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I woke on Monday morning, I looked at my phone, I took a moment to clear my sleep-fogged head, then I screamed.

Fuck. I must have forgotten to set my alarm on Sunday evening. I sat bolt upright as panic took me from sleepy-head to wide-fucking-awake-in-terror in the space of two heartbeats. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I had 23 minutes to make my Monday morning meeting.

OK, my Monday morning meeting was a video call from home, but it was the most important one of the week. At 9am each Monday, all the department heads met with the leadership team and we always did it by video conference. I had to look presentable, I had to look professional and be on my game. I absolutely couldn’t give the impression I was a bumbling idiot who couldn’t even set her alarm without fucking up.

Liam stirred and looked up at me from the other side of the bed. “What time is it?”

“Fuck off.”

Liam rolled over and went back to sleep. I jumped out of bed and ran for the bathroom.

Only 23 minutes to go from bedroom to meeting. It could be done, but only with sacrifices. So I did what any dynamic department head would do. I prioritised. I focussed on only the essentials.

I leapt in the shower, I leapt out three minutes later. I did my hair and makeup, I put on my underwear, a fresh shirt and a jacket, and got in front of my computer in the home office with two minutes to spare. It was a mad rush, but I nailed it. To anyone on the other side of my screen I’d look every inch the serious, successful professional. The desk hid the fact that I was bare-legged and wearing only a fresh pair of knickers beneath my jacket and shirt.

I’d had no time to eat breakfast and make coffee, but luckily Liam was home too. He wasn’t usually, he never used to work from home, Liam hates it, but then the latest lockdown didn’t give him too much choice. Liam has to work on the dining room table though, I get the home office, those are the rules. As the call began, I heard Liam rattling around in the kitchen, I prayed he’d bring me a mug of hot coffee to help me survive the next hour.

I double clicked the meeting app and was treated to a three-by-four gird of twelve faces on my screen. I focussed my breathing to calm my panicked heart, I introduced myself in our long-established rituals of hellos as the meeting kicked off. Game time.

Mark from Product Supply began speaking, dominating the meeting right away, as per usual. I found myself struggling to concentrate more than I normally did though as he droned on about the tedious details of a supply chain that wasn’t relevant to my department. It wasn’t just that Mark was stupefyingly dull, although he was, I felt unusually unsettled, giddy even.

It took a few moments of introspection to understand what I was feeling. It wasn’t just the rush of adrenaline from my waking terror, I realised. I was rubbing my smooth legs together under the desk. I felt a little… hot. Not hot temperature hot, I felt naughty, there was no better word for it. I liked that above the desk I was an elegant, refined, businesswoman, but beneath the desk I was almost naked. I loved that I had a secret, that my colleagues had no idea what was really going on. I liked how my thighs felt as I pressed them together.

Liam popped his head around the door. ‘Breakfast and coffee?’ he mouthed at me.

I nodded. Liam gave me an odd look before his head disappeared back behind the door. I couldn’t understand why, but I didn’t give it any further thought. I tried to focus on what Debby from Sales was talking about as she spoke over Mark.

Liam reappeared a few minutes later with a mug of steaming coffee in one hand and half a bagel smeared with avocado on a small plate in the other. He didn’t speak as he slipped them onto the desk, and he made sure he stayed away from the screen. Liam understood I didn’t like it if my colleagues knew he was there. He understood it made me uncomfortable. It wasn’t that I was ashamed of Liam or anything like that, quite the contrary, he’s gorgeous. It just felt inappropriate, too domestic for a work meeting, even if I was sitting at home. I wanted to keep work life and home life separate. All part of my obsessive need to be seen as professional and dedicated, I guess.

But then Liam didn’t leave my office right away like he usually did. Like he was supposed to. Liam stood behind my screen, he hovered there, giving me that curious look again. I leaned to one side, I lifted my hand away from the screen so no one would see it, I waved Liam away with a shooing gesture.

Liam stayed where he was. He smiled at me.

I gave Liam my best, serious look, my ‘fuck off right now this is important work stuff,’ stare, but his smile just spread wider. What the fuck was he playing at?

Liam moved. But rather than heading out of the home office and closing the door behind himself, he dropped down to his hands and knees. He shuffled around my desk, and before I could stop him, before I realised what he was doing, Liam shoved past my chair and scooted into the leg space under my desk.

Panic hit me for a second time that Monday morning. What the hell was Liam doing? He knew how seriously I took these meetings; how important they were to me. Why the hell was he monkeying around like this? If my colleagues saw him as he came around the side of the desk, I’d lose all my hard-won credibility in seconds, my reputation would be destroyed.

I tried to steady my breathing again. I checked the view of myself in the bottom corner of my monitor to see what everyone else could see of my office. Maybe no one had seen. Maybe Liam had been too low down? I studied the faces on the grid in front of me, no one was looking overly alarmed. That calmed my racing heart a touch, but still, what the fuck was Liam playing at?

“You’re naked under here,” Liam whispered up at me. “I knew something was up.”

I was not fucking naked, I was wearing underwear, but now wasn’t the time to argue with Lia

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