The Submissive Journalist's Fantasy

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“We’re not done yet, you sexy reporter,” he said. “We’ve only just started.”

Mina heard a new sound. Something electric was buzzing. She only hoped that whatever it was wouldn’t hurt. The man didn’t waste time teasing her. He took the buzzing object and placed it directly onto her clit. It was a powerful vibrator. Instantly, a sexual current ran through her body.

“It’s on the lowest fucking setting right now, slut,” the man said. “Do you want me to turn it up?”

“Yes,” Mina said from behind her gag. The man turned off the vibrator suddenly.

“What?” he asked, surprised. “Did you say yes, slut?”

Mina was surprised at her response. The yes had come from out of nowhere. It didn’t even seem like she had said it. She didn’t respond. The man turned the vibrator back on and returned it to where it was before. Slowly, he increased the speed of the vibrator. Slowly, but steadily, Mina lost track of where she was. When the vibrator reached half power, Mina was already gone. She couldn’t tell if she was on the ground or floating. She couldn’t feel her clit. She even forgot about the man. All she could feel were intense, ecstatic waves of pleasure running up and down her body. She had disappeared into the vast abyss of pleasureful subspace.

“You have a dark, dominant side?” Mina asked warily. She didn’t know Marcus well enough to know if she could trust him.

“Yes,” he said.

“And why are you telling me this?” Mina asked. She was nervous to hear his answer. She could either be in the presence of a murderer or, potentially, someone who could really turn her on in ways that she had only imagined.

“Because it’s the quarantine and I feel like I can be honest with you?”

“Just because you read this message the troll sent me?” Mina asked. She was beginning to think Marcus was an idiot again. She knew that men carried around privilege, but she’d never been in the presence of someone stupid enough to brazenly flaunt it.

“Sorry,” Marcus said as he backed down. “I’m sorry. I just thought-”

“That I was a submissive slut?” Mina asked. She decided to hold it all against him. She asked herself how, this guy, who so easily backtracked, could ever really be dominant. She just didn’t see it.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Marcus said, reeling himself in even more. “I’m sorry. I never should have said that.

For a few seconds they listened to the slight breeze of the wind, a car cruising down the street stories below, and the neighbors’ terrible music drifting over from their open window. Mina crossed her arms and then unfolded them again and set her elbows on the railing. Her butt made a round curve under her short skirt. The tops of her thigh high stockings made a slight appearance. Marcus couldn’t help but glance her body over. Then he looked back at the horizon. There was no more sun. The first few stars were emerging regardless of the city lights.

“I promise I’m not a bad person,” Marcus said. Now, he was vulnerable and soft. “I promise, Mina. I just thought that maybe you and I, I don’t know, had something in common. I thought I had sensed it.”

Mina turned towards Marcus. She wore a smirk on her lips.

“Actually, you’re right, Marcus,” she said. “I’m a submissive slut.”

After the man turned the vibrator up past seventy five percent power, Mina came convulsively. Her body writhed back and forth, dangling from the ropes, hanging from the ceiling. Her legs shook. She flopped around like a brainless fish pulsing with pleasure. There was no end to it. She felt her clit become extremely sensitive. At some point her only goal was to move her clit away from the vibrator, which she neglected to do. She begged the man to stop. He didn’t. He turned the vibrator up again.

“I know you like this, you slut,” he told her. “And you know what you need to do in order to have it all stop. Just tell me you want my cock inside of you. Beg me for it. Like you’re begging me to stop.”
Mina had never been pushed this far past an orgasm. She didn’t know how much she could handle or what would happen. All she knew is that she wanted it to stop. And she did want the man’s cock inside her. She wanted Marcus’ cock inside her. She wanted to feel the thick shaft of it deep inside her pussy. She wanted him to drive it deep inside of her, grab her by the back of her head and fuck the shit out of her.

“Fuck. You,” she managed to say in the midst of her writhing. The man looked up at her as he turned the vibrator up higher. Mina felt an even more intense wave of pleasure wrap itself all over the inside of her body as she came again.

“Have it your way,” the man said as he smiled at her. “We’ll be here all night.”

“I… can’t. I… stop. Please,” she said. She didn’t know where her words were coming from now. The deep pit of pleasure that she had fallen into, perhaps. “I’ll do it. Whatever.”

“Say it,” the man said. He kept his eyes on her. He watched drool pool around the side of her lips, next to the gag, and then drip down onto her breasts. He reached up with his free hand and pinched her nipple between his finger and thumb. “You know what you have to say. Say it, slut.”

“Okay. Okay,” Mina said. “Please put your cock inside of me.”

Suddenly, the man turned off the vibrator. He stood up so that he was looking down at her, but into her eyes. Her come was dripping from the vibrator onto the floor. He put his hand firmly on her neck.

“Good girl,” he said. “Say it again.”

Mina panted and moaned. She was still pulsing from the orgasm.

“Please,” she said. “Please put your cock inside of me.”

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Notes Mina is a tough girl. She doesn't tolerate disrespect. Except… Deep down, she longs to be dominated. Completely and utterly. Humiliated and subdued.
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