The First Ride is always Free! PT2 Sybian

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"It will blow your mind!"

That's what Nicki had said. Kim sat in her car contemplating the average looking suburban house, tempted to turn the key in the ignition and just take off again. What am I doing here? She glanced down at the hands in her lap, her nails ragged, and sighed. Marriage therapy, individual therapy, various serotonin-altering d**gs, even a weekend away at some swinging couples resort, and still, since the second baby, there had been nothing, not any hint of a spark. This is my last resort.

"Hi!" The woman who swung the door open smiled warmly. Kim admired the way her short, dark hair curled like two commas, one on each cheek. "You must be Kim?"

"Tasha?" Kim returned the woman's smile with a hesitant one of her own, suddenly all too aware of her mousy brown mommy's ponytail and her unstylish sweats and hoodie combination.

"Come on in!" Tasha was dressed to the nines, her heels clicking on the stairs as she led the way down. "Nicki told me all about you."

Kim flushed, following the dark-haired woman into the room. "All... about me?"

Tasha smiled, offering her a seat. Something about her made Kim feel immediately comfortable. "Listen... we're both women. We know what it's like, right?"

Tucking her purse under the chair, Kim sat, frowning. "I guess so..."

"Our bodies are like fine tuned machines," Tasha said, picking up a remote and sitting next to her guest. "We need all sorts of revving up and tinkering with to get to our destination, you know what I mean?"

Kim cleared her throat and couldn't help but smile. "Yeah, sure."

"And it isn't always easy to be interested, when you're already tired, and you've spent all day picking up after the k**s and cooking dinner..." Tasha went on, and Kim stared at her, nodding encouragement. "It isn't easy, especially when... well, you know most guys... I mean, some of them... the numbers on the clock don't even change by the time they're done, right?"

Kim let out a sigh of relief. She knew Nicki must have told this woman everything. "I just need time, you know? Like... some build up..."

Tasha nodded sympathetically. "Or... you need a ride on the Sybian." She started the video, and Kim sat, transfixed. They had tried all sorts of things, including watching porn together, to get her interested in sex again, and this was rather tame in comparison. But there was something about it... the look of sheer ecstasy on the woman's face! It made her feel weak and a little dizzy just watching.

"Does it feel as good as it looks?" Kim asked, feeling a tingle between her legs.

Tasha smiled. "Better. Ready to try it?"

Kim was already toeing off her shoes and pulling her sweats and panties down over her hips, unmindful of stretch marks or her cesarean scar. Tasha didn't even raise an eyebrow when she stripped off her hoodie, too, unhooking her bra and letting her breasts, full and slightly pendulous from still nursing her six month old, swing free. She climbed up onto the machine completely nude, except for a pair of purple socks.

"Can I have that one?" Kim asked, pointing to the life-like penis. Her eyes were bright, and whatever nervousness she'd been experiencing had been replaced by anticipation.

Tasha fitted the insert onto the machine and squirted a little clear lubricant down the shaft. "These are the controls, like you saw in the video. This one is vibration, this one is rotation."

Kim looked down at the box in her hand, suddenly doubtful that it could do any more than the hundred other sex toys they had tried over the years. Still, the look on the woman's face in the video kept coming back to her. What the hell? It's worth a shot. She positioned herself over the plastic cock, using the black box in front of the Sybian to steady herself as she slid down onto the slick length of it.

"Once you get the hang of the controls, I can go, if you want me to," Tasha said.

Kim flicked the switch marked "vibration," smiling at the sensation between her thighs. "Mmm... nice."

Tasha sat down in the chair, smiling. "The good thing about the Sybian is that you don't really even need a lot of foreplay... it takes you right there."

The woman riding the machine closed her eyes, rocking her hips against the flesh-colored ridge pressing up between her pussy lips. The hair there was light brown and trimmed neatly. Tasha watched Kim's face, fascinated by what she saw there. It happened to all of them—that look of surprise that changed to awe and wonder, and eventually, carried them away.

"Oh that's so good," Kim murmured, rocking and rolling with it.

"Don't forget the rotation," Tasha reminded her. Kim opened her eyes, surprised out of her blissful state, and looked down at the box. "Trust me, you'll love it."

Doubtful, Kim flicked the switch. She had never had any luck finding that mysterious "G-Spot," and had serious doubts about the veracity of women's claims about having one. She was pretty sure it was all something women made up to get men off and make them feel like having a penis rubbing up inside the vagina actually felt good. For Kim, back when they were having sex and she was into it, even a little, it had always been about the clit.

Frowning, Kim wiggled on the machine. There was pressure deep inside her as the plastic penis began to slowly rotate. The vibration was sending lovely waves of pleasure through her, and she turned that knob, making it hum faster.

"It takes a few minutes for the rotation to start to feel good," Tasha explained. "But once it kicks in..."

Kim nodded, not really hearing her. The sensation was increasing, and her pussy responded to the buzz of the machine, clamping down on the cock between her legs. She couldn't believe it, but she was going to cum—so fast! No vibrator ever had made her cum so fast! Moaning, she gripped tightly to the machine, her thighs quivering as her orgasm began, her clit making circles over that slick, vibrating ridge.


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