Wife Comes Home Early Snowballed

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Wife Comes Home Early Snowballed

To this day, I don't know what caused my wife to come home early from work that morning, and
although at the time I was sick to my stomach with dread and fear when she walked in on me, I'm
now glad that it happened. For the first time in over ten years of marriage, we can now finally talk
about what sexual desires we have. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up a bit. I met my
wife almost fifteen years ago and we hit it off immediately.

In every possible way that really mattered,
she was the perfect woman for me. Smart, cute, ambitious, driven, and unlike every other girl I had
dated previously, was of the same mind I was when it came to the question of having c***dren - no.
With all of these factors in place, I was able to overlook one glaring issue we had always had. We
never had a very good sex life. Whether it was me, her, or just something in between, I definitely
didn't do it for her as other boyfriends had and she certainly didn't measure up to my exes when it
came to the bedroom.

As I said though, she blew them all away in every other way without doubt so I
decided to just live with it and accept that my sexual glory days were long over. Well, as you can
imagine, strong sexual urges don't just magically get up and walk away and one fateful day, they
were exposed. It had been a rough week at work and I finally decided to just take a day off in the
middle of the week to get some relaxation in not to mention a little "me time". I got dressed, dug out a
toy we had received the previous month at a gag gift party, some lube, set some appropriate porn
running on my laptop beside the bed and got busy. Sounds normal enough, right?

Well here's what
my wife walked into... There I was in a dress, lying on my back, panties around one ankle, legs in the
air, pumping a big fat dildo in and out of my ass yelling, "Fuck me. Oh gods yes, fuck my tight
asshole! while staring at the screen beside me on which a woman was fucking a man with a huge
dildo and jerking him off at the same time... Her scream of "WHAT THE FUCK?!" was the first inkling I
had that I was no longer alone. I swear if I had any heart condition at all, she would have
inadvertently killed me right then. My heart just stopped and my stomach plummeted. I couldn't
speak, could barely think, and very nearly threw up right then. I let go of the dildo and it slowly made
its way out, finally exiting with a loud 'plop'.

I can't imagine how red my face was with shame. My
raging hard-on had died the moment she screamed, and with the way I felt at that moment, I didn't
think it would ever return. After a few stuttering attempts, I finally managed to eke out an explanation.
I told her that I loved her very much, but when it came to sex, I loved the feel of being fucked and had
only recently been adding female clothing to the mix. As I talked, the look of shock and betrayal
slowly dropped from her face to be replaced by one of love and understanding. I assured her over
and over that I had never been with anyone else since we had first met and that my love for her had
not changed in all those years. This was just an urge that I had been too embarrassed to talk about
with her for fear of scaring her away.

As she sat there adjusting to the news her former Marine
husband liked to have a fake cock jammed up his ass, she got a wicked glint in her eyes that I had
never seen before and started taking off her clothes. "So you like the feel of a hard cock, do you?
Show me... show me how much you like to have a big dick shoved in and out of your hole." I sat there
silent, dumbfounded, and completely unmoving at first. "Come on", she said. "Show me how you like
it. If you're good and turn me on enough, I may even help." As the shock of her statement finally
started to filter through my brain, I propped some pillows, lay back, took the dildo, and pressed it
against the edge of my waiting ass.

Starting slowly for her, I eased the big head into my hole, rocking
my ass up and down until I had eventually taken the entire length. Rather than a look of disgust I had
always feared, my wife had a look of lust in her eyes that I had never seen. She started to rub herself
and squeeze her tits as she bit her lower lip and moaned hungrily. At that moment, I don't think I had
ever been more turned on in my entire life. I slid the dildo into my ass and released it long enough to
push it almost all the way back out before grabbing hold and sliding it back up into my ass. I couldn't
help but soon start to moan as I fell into a steady rhythm of burying that dick all the way to the fake
balls and pushing it back out with no hands.

I was getting so turned on, I quickly threw my legs further
in the air, grabbed hold of the dildo by the base and started giving my ass a serious fucking. It wasn't
long before I was pounding my ass as my wife was getting herself off and saying things like, "That's it,
baby. Fuck that ass! Fuck your asshole for mommy. You know you like that big fat dick buried in your
fuckhole." With that kind of encouragement, it wasn't long at all before I managed to grunt out, "I'm
going to cum." Causing nearly another heart attack from the shock it caused, my wife quickly got
between my legs, engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth and started sucking.

At the same
moment, she grabbed the dildo from my hands and started fucking me, pounding my ass into
submission within seconds as I unleashed what felt like the biggest load of cum I had ever shot into
her mouth. She sucked and sucked while letting the dildo slide out of my ass. As I lay back trying to
catch my breath, she crawled on top of me and gave me a deep kiss. That's when I realized she
hadn't swallowed like I thought as she pushed my own cum back into my mouth with her tongue. The
unexpectedness of it kept me from swallowing all of it, and it dribbled out the sides

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