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It was all I could do not to laugh out loud when I unlocked
the door to the dungeon, and Katarina's jaw dropped in
shock. She stood on the threshold of my dungeon room,
her eyes as big as saucers. Most of what it contained would be a
mystery to her, but her imagination would be soaring with the
trinkets I had used as decorations. I had devices of torture on
display as well, which were very old and completely unusable.
But to a virgin mind like hers, it was all part of one big, intimi‐
dating unknown.
I watched as her curiosity overcame intimidation and she
entered the room. Kate took her time, stopping to examine items
that piqued her interest. She reached a variety of floggers that
were hanging in a row and rubbed the different ends between her
fingers, feeling the texture and no doubt wondering what they
would feel like on her skin.
Occasionally, when she wished to ask a question, she would
turn to me with raised eyes and I would tell her the name and
use of a particular implement. Sometimes, she would pick up an
item and place it back after studying it, with no questions asked.
As I watched her innocently explore, I was stiff with
This room represented my dark side, what I had learned
about myself a long time ago, that this is my kink. I created this
room as a play den to help with my stress, and as my submissive
partners increased, I wanted a designated play space that didn't
involve the rest of my personal life, like my bedroom. No woman
had ever slept there.
I brought Katarina here to see what her reaction would be. If
she'd run screaming from the room and had shown zero interest,
then my answer would be this is not the woman for me. My
instincts were proving correct about her so far; she was
entranced. Not a word had been uttered from her beautiful
mouth yet.
If my Katie had a kink, this would be a safe place to
discover it. Almost half an hour had gone by, and still, she had
said nothing, continuing to look and touch occasionally. When
she stopped at a spanking bench, she gazed up at me quizzically.
I had no interest in playing BDSM games with her, at least
not in the way I had with other submissives in training. Katarina
was a natural submissive; she wouldn't need anything from this
room. All she needed was for me to guide her, but if she wanted
to play, I was letting her know I basically did it all.
"It's a spanking bench, Katarina. You see, your wrists go
inside the shackles and your ankles at the other end, your torso
would lie along the bench part. The spanker would have full
access to your ass and its precious virgin button, as well as your
She licked her lips, then, as she peered up at me, she finally
spoke. "Then, what? What happens once a person is so vulner‐
ably placed?"
"Then I begin to give them pleasure, well, unless they've
misbehaved, then it's not pleasure. It's more of a lesson."

Her eyes went wide. "So, people, I mean women, they want
you to do things to them, and you do?"
"I did, but not for a year now. I fear I've grown quite bored
with women who think they know what they want." She seemed
to think about my words.
"Well, what about women who don't know what they want,
Kingsley, what do you do with them?"
This was the crux of Katarina; she was bold yet fearful, alive
yet withheld, desirous yet untrusting. I decided to answer truth‐
fully, "I don't know; I have never spent time with one before."
She gasped, "Never?"
"Well," I amended, "I did date one in college. It was a disaster, so I haven't repeated it. That is, until now."
She gulped, her breath becoming light and fast, her pupils
dilated. "I don't know you, and I don't know what I want. Why
would you bring me here?"
"Because I told you not to wear underwear for dinner."
"And I didn't," she insisted.
"That's exactly right, Katarina, you didn't; you listened to a
man you barely know. You are a natural submissive. You just
don't know it yet." She seemed shocked as she processed my
"The reason you don't know that you are is that every
time a dominant like myself has gotten close to you, you have
run away. And who can blame you, with your father being, by far,
the worst example of a dominant male? But I must add here that
he is not an alpha Dom, like myself. He is a bully, and there is a
big difference."
She was thinking hard about what I was saying. I would have
given her all night to consider my words, but I wasn't negotiating
a contract here. She was not a submissive I would be training or
helping, she was a woman whom I wanted desperately, and I
hadn't felt that in way too long.
I stepped closer to her, tilted her chin upward, and planted a
soft but adamant kiss on her lips. Hers were soft and pliant,
opening to me with no resistance. A small moan escaped her lips
as she literally melted in my arms. I wrapped my other arm
around her body and pulled her close, my hard-on pressing into
her belly.
"I want you, Katarina. Will you come to bed with me?" It
wasn't a real question, as her body was telling me everything I
needed to know.
"Yes," she hissed softly into my ear.
I scooped her up, leaving the dungeon for more delicate
surfaces. I deposited her on my bed and pulled off her shoes,
then her stockings. I stood her up and removed her dress, undid
her bra, then I laid her back and told her not to move.
She complied as I stood before her and stripped, removing
my tie and shirt. Her eyes enlarged when she finally saw all the
muscle I had hiding under my clothing. She licked her lips again.
I could see that she wanted me to take her, and she wanted it
I stepped out of my shoes and pulled off my socks and
trousers. When I straightened, my rather large cock sprung out in
front of me. Kate gaped, her eyes growing wide and then
narrowing with desire.
I knelt on the bed and gave her ankles a tug toward me. She
gasped when she found herself suddenly beneath me. I st

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Written by Rogue London
Cargado April 1, 2021
Notes Kingsley, a dom well versed in training submissives has a new project, one that has his cock stiff and ready.
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