Lost Bet Blacken

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This guy was really getting on my nerves the way he kept talking about how there wasn't a woman out there he couldn't bed. I told him he was full of shit. He called me on it and said name the woman and in 3 months I will have her.

I was having a bad day and I don't know why but I just blurted out that he had no chance with my wife. He looked at me and said "So you want me to fuck your wife?"

I said "No asshole, I said you don't have a chance with her and there's no way she would let you even so much as hug her." The lunch bell went off and we had to get back to work.

After work he walked up beside me and said "Tell you what, if I bed your wife you pay me a grand but if I cant bed your wife I will give you five grand. Is it a bet or you scare your wife will want me more then you after I give her what she's been missing?"

I got shit from my boss all afternoon and was already pissed off so when he said this I said "Ok go for it asshole I could use the money."

The next day he wanted a picture of my wife and a few of her likes and don't likes. I told him a few things I knew she likes but left you the fact that she don't feel comfortable around black men and this guy is black and huge. He stands about 6' 5" and must but all of 250 if he's a pound. The picture was from this morning of her standing in front of the bedroom window wearing only her white nighty which you could see her curves through.

When he seen the picture he said "I may just take her away from you for good, she is one fine looking woman." I sent the pic from my cell phone to his and reminded him he had 3 months and the date that he would lose would be Nov.18/16.

A couple days later my wife made the comment that she met a very nice black man today who helped he by fixing a flat tire on her car. She asked me to take the tire and get it repaired and the guy at the tire shop told me that someone had taken the valve core out and must have been playing a joke on me.

My wife made a few more comments about running into this same guy and how nice he was every time they met. I said nothing about the guy but thought five grand what I'm I going to do with it.

I go hunting for a week with two of my friends around Halloween and this year was no exception this year.

I was had a great trip bagging not only a deer but a elk as well. When I got home my sweet wife seemed different. She wasn't as happy to see me after being away for a week as normal. The next night she said she had to go out and may not be back in till late. I watch her getting ready to go out and asked where is was going and who was she going with? She said I'm going to that new club with Sue its her birthday and I want to see if I can find her a guy, OK?

She seemed a little up set that I asked where she was going for some reason and who she was going with. I watched as she put on hosiery with a tiny pair of matching panties I got her for valentines last year. She didn't bother with a bra and her top was sheer just enough you could almost make out her nipples.

Her skirt had she put on went almost to her knees but had a slit up one side to mid thigh. I made the comment she maybe the getting picked up looking that good and not Sue. She then shocked me by saying "And what if I do, would you care?" What the hell bought that on. I told her I wasn't happy with the way she was dressed and she grabbed her bag and said only "Don't wait up." as she walked out the door.

I laid on the bed with my head spinning trying to think what I had done to piss her off like this. My phone's charge was getting low so I opened the night stand drawer on my wife's side of the bed I get the phone charger out and as I plugged my phone in I thought there's something missing from that drawer. I looked again and the case she keeps her diaphragm in was gone.

I started to think who was that she said she was going with and where the fuck did she say she was going. My mind started thinking all kinds of thoughts and I got a text saying have the grand ready asshole I will send you pictures of her tonight.

Oh fuck I forgot about that stupid bet, so I sent back that I would kill him if he so much as touched a hair on her head. Pictures of my 23 year old green eyed red headed wife with her lily white legs wrapped around his black ass as he fucked her kept flashing in my head. I thought I got to stop this it cant happen, I love her too much for this to happen.

I grabbed my phone and headed for my car to try to find her. When I turned the corner having no idea where I was going I remembered She said she was going with Sue. Fuck I have no idea what her number is but I have been there once before. I was sure I could find her place again so I headed that way. When I got there I could see the lights were on in her apartment.

I rang her apartment and she asked who it was and when I told her she just buzzed me in. When I knocked on her door she opened the door looking like death warmed over, she was so fucking sick she wasn't going anywhere. I asked if she had seen my wife and she said they had a falling out over a guy she was seeing and they weren't on taking terms anymore.

I thanked her and ran down the hall as she called out "The guy is huge and black." Oh fuck what have I done, I should of told her about the bet and made a joke of it maybe that would've stopped this. I knew of a new club being built but I didn't know that it had opened up this soon.

As I rounded the corner I seen the club wasn't open yet so see told me at least two lies. I drove around every bar or place a person could go dancing and nothing.

That's when it hit me, how dumb could I be, I have his cell number I could call him but when I grabbed my phone it was dead. Fuck what else could go wrong. I didn't remember his number but I know my wife's cell number and I found the only pay phone left in the whole town I bet. I called her phone and it went straight to her voice mail.

I was at a lost what to

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