A Cuckold Too Far

Story 1: A Cuckold Too Far
  • Story 1: A Cuckold Too Far
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This is the story of a cuckold fuck that went too far. It’s a long story if I tell it properly, so buckle up.

Like many men, one of my greatest turn-ons is watching my dear, beautiful, loving, filthy wife getting fucked by other men.

Just the idea of it was enough, at first. I didn’t actually dare ask my wife Claire; I was terrified of bringing the topic up. If your girl doesn’t feel the same way, that conversation can go badly.

So the idea of seeing my wife with other men stayed a fantasy only for years. Until we went to Mark and Angelica’s wedding that is. Until the reception party after the ceremony.

Claire flirted outrageously with Mark’s best man, Rick. She made it into a big joke as she did it, but there was truth in it too, I could see it in her eyes. Rick was handsome, he was tall and confident and powerfully built, I couldn’t blame my wife. The atmosphere got the better of me, and before I knew what I was doing, I whispered in Claire’s ear, “it’d be so hot to watch you suck his dick.”

Claire looked shocked, but a red flush came over her face. Still, my chest tightened in panic at what I’d said, I couldn’t believe those words had slipped out of my mouth. What had I been thinking?

If we’d have been sober, I’m sure the conversation wouldn’t have gone any further. But we weren’t. We’d both drunk enough champagne to stun an elephant. Claire laughed as she agreed with me. She looked over at Rick, then back at me. She put her finger in her mouth and sucked it suggestively.

We danced as afternoon became evening, we drank more champagne. Claire was hot and giddy, we kissed and groped each other in dark corners of the hotel like love struck teenagers in the first overwhelming flush of hormones. Weddings are funny occasions. There’s love and sex in the air, everyone drinks too much, everyone’s so friendly and uninhibited. We found ourselves talking with Rick.

He looked a little confused as we stood before him. Claire flirted for everything she was worth; she had her hands all over the bemused guy. He kept looking at me with a wrinkled brow, the expression on his face said I was her husband, why was I allowing this to happen? Why wasn’t I enraged by it? Why was I laughing and making jokes with him?

Rick settled into it though as our charm got to work on him. Soon we were a tight threesome, getting on like a proverbial house on fire. We drank and drank, then again, the words just slipped out of my mouth before I could stop myself. “My wife likes you. You want her to suck your dick?”

“What?” Rick shook his head like he hadn’t heard me, even if we both knew he had.

“She wants to,” I said. “It’d be cool to watch her do it.”

Rick shook his head at me. He looked at Claire as if I was mad.

Claire’s face was crimson, but she held Rick’s gaze. She nodded. “It’d be hot.” A not entirely shy smile slid over her face. “You don’t like me?”

“You’re gorgeous. But this is a little… weird,” Rick said.

My wife was gorgeous, Rick wasn’t being polite. Claire was way better looking than me, she was beautiful, she had a hell of a body. I was a lucky guy.

Claire spoke before I had a chance; she took the lead. “Come on, who doesn’t love getting their cock sucked?” She moved closer to Rick, she leaned in and whispered in his ear.

I still don’t know what Claire said, but Rick agreed. The three of us sneaked outside into the grounds of the hotel together. We passed through groups of happy revellers, I saw other amorous couples under trees and behind stands of vegetation. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I felt trembly with excitement.

Claire found an empty gazebo surrounded by rose bushes. She didn’t give Rick a chance to chicken out, or me, she dragged him into that gazebo and pushed him up against the back wall. I stood close, but out of the way as Claire drew Rick’s face down to hers, as she began to kiss him.

My wife took hold of Rick’s hands and lifted them to the front of her dress as their kissing grew more intense, as their mouths came open. Claire groaned as Rick’s fingers tightened around her breasts, as he groped her through her clothes. They kissed and kissed, Claire moaned and pressed her body into Rick’s, she sounded more and more frantic with each passing second. Claire ran a hand down Rick’s body to grip and squeeze his cock through his trousers, she moaned louder as she found it was already swollen.

I moved closer and to the side of them to get the best view I could as Claire eased Rick’s flies open and slipped her hand into his trousers. My wife groaned in a way I’d not heard her groan in years as her fingers closed around Rick’s dick. I saw her hand move up and down inside his clothes, slow at first, but faster and faster as if Claire was struggling to control herself.

Claire eased Rick’s cock out of his trousers and I understood what all the fuss was about. His dick was so enormous, it didn’t look real. It was twice as long as mine and so thick Claire could barely get her fingers around it. I worried if she’d have second thoughts about taking something so vast into her mouth; I was scared Claire would back out now, and just when it was getting so hot.

I should have given my wife more credit though. Claire lowered herself to her knees before Rick, he held his huge prick over her face. She kissed the tip of it, she ran her tongue up the length of Rick’s shaft, she opened her lips and took the head of his prick into her mouth.

If there had been any hesitation left in Rick, it melted as my wife sucked his cock. Claire managed to get the thick, glistening head of it fully into her mouth, she groaned nearly as loud as Rick as she moved her lips back and forth over it. I could see how hard she was sucking by how her cheeks were pulled in, I was sure she was running her tongue all over the head of Rick’s prick as she sucked on it, I knew my wife. Claire’s eyes were closed in a look of utmost pleasure.

Rick gr

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Notes He loves watching men fuck his wife, he loves how much she enjoys it. But then one time it goes too far.
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