just take me and do what he wanted, but he was not. So after kissing for a bit, I stood bent over onto the bed, lifted my dress and told him to fuck me. That seemed to do the trick! He finger fucked me for a bit before pulling out his hard cock and slamming home into my now very wet pussy. He fucked me like that for a little while and then pulled out and pushed me onto the bed, he started to eat my pussy, I was close to cumming and he sensed it and stopped, I could have punched him! He removed my dress and he got undressed, he lay on his back and told me to ride him. I climbed onto his cock and was determined to make myself cum. Just as I was starting to get into it, the cabin door swung open and in walk the 7 guys, loud cheers and whistles as I continued to ride my new friend. I started to put on a show, I loved being watched, knowing that every one of them wanted to be the guy I was riding. I was so close to cumming, I felt it building inside me and started going hard on his cock, finally I came, I made sure I made extra noise for my audience, mid orgasm I felt him twitch and then I felt him cum, it was then I remembered that he didn't have a condom on, I'd just let a total stranger fill me with their load, after a split second of freaking out, I started to enjoy the feeling and enjoy how bad and wrong it was.

I climed off my new friend and was about to go clean up, but I could sense a tension in the air so half jokingly I said "who's next?" Instantly the guy directly in front of me grabbed me to him and started kissing me, I could feel his cock on me so I broke off the kiss and dropped to my knees and got his cock out and started to suck. I had closed my eyes and was taking him deep in my throat, when I opened my eyes there was a sea of cock around me, now I had a clear idea of how this night was going to go. I made my way around the guys, sucking them, them playing with my tits, all the time my pussy leaking the load of cum already in there. The first guy came, first shot in my mouth but he pulled out and shot the rest on my face, he triggered the rest of the guys and 1 by 1 they came over me, mainly over my face. I stood up and casually walked to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and I was a cum coated mess! But I loved what I saw. I jumped in the shower and cleaned off. When I got out, all the guys apart from the guy I'd fucked had left. I got dressed and told him I'd see him tomorrow.

As I walked back to my cabin, I could feel the cum still leaking from me, running down my inner thighs. I was hoping for some more fun with these guys, I wasn't sure how much they would give, I mean I'd offered myself to them but only 1 had fucked me. I got into bed, played with myself and drifted off to sleep.
I woke up around 10am, feeling a bit hung over and still leaking cum. I jumped in the shower and had a play, I thought about how badly I wanted to have more fun with those guys. I hoped that the guy I'd fucked would let his friends use me fully. I finished up in the shower and put on a bikini, skirt and vest top. We

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Notes risking my job to have lots of cream pie sex
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