The Sitter Needs a Ride

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Joe saw Donnell's car hidden in the alley. Turning into the driveway, Joe didn't mention the car to Molly. In the house, they found the pets alone in the living room playing with a bone. Gloria wasn't around.

Joe furrowed up his chin.

Molly sat on the couch. She petted the youngest dog's head and yanked off one of her heels. The dogs were eleven and twelve, old enough that they didn't need a sitter, but Joe had wanted Gloria to prove herself.

He went looking for her.

He went into the kitchen. Through the dining room and down the hall. Into the master bedroom. He had an idea of how he might find her, and it sent a dirty thrill straight through him. Her parents hadn't put her out because she was an innocent. An attractive girl, she was eighteen or nineteen. Mediterranean skin, slim hips. He'd met her at the after-Mass social in Saint Barnaby's basement. Something about her shy accommodating manner appealed to him. Slipping into the garage, he heard a soft grunt from behind a stack of boxes.

He'd found her.

He crept closer, his cock making a lazy roll in his pants. Gloria was kneeling at Donnell's feet, her hand pumping his shaft, her head enthusiastically following. Her blouse was open to her waist, exposing the thin straps of her bra and the soft white of her tummy. Her hair shone in the dim light. Wet sucking noises came from her mouth.

Her eyes fluttered open. Shock and fear registered on her face.

Joe kept his face neutral. He didn't want to appear angry. To appear angry would be to get more involved than he already was, and he didn't need that. He needed to get Donnell out of his garage. Get Gloria back home to her aunt.

Get his evening back.

Her eyes were wide open now, staring right at Joe.

She moved her hands to Donnell's thighs and tried to rise, to separate herself from the act she was performing on him. But Donnell had other plans. He held her head, grunted, and thrust his hips forward. What could she do? She closed her eyes, drawing her brows together. She made soft cooing noises.

Joe's cock swelled up.

Her eyes fluttered open, hands resting on Donnell's thighs. Her face was flush. His cock was still in her mouth and she looked up at him.

"What the fuck," Joe said. He kept his voice low, just a touch of menace.

Donnell jerked back, spinning his head and shoulders.

"Get the fuck outta here," Joe said.

Donnell grinned. He fumbled with his wet dick. He was older than Gloria, twenty or twenty-two. He laughed, but his eyes remained flat. "Fuck, man," Donnell snorted. "Fuck." He pulled at his cock, milking it.

"Molly," Joe hissed, impatience in his voice.

Donnell showed the white of his teeth.

Gloria rose from her knees and stood close to Donnell. Searching his face, she looked as if she were trying to determine what her own response should be. She pressed herself against him, craning her lips to his mouth.

Donnell straightened his back, a sour look on his face. He made a small sound of disbelief and looked at her with disapproval. Gloria abruptly pulled back, as if she'd been slapped. She cut her eyes to Joe and then quickly looked away, cheeks rosy with shame.

Donnell murmured something.

She hurriedly wiped her mouth with the back of her hand then started buttoning her shirt. Donnell sauntered toward the door, making a dismissive gesture with his hand. "Fuck it," he said. He grabbed between his legs. "I'm out. I'm out. I'm all the way out." He slipped through the door and then disappeared around the side of the house.

Joe went to the door and peered outside. An engine started and tires chirped.

Donnell was gone.

Gloria was looking at her feet, smoothing the fabric of her shirt. Joe didn't know what to say to her. He tipped her chin up with his fingertips, but she twisted her head away from his touch. She refused to look in his eyes. "Do you want Molly to know?" he asked. He kept his tone even. Gentle. She might burst into tears and he didn't want that.

"She'll tell Louise," he warned.

"I don't care," she said. Her voice was sullen, but she'd spoken.

"You're wet," he told her.

He offered her a bandanna from his back pocket. There was something wet just above her sternum, something else in her hair. He used the bandanna to dab at a damp spot on her cheek, averting his eyes from the shallow valley between her breasts. He knew her Aunt Louise but not very well. She'd volunteered Gloria for the pet sitting job. He hadn't needed a sitter, but he'd gotten the sense that Gloria needed to prove something to her, or vice versa, so he went along with the plan. In a small town like Carnal, you learned early on to always accommodate your neighbor's needs.

"Wipe yourself," he said.

She took the kerchief from Joe. Her hand trembled.

"You've got some in your hair, too," he said, trying to sound kind. Helpful.

The pets yapped from somewhere inside the house.

Molly called out. She was coming.

Joe moved fast, crossing the room and punching the button for the garage door. It kicked to life with a great mechanical yawn. Halfway up, he punched the button again. It stopped. Cool night air swirled into the garage.

"What are you two doing in here?" Molly asked.

"The door opened on its own again," Joe said. It was a lie. He didn't know why he was lying, but it was too late now. He punched the button. The door shuddered and made its way back along its tracks.

Molly narrowed her eyes.

Joe watched the door. "Gloria heard it go up," he said. He nodded to Gloria. She was cleaning her face in the workbench mirror. Their eyes met and hers remained flat.


Molly put her fists on her hips.

Watching the door shudder into the full open position, she tilted her head and sighed. "Jesus," Molly said, looking at Gloria. "I'm sorry you had to deal with this bullshit."

Gloria smiled at Molly, then gazed back into the mirror.

"Get someone to look at it this time Joe," Molly said. "It's no

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Written by Huck Pilgrim
Cargado April 3, 2021
Notes He finds her in the garage blowing her boyfriend, then gives her a try himself.
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