On the Prowl for #3

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She’s slim, but with all the curves and softness. Jared grabs an ample breast in one hand, her hair in the other, her reaction indicates she likes it rough, a whisper-squeal of excitement, a smile. She says she likes the pain and he gives her a few slaps on the arse, which jiggles invitingly. I part her thighs and plunge fingers into the wet cunt, teasing the swollen clit with my tongue. She offers her pussy up to my mouth, spreading her legs even further. His hard cock springs from his clothes as he sheds them, crouching beside her reclining form and feeds his cock into her mouth. She reaches up to guide it with one hand, clutching his chiselled thigh behind her head with the other. His athletic body is tensed in motion like a dancer’s, muscles angular.

He hangs onto the bed for stability, and rocks his pelvis a little, in and out of her mouth. I watch with fascination, the muscles in his stomach rise and dip like fingerprints in clay, tracing a line down to her head, which is tilted to one side, taking most of his dick, his balls pertly pendulous by her cheek.

We shift positions, his cock popping from her mouth like a cork. She climbs onto me, hands on my breasts and torso, fingers brushing my inner thighs and she puts a couple of fingers in my cunt, legs spread. Jared positions his head between her legs from behind. We breathe and squirm with pleasure (a soundscape dripping with sighs). Our licking tongues click at all our wet orifices. The noise of moist skin, like pulling tape off a surface. We’re awash with the sound of sex.

Jared rolls on a condom and slips his cock into her from behind, eliciting a long moan that has me reaching for her clit to ensure maximum stimulation. I taste her on his lips as he bends over to kiss me. She continues to move her fingers inside me, drawing out moisture. I feel waves as I watch them fuck.

I catch my breath as we roll over and break for a moment, but no sooner, I take his cock in my mouth as he reclines and Viktoria joins me, alternately kissing and taking turns to suck his dick. His arms are behind his head as he lies propped on the pillows, enjoying the view. His cock is beautifully proportioned, slick with saliva and gleaming like polished stone under our caresses. She grasps his balls as I draw it in and out of my mouth, our lips meet in a kiss and she takes it over, I take a testicle and suck on it. Someone floats the idea of getting the strap-on out.

Now they’re side by side as he fingers her. I wiggle into my red leather harness, selecting a black cock. I buckle the many buckles. She flips onto hands and knees, wearing nothing but the choker. I admire the sweep of her waist as it narrows from her naked back, flaring out again to her arse, presented to me on the bed. I feel a sense of power, blisteringly intense, to see her before me like this, waiting to be fucked.

Jared is on his knees at the head of the bed, as she sucks him. Meanwhile, I roll a condom over the black silicone and slide my cock into her pussy slowly, one hand on a round buttock, raised with thighs parted slightly but still together, her vulva a shining sliver of pink exposed. It’s exciting to penetrate her, feeling the succulent flesh yield, and I fuck her rhythmically, one hand clutching a buttock to spread her, as she throws her head back and clutches his torso, his hand on her head as she moans. She collapses onto the duvet, her hair falling around her.

We slow down, take a break, lounging on the bed in kilo sale kimonos. I’m still wearing the strap-on under the robe as we smoke in the garden; it protrudes obscenely as we stand outside in the dawn sunlight. Slumped on the sofa while Jared makes tea, we talk intimately about sex. It’s sweet and giggly and earnest, she says she’s not so experienced and feels like she might be doing it wrong. This is so far removed from my experience with her I have to laugh a little, reassuring her this is certainly not how she comes across. I’m glad she came home with us. It’s a nice feeling to impart some sexual wisdom on this beautiful young woman.

She talks about her friendship with Selena, how close they are, how she’d marry Selena if they were just a little bit gayer. She says they had a threesome with a guy once, but they were all off their faces, and it wasn’t really that good. At least it didn’t get awkward between them. Amazing to have a friendship that can sail over minor hurdles like this, explains why Jared and I thought they were lovers at first. She says she told Selena she was at our house, and to come over if she wanted to afterparty. We’re all happy about the prospect of a new addition, either for hangouts or for further sex.

We return to bed.

Viktoria lies on her back as I pivot over her, her legs splayed, my cock plunging into her, right to the silver ring that attaches it to the harness. I run one hand over her supple skin, holding my weight with the other, relishing her hard nipples, her pleasure at my touch. Jared is able to slip his cock into me, between a gap in the harness, as I fuck her. We thrust forward in unison for a while, then he pulls out as I thrust, pushing into my pussy as I withdraw from hers. This circular motion continues, bodies seeming to meld into one organic motion, slowly then faster, our breathing in sync.
We catch our breath. Viktoria wants to watch me fuck him, he’s happy to oblige. Assuming the position, he lies on his back with knees drawn to chest as I lube up his arse and penetrate him gently, first with my fingers, stretching out his tight hole. Slowly going deeper as he relaxes and lets out a whisper of pleasure. I play with his balls, my cock in his arse as she lies next to us, masturbating. She grasps his dick. We’re all so excited and she draws breath fast and I reach over and slip a finger into her cunt, he does the same and I feel her muscles contract as she works her clit and cries out, coming on all of our fingers at once.

I continue to fuck h

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Notes Ida J. and her partner meet their perfect third at a sex party. In the months following, they lustfully pursue the young woman.
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