COVID video sex leads to great real life sex

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I work for a small start up and have been locked in my flat for over a year with little to no human interaction except for Zoom calls for work, FaceTime for friends and family and Tinder for my sexual releases. It has been a tough year and I miss the human touch, the flesh of a cock inserting into me is so much more exciting than the rubbery dildo I fuck or the vibrator I use.

I found Tad on Tinder. It was full blown pandemic time and COVID-phobia was rampant so we video chatted a lot. He was 5’11” athletic build and had a young looking face for his 25 years. His hair was flown and kinda reminded me of a hockey player. He appeared to shave every couple of days as some days he had some scruff and others he was clean shaven. We had video sex a few times and I enjoyed watching him jerk off and he was into some other kinky things like anal play and cross dressing. He was a bit hairy and tried to shave as best he could but said he usually gets a manzillian and waxes everything off but since they were closed due to COVID, he was unable to and a razor just doesn’t do as good of a job. I typically used my vibrator first and then switched over to the dildo and also played with anal plugs and nipple clamps and I also developed a fetish for lingerie while in lockdown. I loved to dress up despite not being able to go anywhere and I also like a well groomed private area and loved waxing everything smooth down there. Again, COVID caused a little overgrowth for me as well.

The video sex was good, like I said, but nothing compares to the real thing so when lockdown ended and I was able to get fully vaccinated, I texted Tad to check his status. He had just gotten his first shot and was planning his second in 21 days. Despite being disappointed that he was not vaccinated, I understood and we texted and video chatted for a few weeks but we agreed that masturbating on video was not going to happen so we could build up for the fully vaccinated sex session and we made grand plans around this plan.

I’ll admit that I couldn’t wait five more weeks for sex (21 days for second shot and 10 more days for vaccine to take affect), and I did pull out my vibrator and dildo a few times and got myself off but I did not break the video chat no sex rule and I am certain Tad couldn’t resist rubbing one or two loads out, or more, in that same span of time. I imagine him jerking that nice 7 inch cock and seeing his cum dribble down his hand as he climaxes. I loved watching it and kept thinking about his creamy load for just under a year since we first video fucked.

So, as the weeks went by, our texts started with a location and we settled on NYC-the epicenter of the virus but these days there appears to be half the population and we found a massive hotel suite in Times Square for less than $150 per night. I guess the economy hasn’t fully recovered in NYC but we were happy with a semi bustling city and a great rate in a room that overlooked Times Square.

As the weeks became days, I actually went shopping. Not the very first time shopping but the very first time I went into a Victoria’s Secret and Soma. We were going away for three nights and I wanted a nice outfit for each night, all of them special and sexy. I found a few great sets of panty/garter/lingerie sets in various favorite colors like red, black and navy and one set in leopard print which is a bit out of my wheelhouse. I also found a few from the bridal collection that was just so damn sexy that I couldn't resist. I also made a stop at a few other stores and bought a few new outfits which showed off my fantastic body.

I got home and texted Tad a few of my purchases spread out across my bed and captioned it, “Can’t wait for our getaway, more surprises await....” and hit send. Then I jump on my iPad and hit up Adam and Eve for some new toys. For me, I bought a Satisfier Pro 2 clit sucker, Twisted Triplet clit and nipple suckers, Eve’s Vibrating Strap-less Strap On, Sassy Anal Beads and OhMiClub Vibe Remote Panties.

For him, I bought an Ass-Gasm Penis Ring Plug, Silicone Ball Spreader, and for us both, I bought a WeVibe, and Three Hearts Anal Jewel Set.and two Frisky Fox Anal Tail-not sure why but it was more of an impulse buy more than anything else. Besides, a year in quarantine not spending any money made me a bit generous.

I then went to a site Tad had told me about for Cross Dressers and found him a few satin and lace panties and bra sets and I even found him some silicone inserts. I added a matching garter and a few skirts, the navy blue and polka dot version was so cute, I may keep it for myself. I was getting wet thinking about Tad getting dressed up for me. I wonder if he would venture out in public? I rubbed my clit and rubbed out a quick orgasm thinking about it and loved the feeling of my cum soaking into my satin panties. I finished and went to make dinner without sharing my gifts for Tad and us, deciding that a surprise is better approach.

The day comes and Tad picks me up in his 2018 Toyota RAV4 and we begin the 3 hour drive to NYC. We flash our vaccine cards to each other and he says I am much prettier in person than over video and I blush. I comment he looks great and he thanks me. We jam some tunes on Pandora and switch genre’s every 50 miles or so. The traffic is very light compared to pre-pandemic levels and we motor along quickly. We hit the Merrit Parkway and I am feeling a bit horny so I take my seatbelt off and lower Lululemon sweats and lean my seat back and re-buckle before pressing my finger onto my clit and circling around it through my Victoria’s Secret micro lace cheeky leopard print panties and I pull up my hoodie to expose my tight abs, and I stare at Tad who finally notices and says, “Damn girl, that’s hot!”

I circle myself and feel myself building into the pleasure zone. I lower my panties and pull the hood off my clit and start playing with it. The direct touch against my but

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Notes The end of COVID allows me to enjoy the video cock i have been craving
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