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Back when I was a kid, I used to go to clean houses with my mum. Not so much as clean and more of sitting around while she cleans, but you get the gist. Every day she’d pick me up from school, and we’d go off to some rich person’s house. Where she’d wash floors, do laundry, organise their home, cook, and do anything they’d ask for, really. Then, after the sun would have set and all the floors would shine, we’d slowly walk back to our shabby cold house. Where I’d listen to her tell me all about how I should marry a rich husband who will take care of me.
Fast forward a few decades, I’m now 30 years old, and I still haven’t found my prince.
Life kind of took its own turn, and I ended up building my own empire instead. I own one of the most successful real estate agencies on the island, and I’ve also marked my name trading crypto money, so it’ safe to say that I’m a self-made queen. But to you, I’m Mandy.
Despite my passion for selling real estate, I don’t really get to do many viewings anymore. There’s a lot more work that goes into running a company, and besides, I can trust my team to sell sand in a desert, so I leave a lot of the viewings in their hands. But last night, Sarah called me coughing and croaking on the phone, barely able to speak. She told me that a client just flew in to view the 801 Villa, but she wasn’t going to make it in that state. So, she asked me to cover for her and give him the VIP treatment, “he’s a serious buyer, Mand. There’s no bullshit with this guy. He knows what he wants, and I really think that estate is for him. Oh, and he’s single too. It’s a win-win.”
“How is it a win, win exactly?” I said, laughing, knowing exactly what she was about to say.
“Come on, it’s perfect!” she exclaimed. “The most eligible bachelor meets the hottest and most successful woman on the island. It’s like a fairy-tale.”
“I’m beginning to think you don’t sound sick after all, Sarah.”
“No, no, honestly. I am dying here. Got to go. I need to take my meds. Have fun tomorrow, and take care of him. He’s a great asset to our agency.”

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited. I mean, the 801 villa is absolutely ridiculous. It’s set on 5 acres of land. It has a six-car garage, a pool, tennis court, private access to the beach, a home cinema, three kitchens, six bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and countless living rooms. All tiled in the most exotic marble floors and amounting to 4.2 million euros.
Only so many people can afford a house like that, and selling it will send my agency rocketing to the moon. So I was going all in to close this sale.
I called the Hilton hotel and booked their best sea view suite, got my driver to rent out the latest range rover sport, and just to be extra, I got the princess v55 power yacht to take him on an adrenaline tour before arriving on the property. I took another look around the place, making sure everything was up to perfection. And then made my way out to the private dock to welcome him.
I could see the boat racing swiftly through the waves, gliding and carving its entrance towards the dock. My insides started to jitter as I walked up to the docking boat, not knowing what to expect. Still, I calmly rested one of my hands onto the rail, casually posing the other hand onto my hips. I wore my favourite all-white jumpsuit, the one with the low front cut and bareback, which gave me the perfect excuse to go braless. And I matched it all with soft curls in my hair, a brush off bronze make up, and a pair of nude wedge shoes.
“that’s quite the entrance you’ve given me!” He shouted as the boat reached up to the dock, “I’ve got to say I’m impressed with your hospitality Ms..”
“Mandy”, I smiled, “I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. I just wanted to give you a taste of what you could have if you get this property.”
“Well, we’re certainly off to a good start. I’m Daniel, by the way,” he said, stepping off the boat and reaching for a handshake
Damn, he looked so hot. He stood tall at 6 feet, with broad shoulders and a buffed chest. His grip was strong, and his eye dazzled into my soul every time he looked at me. He had thick jet-black hair that faded neatly into his well-groomed beard. His voice was deep, the kind that could easily give orders and make my panties wet at the same time. And his perfume was triggering all of my remaining senses of attraction. Fuck, I wasn’t ready for someone this hot. I expected a more disgusting version.
But I wasn’t about to let him distract me from my goal. I went there to sell the house, not have sex, even though I honestly could have dropped naked the moment he opened his mouth. Ok, one goal at a time. I planned to sell him the house first and then maybe woo him elsewhere too. A girl has needs, and he looked like he could easily fill all of them.
I thanked the boat driver and started walking up the wooden slats laid out in the pathway. Casually making small talk, showing him the different areas of the property, and making sure to give him a good view of my ass. As my mother always said, I could talk myself out of anything; words would just flow, a natural seller. And thank god for that gift because while my mouth was saying one thing, my mind was thinking about a completely different story. Wishing I could just throw him onto one of the beds and climb on top of him. Wanting to open up his shirt one button at a time, planting a kiss every time I exposed more skin. Until I’d reach down to his crotch, where I so eagerly wanted to taste.
I wondered if he was the type of guy who’d shave, but judging from his beard, I’d expect nothing short of manly down there. Gosh, I longed to get a little tiny peek at his naked body. At least I’d have a good reason for getting so horny already. But there wasn’t much I could do about it at the time, so we kept walking through the house. Where I’d occasionally bend down to show him some built-in storage and lightly brush his arm to walk past him.
“And this is the last room in the hous

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Written by Nina Lessi
Cargado March 25, 2021
Notes I (F) own a real estate company and I had sex with my richest client (M) during a viewing
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