The First Ride is always Free! Sybian

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The First Ride is always Free! Sybian


"I can't do this." Nicki stopped short as Tasha opened the door. "I can't... just forget it..."

"Yes," Tasha insisted, coming up behind her friend and steering her toward the now open door. "You can. There's no one here but us, and aside from showing you the video, I can leave the room entirely if you want."

Nicki frowned, staring at the dark saddle-shaped thing in the middle of what looked like a doctor's examining table.

"That's it?"

Tasha smiled, shutting the door and picking up a remote. "Just watch... and trust me."

The small television in the corner came to life, and both women took a seat side by side in two chairs against the wall. On the screen, a robed woman was choosing which "attachment" she wanted to try out, and in the process, explaining what each of them did.

Nicki licked her lips, glancing over at Tasha, and then back to the television. When Nicki had confessed her inability to have an orgasm during sex, Tasha had replied, "I have just the thing!"

This, apparently, was the thing. Who kept something like this in their basement? Nicki wondered, tucking her short blonde hair behind her ears, her eyes wandering around the room. It was small, with no furniture except the chairs and the table with the machine on it. There was a sink in the corner with a cupboard underneath. The walls were painted a faint rose color, and there were tasteful nudes hung there.

"Look," Tasha whispered, nudging her friend, and Nicki sat frozen as she watched the woman on the screen straddling the black-saddle, which was now equipped with a skin-colored rubber-like strip that had a penis-shaped probe on top. The woman had taken off her robe, and Nicki admired her heavy breasts before her eyes fell to the dark triangle between the woman's legs. The dark haired woman was slowly sinking down onto the dildo attached to the machine.

There was some explanation of how to work the controls, rotation, vibration, Nicki wasn't sure, because she couldn't take her eyes off the woman's pussy. She was rocking a little, and the camera moved in close, so you could see how her clit moved back and forth over the flesh-colored rise. The machine vibrated louder. The woman moaned and rocked. Nicki felt her breath coming faster and shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

"It feels so good, you won't believe it," Tasha confided, giving her a sideways glance.

Nicki licked her lips again. "It sure looks like it."

"Wanna try?"

Nicki could feel a hot ache between her legs. She looked from the saddle-like contraption on the table, to the woman on the screen whose face was twisted in bliss.

"Max isn't here, is he?" Nicki asked, glancing toward the ceiling. "I can get... loud..."

Tasha smiled. "No boys allowed. But if you talk to Tom about it, and he wants to see... we can make a tape for him."

Nicki's eyes widened at the thought of her husband watching her up on that thing.

"Come on," Tasha urged, turning off the video and standing up. "You don't have to get undressed if you don't want. Just take your panties off."

Flushing, Nicki stood, slipping off her heels. She nudged her skirt up in back, so she could catch hold of the elastic edge of her panties. Tasha was busying herself with the machine, positioning a flesh-colored rubber strip like the one they'd seen on the tape.

"Hop up." Tasha nudged a stool out from under the table and took her friend's hand. When Nicki hesitated, biting her lip and staring at the machine, Tasha said, "Don't worry, everything's sterilized."

"How do I...?" Nicki had to pull her skirt up to swing her leg over the dark hump, and she sat, staring down at the dildo-shape.

"You've used toys before, right?" Tasha asked, squirting a little clear fluid over the plastic penis. "Just slide it inside of you."

Grasping the ridged surface of the dildo, Nicki lifted her skirt and edged her way toward it, shivering a little as it brushed her clit before coming to rest at the entrance of her pussy. Slowly, she wiggled her way down, spreading her thighs wide over the rounded back of the machine.

"Like that?" Nicki asked, flushing as she saw Tasha looking between her legs.

That's when she noticed the large mirror hanging against the opposite wall. Shocked, Nicki stared at her reflection, a woman in a black skirt and a white blouse, completely dressed for the office—except for the whole straddling thing, and the five inch dildo pressed up into her flesh.

"Perfect," Tasha agreed, handing her friend the controls. "Here."

Still surprised at her own reflection, Nicki murmured, "Maybe this isn't such a good idea."

"Trust me, it's a great idea. You'll thank me." Tasha took the controls from her friend's hand and turned the machine on, making it vibrate.

"Hey!" Nicki squealed and jumped, half laughing, as a gentle buzz began between her thighs. "Ohh... god... that's nice."

Tasha grinned. "But that's not all it does, sweetness. It rotates, too." She manipulated the dual controls, upping the vibration a little, as well as turning on the rotation.

Nicki gasped, her eyes growing wide. "Oh!"

"Here," Tasha said, attaching a large square block of comparable size to the front of the Sybian. "You can use this to lean on. You'll probably need to."

"Oh my god," Nicki whispered, feeling a gentle rotation deep inside her pussy. The thing was turning around and around in there! Her eyes closed and she rocked, remembering the woman in the video, how she had rocked, too. It seemed like such a natural thing to do, rubbing her clit over the vibrating nub between her thighs.

"It's like fucking," Nicki murmured, grasping the hand-rest that Tasha had put down for her as she rolled her hips over the black saddle. How many times had she sat up on Tom like this, rocking and rolling? She couldn't count. But oh my god, fucking Tom had never been like this!

"Oh I need more," Nicki moaned, wiggling down ag

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