In The Store

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She seen him in the store, he was taunting her as usual with her usual way of humor, sticking her tongue in her cheek but only slightly enough to make him think that he was imagining it.  She stroked the zucchini, the squash, the cucumber and she was clearly telling him that she loved all races and all manner of different sized cocks.  She fiddled with a peach for a bit but didn’t pick it up to purchase it, to him this was a maybe for messing with the ladies.  
Her name was Alyona, her parents had taken the name from Russia but she liked to call herself Sapphire.  
“Gorgeous Sapphire” he whispered into her ear, sliding a squash up her leg.  “Now can you whip me with with that asparagus?”  

     “Hello” Adriana, “it was the preacher” apparently she had been daydreaming and provocatively running her finger along her stockings.  It was evident now by the streak along her pantyhose.  

“Hello there, I didn’t see you” she said. I noticed that you have not been to confession.

“Confession”, it was what he called it but for her it was just a blowjob. “I really hope that you have not been telling your confessions to someone else.

She didn’t know what to say in situations like this, she knew that the preacher had many connections throughout the town.

“Well I’ll be up in my usual room, if you want you can tap on the door three times” he said and she thought of the story the Raven by Poe.

It was a mixed message, why would he say never more if he wanted her up in the room.

She drove past the room where the preacher was, he had burning in the window the candle, the blue eery candle that seemed to speak to her. She imagined her greatest dreams coming true stepping into that room.

She decided to keep on driving, she knew that her expectations would never be fulfilled.

She kept on driving to her home when suddenly she received a text. It was a quick photo that popped up quickly onto her phone. It was a photo of the preacher and her daughter together sexually. Even though her daughter was of age she didn’t want them together!

Rage entered her, her site went blind almost and she swerved into a ditch, wrecking her car.

She awoke to the smell of Jasmine, she was with the preacher in the setting she had always imagined him in.

Written by mardukexxx
Cargado March 28, 2021
Notes erotic fantasy with a twist of drama
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