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Chapter One
First Threesome

Driving back home Blair had this nervous feeling in his stomach, the anticipation of what he was going to find was driving him insane. This moment had been in the back of his mind all day, but he was trying not to think about it. After leaving home this morning at 4 am he had been focusing on work and trying to put the dramas at home behind me.
House after the house passed by, they slowly started to increase in size and quality as he moved closer to his neighbourhood, usually, Blair would still be at work, putting in a few extra hours after everyone had gone home as he never had a reason to rush home before. Having just turned 27 and after focusing on his career for the past 7 years his “love life” had suffered and was pretty much non-existent. Blair may have had money, nice cars and a decent home in a decent neighbourhood and had kept him quite content for the past few years, with shooting up the ladder to general manager of a business efficiency consultancy firm but he knew something was missing.
Two streets away from his house, his heart started to pump, not knowing what to expect was a strange and unknown feeling to him, every moment of Blair's life was predictable down to his meticulous diet and a daily trip to the gym. Talking to women on the other hand might as well have been a foreign language; Blair's past is littered with plenty of potential suitresses but with his inability to read signals and a load of self-doubt they would pass him by. That all changed last night. After spontaneously joining one of those online dating apps last night and perfecting his profile, he checked out some profiles before falling asleep at the computer..a few hours later, Blair was woken to his phone notification sound going crazy. The lock screen showed 6 new messages from this dating site. Three of them were those automatic welcome messages, two others were. . let's say not to my taste but the last one caught my eye before even Opened her profile her message read “Hey, what are you up to, I see you don't live far from me” It was a stark contrast to the other two which were along the lines of I want to rip your clothes off and do all ungodly things to you And trust me that was the only godly thing about them. Clairebear689 on the other hand had pictures that seemed believable to me, depicting a down to earth girl, but drop-dead beautiful at the same time and to be honest to good to be true. All of a sudden I felt something rise in my pants. Not wanting to overdose on the euphoria And realising it was 11 pm, I closed the app down without replying and made my way upstairs to my bathroom to get ready for bed. Again my phone repeated this horrific notification noise. I know it is a new message from the app, after finishing brushing my teeth I hopped into bed and opened the message.
Another message from Clare, she was a damn beautiful 25-year-old, slim build, blond hair but with an intelligent err to her. The next message: “Hay Blair, don't you fall asleep on me. I'm bored, are you busy tonight? “Hay Clair, sorry I must have fallen asleep at the computer.
I'm not of a night owl haha”
“I'm in my car now driving around waiting for you to tell me where you live”
“Wow,'' Are you serious? Umm I'm already in bed”
Now at this point, I'm thinking this could be a bloody serial killer, or a creepy old man, or someone from work taking the piss. Without replying I get a new message with a photo of Claire in a car with a short skirt and a very small top on with my street sign in the background.
I put my shorts back on and a t-shirt and head downstairs again while messaging her, “on my way out you should see me soon”
By the time I made it outside, Clair was already parked up. “Hay Blair glad you didn't go to bed, wow, you have a very nice house, can I come in?”
We walked inside and chatted for a bit in the kitchen then Claire got a phone call and headed back out the front door to take her call.
“Oh no my best friend just broke up with her bf and at my house crying her eyes out.’
“Ahh, I'm sorry to hear that you need to go be with her?”
“Well I feel a bit rude I only just got here, umm would you mind if I invited her over here, we could have a few drinks to help her forget about it?”
“Umm yeah sure why not”
“Awesome where's your bathroom I just need to freshen up a little”
As Claire headed upstairs to the main bathroom I tidied up a little and prepared some drinks when I heard.
“BLAIR Blair”
I ran upstairs to the bathroom door. “ hey you alright in there?”
“No I need your help but I'm naked, could you shut your eyes and pop in to help me” now, of course, I know what you’re thinking why is she naked where are her clothes And what course of trouble could she have gotten into in five minutes.
As I walked in blind I couldn't figure out where she was. “ hay grab my hand so I can help you”
Clair grabbed hold of my hand and placed it right on top of a naked breast, wow I was not expecting that, with my other hand covering my eyes I had nothing to cover the erection in my pants, I pulled my hand away and could hear her laughing a little. “What's wrong you had me all worried.” As I backed away towards the door with my hand trying to cover the erection in my pants. “ Don't run away from me I still need your help, you can open your eyes now “
As I moved my hand away and opened my eyes I started from the feet and just could not help steering at every part of her from bottom to top. “ This is not fair I am standing here naked and you have all your clothes on “ Clair moved closer to me and started pulling my top off. Am I bloody dreaming? An hour ago I was asleep in my chair dreaming of ways to make the seemingly most efficient professions more efficient because of course, the companies that hire another company to improve efficiency are generally already extremely efficient. Now I have a drop-dead gorgeous blonde on her knees pulling my pants down.
After makin

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