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So after my very risky cruise, I made an effort to stay out of the public eye for a bit, just in case I was being watched by security. My cabin mate at the time was another dancer, she was also from Australia. She was super sexy and there was just something about her that made me want her. I'd never had any bi vibes from her though. She was dating one of the male dancers in our cast, a big muscular Russian guy, he was a good 6ft2 to her tiny 5ft3. I would often get myself off while listening the them in the bunk above trying to be as quite as possible as they fucked!
I was having semi regular sex with one of the other female dancers in this particular cast, she was in her late 20s so a bit older than me, a British girl, surprisingly big boobs for a dancer. She had a few fun piercings too which I enjoyed. She was bi and had been in an on off relationship with a guy on board, hence the semi regular nature of me and her.

It was a formal night, we had just finished a 2 show night, sat in the crew bar in very casual attire. My lady lover was single again and wanted a big night out. She managed to convince me so I went to get dressed up. A nice figure hugging dress and killer heels and I was ready. The club was busy, we danced and drank, I was still being good so made sure I was in full control. My lady friend was being very touchy feely, much to the enjoyment of anyone watching us. I saw my roommate and her man in the club so I told my lady friend that we should go to my cabin and fuck. She didn't need asking twice. As soon as the door closed we were kissing, very passionately, hands all over each other. She found my bare pussy and started to finger me, my hands all over her tits. I pulled away and took my dress off, she did the same. I went straight for her tits, teasing her nipples with my tongue and teeth.
I told her to lay on the bed and I went into my draw and got some of my toy collection out. I had a really nice double ended dildo which was not only great for my girl on girl fun but I'd also been using it to DP myself!! I went down on her for a bit, she was soaking wet, she had a cute little pussy, light brown landing strip and the hood of her clit pierced. I used a few fingers in her to make sure she was ready for my big toy. I slowly eased one end into her, I began fucking her pussy with it. I climbed on her and sat on her face, she started eating my pussy with amazing skill, I could tell I was wet enough for the toy, so I climbed off and moved to the other end of the bed and slowly put my end of the toy in me, we lay still joined by this big dildo and then I started to move my hips I could feel her doing the same, I was in heaven. I was very close to cumming, our moans filling the room, I was frantically playing with my clit as the toy was moving inside me. I was almost there and ..... the door opens!! Stood at the door mouths wide open and staring were my roommate and her man. My lady loved yelled at them to come in and shut the door, we didn't want the whole corridor to see us!
The Russian couldn't take his eyes off us, my roommate asked if they should leave, I said no it's fine, they have sex all the time so as long as they are ok with us having sex then all good. My lady lover jokingly said "join in if you like" it created an awkward giggle from every one, then Russian pipes up that he would like to fuck roommate while he watches the girl on girl. We all agree. I'm excited, I now get to see roommate in action! They began kissing and he was pulling at her dress, she got the hint and undid the dress and it fell to the ground, much to my pleasure she didn't have underwear on, maybe she was a naughty girl too. She had really tiny tits, pretty much just nipples, but she had the cutest, tightest ass ever! I'd find myself mesmerised by it in rehearsals. He started to strip off, she dropped his boxers and out pops an insanely huge cock! Both me and my lady lover made out loud comments. She got on her knees and started to suck him off. He was watching us, we were back to playing and watching them, it was hot. But I knew I needed that cock inside me. I figured to hell with it, I was going to make my move, I pulled the toy out of me, got off the bed and walked over to Russian and kissed him, he kissed back and she looked up but carried on sucking him.

I dropped to my knees and started to join in with her on his cock, she offered it to me and I took what I could, then I made a move to kiss her, she accepted and we made out before returning to his cock. My lady lover was still on the bed playing and watching. The Russian told us to both stand, we did. He had us bend over hands on the desk. He got behind her and slid his cock into her and started fucking her, he was fingering me at the same time, I had my eyes shut and felt a tongue darting around my ass and pussy, my lady lover was now behind me. The Russian pulled out of roomie and ladylover sucked him quickly before guiding him into my pussy. He was so big and he started to fuck me really hard. Roomie and ladylover were back on the bed in a 69, this was so hot. He began fingering my ass as he fucked me, it felt great. He whispered that he wanted my ass, I said yes. A bit of easing in but he was eventually deep in my ass and picking up the pace, I was playing with my clit I came hard, legs almost giving way. He told me he was close and pulled out. I called the girls over and we got on our knees and he unloaded an insane amount of cum over our faces and tits. We had a play, kissing and sharing his cum. He got dressed and went to his cabin and we all showered in my room.
We sat and talked and drank some wine and all agreed that would happen again!! It happened 4 times in total! It was always a lot of fun!

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