Lunch Break Gets Sexy

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Stock Room

Working the third shift at the Amazon distribution center is a fun time. A very active job that keeps you moving. The holiday season is crazy but the rest of the year there are a few lulls that allow for a slower pace.

Stacey and I have worked together for a little over a year. She was a petite white woman, about 5’6” and was curvy. She filled out her jeans nicely and had a nice rack. Her blond hair was always in a pony tail and today it was wrapped in an Amazon visor. She has very pretty blue eyes and a smile that was welcoming and soft. She had dropped out of college a year earlier and took this gig as a temporary position until she got her life in order. We worked in the same department and became fairly good friends.

I enjoyed a few things about her outside of her general appearance. Her personality was great. Sarcasm for just about everything and a tad flirty at times. I also enjoyed watching her ass fill out those jeans when she walked and very much appreciated the tramp stamp on her lower back when she reached for something high up and her yellow vest and tshirt slipped out of her jeans. Some days, you even caught a glimpse of her cotton panties which were usually a pretty and feminine color like pinks and purples and various prints.

We flirted a bit on a daily basis and you could sense there was a fun friendship there with just a hint of sexual attraction. I was 6’2” and well built as the exercise you get working here helps keep you toned and in shape. I was toned before the job but this place helped build extra muscle on my black frame and I enjoyed the way it kept me fit.

We were walking down the aisle and picking our items and lunch break was coming. Stacey asked if I was staying or heading out for lunch. I said was staying and she said she was too. She said she was going to eat on the mezzanine by the windows overlooking the small lake in the back and asked if I wanted to join. I said sure and we finished out our tasks before the lunch whistle blew.

I met her up there and it was a secluded place that not many employees knew about or visited since it was an overspill area. Currently, it had a few boxes lined up that provided a small cubby of sorts where one could hide from management and enjoy a break in peace, quiet and some seclusion. I was on a Keto diet so I ate a few cheese sticks and some prosciutto and was finished with lunch in less than 5 minutes. I sat in the chair and sipped my Polar lime seltzer and Stacey and I chatted while she ate her salad. She finished it quickly and we got into small talk.

“Ever go to that strip joint up the road?”, she asked. “Yeah, its pretty good. Why?”, I replied. She said, “I’ve never been to one, just curious what you like about it?”. “Well, I don’t go a lot but when I do, its usually for the hot dancers. They always have a way of turning a bad day around.”, I said. “How so?”, she asked. “For starters, they are in lingerie and although not all are hot, there is always a few to pick from. Then the lap dance, that always gets you thinking of something else if you know what I mean.”, I replied. “No, I don’t know what you mean. What do they do in a lap dance?”, she asked. “Not sure I feel comfortable sharing that with you.”, I said.

“Why? What happens in a lap dance?”, she asks. “Depends on what you want to spend.”, I say. “So, you pay for sex?”, she says. “Pretty much”, I reply. “Kinda hot”, she says, “have you done that?” “I haven’t fucked any of them but I have gotten a blowjob”, I answer. “Hmm, interesting”, she says. “Interesting like you would be interested in working there?”, I ask. “No, interesting that you like blowjobs”, she says. “What guy doesn’t?”, I reply. Stacey laughs at this and stands up and walks over to my chair. She leans in and grabs my inner thigh and feels my 9 inch cock through my jeans and says, “We have a some time before we need to get back. How bout a blowie right now?” I didn’t need to respond since my cock was already stiffening from her touch so I went in for a kiss while I worked my belt and buttons to undo my pants. She kept rubbing my cock through my jeans and it grew harder with each stroke.

I stood up and noticed we were pretty hidden from any wandering eye and pulled my jeans past my hips while bending down to kiss Stacey. She wasted no time adding my briefs to the jean pool at my feet and kept stroking me. She lowered to her knees and stared her piercing blue eyes up at me, my big black cock sliding in her hand and she licked it up and down while staring at me. She was super hot and my shaft sliding in her tiny hand felt great with the slick coating of her saliva helping lube it up. She massaged by man nuggets with her other hand and the golf ball sizes nuts rolled between her tiny hand. She lowered down and sucked one nut at a time, sucking hard like a golf ball through a garden hose and then popping it out as she went in for the other one. All the while stroking my shaft.

She finishes the nut sucking and licks me to my tip and puts her mouth over the tip. Swirling her tongue over my tip and lapping up the precum that is starting. She takes me as deep as she can without gagging which is about half way and sucks my shaft in and out, spit drooling out of her as she builds up speed, gurgling on my cock with each pass. I just stare at her head bobbing back and forth and hold the back of her head, trying her to take just a bit more of me inside her mouth with her increases slurping but she can’t so I just enjoy the blowjob for a moment.

She backs off for a moment to catch her breath and stare again at me with those beautiful eyes and my cock easily sliding in her hand now. She wipes the spit off the edge of her lip with the back of her hand and stands up. She releases by stiff cock and it drops horizontal, pulsing with the energy of a good hard on it bounces every slightly up and down, missing the human t

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