Movie Night

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It started out as a regular night for Jack, he was heading over to a Jennifer's apartment to watch a movie with her and her roommate Mikayla. He expected this night to go as every movie night does with them having fun, laughing, and him leaving with a raging boner and the bluest balls.

They didn't mean to tease him or get him excited like that it was just being around them for that long he couldn't help it. Jennifer was short at only about 5'4, had the sweetest set of b-cup titties that just barely filled up your hands, long red hair, a sweet face, milky white skin, and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. There were so many nights Jack thought about that ass bouncing of his thick, girthy cock. Mikayla was different she was taller about 6', had short blonde hair, thin as a rail, no ass to speak off, but she did have the best set of tits Jack had ever seen a solid C cup maybe pushing D and the smallest hands that would make Jack's cock look fucking huge.

That was what Jack was up against: two freakin hot babes that could probably make most guys pop before they even dropped their panties. But Jack couldn't think about that; after all, these were his friends and you don't fuck friends. Right?

Just as Jack started to drift into into those sweet thoughts of giving these two the pounding of their life, he got to their door. Mikayla answered it and let him in, "Hey Jack, what's going on?" she asked friendly as ever. "Nothing much, just chilling excited to hang out for a while. What movie you guys pick anyway?" Jack asked trying make small talk as he watched Mikayla's tiny ass and thick thighs lead him into the living room. "Oh don't worry we picked out something special." Jennifer said in such a way that made Jack feel just a little nervous. "Oh? Like what?" he said. "You'll just have to wait and see." Jennifer said with her and Mikayla giggling afterwards.

The night progressed like any other with a lot of laughing and talking until about 10 o'clock. "Well I think it's about time we started this movie. Don't you agree Mikayla?" Jennifer stated with an air of excitement. "Yeah, I agree. Don't worry Jack you're gonna love this." said Jennifer. To Jack's surprise they pulled up a porn site on the TV. "What in the fuck is going on here? We're gonna watch porn? Well this is quite a surprise." Jack said full of nervousness, anxiety, and already getting a boner. "Oh not just any kind of porn Jack we think you'll recognize this one." Jennifer said almost sinisterly.

To Jack's horror they pulled a porno of him jerking off in his apartment. Jack very quickly and full of feared shouted, "How'd you guys find this? How long of you guys known about this?". "Oh Jack we've known for a while now. You see we've noticed something all these videos were published the same nights you hung out with us." Jennifer said sitting on the coffee with her legs spread right in front of Jack. You could almost make out the outline of her tight little vagina and she for damn sure wasn't wearing any panties. "What's the matter Jack hanging out with us get you a little excited just couldn't contain yourself?" Mikayla said leaning over to Jack whispering in his hear. He could feel her awesome tits on his shoulder and one thing was certain no bra. Mikayla then put her hand on his inner immediately making his cock go to full hardness. "Oh, would you look at that. Come on Jack I hope everything isn't going to be this quick." Mikayla said licking her lips and running her hand over his bulge.

This was it everything Jack had dreamed of and he tried to stay calm but on the inside he was a nervous wreck. Mikayla got down in front of him and started undoing his pants, and Jennifer being touching herself and biting her lower lip looking at Jack. "Jennifer, what the h-h-hell is going on here?" Jack said barely holding it together. "You see Jack, me and Mikayla have been fucking for a while now but something's been missing... a cock. Then we found these videos and it wasn't hard to figure out it was you. At first we thought it was funny and it made us laugh but then we thought it was hot and it made us horny." Jennifer said now fulling fingering herself with her hand in her pants. "Got it, time to let this monster out of his cage." Mikayla said. "Wow, even bigger than I thought this is gonna be fun." Mikayla said starting to jerk Jack off.

Holy shit he thought this feels amazing with Mikayla jerking him off that hungry look in her eyes as she stared at his cock getting harder that it ever got before. Jennifer still fingering herself now with one hand up her shirt groping her own breast. This was all Jack had could have ever dreamed off. Mikayla then stopped jerking Jack off and took off her top, "Time to let these out" her big tits bounced as she took off her shirt. Then she put Jack's cock right in between her soft, bouncy, amazing tits and used them to jerk him off. "Come on Jennifer, I'm so wet in leaking through my pants right now either finger me or take this over and let me finger myself." Mikayla said with an air of desperation to Jennifer. She really must be getting turned on by this she really must want my cock, thought Jack to himself. Jennifer got down off the coffee table and sat next to Mikayla both right in front of Jack breathing on his cock. This was better than he ever could have dreamed. Jennifer didn't say anything she just immediately shoved Jack's cock down her throat gagging on as she hit the base. "God damn Jennifer, slow down you don't wanna make him bust this early the real fun hasn't even started yet." Mikayla said leaning back with her pants pushed down to her knees and two fingers inside her pussy.

Jennifer's throat felt better than anything Jack had ever felt before it was tight, moist, soft, and her tongue was running wild on his cock. She kept slurping on his cock going faster and faster while doing it, and Mikayla was fingering herself faster and faster to keep up. She was so wet

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Notes A movie night with friends turns into much, much more.
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