That Girl on the Train

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She is a lovely woman, not only for her physique but also for her character and personality. She is tall and thin, light and silky skin. Her long golden hair up to the waist with a fineness that characterize her style. And stunning eyes, as blue as the turquoise of the Caribbean Sea.

I notice her gaze and observe that she is heading towards me, while I tried to put my luggage on the top of the seat and because of my short stature it was difficult for me to close the compartment. She, with a mischievous and mocking smile approaches to help me and culminating the hard work, she asks me if she can sit next to me.

With a smile and gentleness I say “yes” and I make a gesture for her to take a seat first.

I felt nervous and anxious I wanted to find a topic of conversation to break the ice, it's a girl! Why am I so nervous! In that she asks me with subtlety and confidence: "Do you believe in love at first sight?"
I look at her with curiosity to what I answer: "Yes, definitely, I think that two people can fall in love from the first glance."

To which she responds: "How lucky you are, because that is just happening to me, for you” And looking into my eyes and approaching my face, she takes me by the hand and asks me: "Have you ever been attracted to a woman?" And without hesitation and naturally I answer: "Yes, only once in all my life and how lucky you are, because that is just happening to me, for you.”

She lets out a mischievous laugh and stroking my face, touching her lips with my lips, saying “I love how you smell” and I answer “I love how you taste”.

At that moment a man who passed through the corridor stumbles at my side because of the distraction of seeing us in our flirting. He apologizes and sits a position further back. We look at each other, laugh and hold hands, continue our conversation to the train stop.

I felt so comfortable, happy, and looking forward to the train never arriving at its destination. Our conversations were increasingly raised and our lips were swollen enough to kiss us so much.

I kept repeating that this had never happened to me. And that the feeling of the moment was incredible.

When the train arrives. We got off and walking together through the corridors of the terminal we continued talking and without separating our hands we reached some escalators. There were many people lining up to climb them.

Then she placed me in front and hugged me by the waist. Climbing my skirt a little so that no one could see what she was doing, for the amount of people with luggage standing and waiting for the stairs to take us all to the next level, she put her hand inside my panty and her finger was introduced through my vagina. I turn to see her sideways and with a look of amazement I whisper "what are you doing?" And she laughs and says "look straight ahead, don't fall down" and in that I felt her finger come in and out of so playful way that I forgot everything around me. My heart was beating fast and in an oversight that finger went deep into my anus.

I can't stand a groan of pleasure that made everyone around me turn to see me. I just smiled looking at the ceiling .... wow that feeling was so pleasant and just then we reached the next level she took out her finger, licked it and took her purse and my hand and just said "delicious" we kept walking laughing at everything like silly girls and we took a taxi to the nearest hotel.

Once we got to the room she says: "I want to take a shower first, will you accompany me?" Staring at her I begin to undress myself in front of her. As she did the same, i noticed how we both began to breathe hastily. My heart leaped from my chest at the beauty of a woman. She is much more elegant and subtle naked than dressed. Her silhouette was so perfect that her tiny breasts made each nipple stand out stiffly. And her hair so long and silky that it made the whole place shine.

She reaches out and we went to the shower. She gets under water, ruffling her beautiful body. I am stunned, shocked by such beauty, I can not move alone there I am naked in front of that beautiful woman I just met and did not even know that my body and mind could react to that beauty of my same sex.

As if reading my mind, she turns to me and starts kissing me, slowly taking me under the warm water of the shower.

Start touching me, caressing me and little by little I feel my shyness disappearing, turning it into desire and pleasure.

Now she stops, turns me around and begins to lather my nape, my back and goes down to my buttocks and legs. She turns me in front of her, and begins to lather my neck, and stops a little on my breasts, massaging them gently, then she follow the path until she reach my intimate area, bend over and very carefully lather the top of my privacy and continue to the legs.

It felt like an erotic massage, I had to hold on to the wall to help the weakness of my legs at that feeling. Now she puts me under the shower and finishes removing the soap from my whole body.

She turns around and asks me to lather her back and so I start touching her and caressing her, distributing the foam all over her back and going down to her buttocks. She stops me and says: "Only my back, sweetheart, you'll have a chance to touch me deeper." She kisses me and we get out of the shower drying and laughing every second we lived together.

When I got out of that shower, and to my surprise, there was a man sitting very comfortably in the corner of the room. He was an adult man, seductive look and expressive eyes of admiration to see us totally naked getting out of the bathroom.

I run out of words and she tells me in my ear, while she smiles at that man: “He is an old friend and I invited him to come in, as he loves to watch me. If you allow it, he will participate, if you don't want it, he'll just watch. I hope he doesn't intimidate you, first of all he is respectful and very gentle. I'm sure you'll love him”

In that she goes t

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Written by aviimore
Cargado April 6, 2021
Notes This is a storie about a girl who did't know she likes women until that day. She meets a beautiful woman in a train. Then an erotic meeting became in a fantastic threesome experience with another man.
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