Chapter 1: Club El Diablo

Story 1: Chapter 1: Club El Diablo
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The whip snaps with just enough force to bring a low cry from Angela's lips. When I use the four-foot Australian leather in a scene, it always draws a large crowd. The sound of breathing from those gathered surrounds me and I can feel the sexual excitement in the air. I stay in the zone, and so does my sweet sub. Angela is one of my favorites to work with-her surrender is beautiful.
Moisture beads along my hairline as my arm rises and I flick the whip again. Red welts, never breaking the skin, systematically appear down Angela's back. The people watching grow quieter as the scene continues. This is what members of the Mediterranean Club pay for. Though calling this place a club is going slightly overboard. MC is a dive. I've worked here for three years and done everything from tend bar to discipline subs. My current role of enacting scenes for the questionable crowd is my favorite. I blank out the whispered voices, the smell of sex, and too many bodies. Angela needs me. And I need Angela too.
The domination of this scene fulfills the place inside me that craves release. My thoughts calm with each strike. Angela's small gasp when I place a stinging stripe to the tender skin of her upper thigh sizzles through me. Here... I am master.
Fortunately, the club's owner appreciates the crowd I draw and lets me clean and maintain my own alcove. I also have a small office off the back where I soothe and comfort my patrons after I finish breaking down their submissive barriers. Yes, it's a dive but it's my space in this fucked up world.
I give Angela a brief respite so I can adjust the speed of the vibrator clenched within her tight pussy and turn her around so I have a clean canvas. The scent of her sweat and desire floats through me. Her moans grow louder with the absence of stimulation and I rotate my wrist, ready for the next round. Snap. I love the sound as it pops against flesh.
She can no longer hold back her screams and she finds release. The orgasm ripples through her body, carrying the crowd with her. Many of the watchers pull their subs aside for a small moment of relief before the next show begins. I have one more exhibition for the evening and then I can go home. I haven't used my personal toys on myself in more than a week, and I need a little private fantasy time.
I remove the vibrator from between Angela's legs and assist Raul in releasing the sobbing woman from her bindings. He carries her nude body into my small private domain and gently places her on a low, padded bench.
"I'll take it from here, Raul. Thank you."
"Yes, Mistress Lydia," he nods. We're best friends, but he follows protocol when I'm working. Angela rests on her side shuddering and trying to control her emotions. I walk over, run my hand gently through her hair, and help her sit up to take a sip of the orange juice I offer.
"Thank you, Mistress."
"You did wonderful tonight, Angela. I don't think I've ever seen you more beautiful and responsive." I kiss her cheek and take out a bottle of my personal blend of special oils to coat the red welts I left on her skin. I also want to make sure I haven't caused any lasting damage. There is no sign of blood or torn skin, but I like to assure myself the subs are okay before they leave my private room.
"Lay back, sweetheart, and I'll get you fixed up so you feel better."
"Yes, Mistress." Her gruff voice is subspace lazy, and I smile softly at the worn out picture she presents.
I help her to her stomach and began soothing the oil into the silky soft skin of her legs, back, and ass. "Tell me about your week." I keep my voice gentle. This is her time and her reward for giving me her trust. I listen attentively and make the proper sounds of encouragement when called for.
"He didn't call," she whispers with such hopelessness that it twists my heart. "I waited all week and now I know he won't be back. I loved him, but he won't accept me for who I am."
"When's the last time you saw your therapist, Angela?" I arranged for this particular therapist. Donna, a sub herself, understands the D/s dynamic and Angela needs someone who won't frown on her lifestyle.
"I saw her two weeks ago. She told me Aaron probably wasn't the guy for me, but I was still hoping he would give us a chance."
"Is that why you requested I use the whip tonight?" I usually don't give into requests. My subs trust that I know what's best for them. Something in Angela's eyes as she kneeled before me had me granting consent.
"Yes, Mistress, I needed to forget the rest of the world. Thank you."
My hands continue gliding gently over her firm buttocks and upper thighs. Angela's body is beautiful. Each curve a work of art. If I were gay, I would be in love with this messed up, beautiful woman. The men in her life are just plain stupid. Angela would give that special someone the world if they would look beyond her need for pain. "Turn over and let me attend your front."
I rub the oil into her breasts, upper thighs, and stomach. Toward the end of the scene, I'd struck her perfectly groomed pussy a few times because I knew it would take her over the top. Now, I make sure to massage the faint red lines to take away the sting.
Angela's breathing quickens but she knows my rules-no sex outside of a scene or you are no longer one of my treasured subs. I'm strict and never deviate from my rules. It's all in the not-so-fine print of the contract they sign before I begin working with them. Why I think my rules keep me from forming attachments I'm not sure. I have deep feelings for Angela. No, they aren't sexual and Angela isn't the only sub I care about. It's important to me that I define our connections and control them. My entire world at the club revolves around control.
"You're beautiful, Angela." I pluck her nipples with a little twist and she groans in res

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Written by Wicked Stories
Cargado April 1, 2021
Notes Club El Diablo was built to satisfy the fantasies of the rich and elite. There are currently 6 books in the series. Book One will release by chapter in its entirety. This is erotic romance with a feminine X rating!
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