New Toy Glory Saddle

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A husband comes up with an idea for a sex toy that his
wife is interested in introducing during one of her
girl's nights that she frequently holds at their home.
And he gets to demonstrate it to her and her friends.


My wife loves to have her home based businesses. She's
sold cooking items, candles, decorative signs and bags.
For all these adventures she's had parties at our home
with groups of women coming to see what the latest craze
in her home based businesses is all about.

But the one business I was most excited to have her try
selling was lingerie and sex toys. I loved the idea of a
bunch of horny women in my house looking at sexy
panties, dildos and telling stories about their men.

For my part, I tend to enjoy some Fem-Dom play and take
great pleasure in eating my wife's pussy any time she
lets me. I love having her "force" me to lick her labia.
It doesn't matter if she just woke up, got home from the
store or back from the gym.

For her sex toy parties, I love hanging out in our
bedroom while they slowly progressed through the night.
Laura and I could barely wait for her guests to leave a
session so I could lick her to orgasm. On more than a
few occasions I'd have my tongue buried in her hairy red
bush before her final customer would be out of the

To motivate Laura to embrace Fem-Dom role-play, I have
her watch my favorite Fem-Dom videos on the internet.
While we searched around the web, she saw a few
gloryhole videos and stated she didn't think it was fair
for men to have this easy option to cum in a random
woman's mouth.

After I explained it was most often two men, she
relented a little, but the idea was still there. This
also got my imagination going and after a few weeks I
came up with the Glory Saddle.

One night while I was rubbing her clit for all she was
worth, I told her I had an idea for all her friends to
have their pussy licked clean during one of her parties.

Like most of us who'll agree to anything during sex, she
said she wanted to do it. I didn't take this as her
final answer but at least I'd planted the idea. I
mentioned it a few more times over the next month or so
and finally when it was time for her to book another
adult toy party, my casual mentioning of a gloryhole for
women perked her curiosity enough for her to ask, "What
is this female gloryhole you keep talking about?"

I said, "I think I can setup our room to conceal
people's identities, yet leave their mouths exposed
enough for your friends to ride it until they cum." I
explained all the details of the Glory Saddle and she
liked the idea of offering an additional service for her
party guests.

"So I suppose you think I'm going to let you lie on our
bedroom floor and lick all my friend's cunts?" she said.

I cautiously replied, "Well, the thought has certainly
crossed my mind... I don't know of anybody else who
loves to eat pussy as much as I do. Though if you have
some other suggestion, I'm willing to listen."

Laura thought bit and then said, "I have an idea, but
let me think about who is right for the job. Let's plan
on setting up the Glory Saddle and I'll let you know who
my pick is just before the party."

I was heartbroken yet horny as hell all at the same
time. I was super excited she wanted to offer the Glory
Saddle but sad I wasn't the outright choice for the job.
At least I wasn't flat-out denied. I hoped it I played
my cards right I'd be offered the job. I knew I had some
say in who it would be and that I could be persuasive if

A few days later the email and written invitations were
sent. They read, "Come to my house for a private evening
for women to enjoy chocolates, wine and the latest
fashions of sexy lingerie and adult toys. A strict dress
code of skirts or dresses will be enforced; panties are
optional. No men allowed, you may bring a guest and
special entertainment will be provided. I hope you're
looking and feeling sexy, adventurous, and ready to have
a great night of erotic fun! See you soon, Laura."

I was erect with excitement as soon as I read it. I knew
Laura was fully committing to introducing the Glory
Saddle. The day before the party she told me her friend
Rebecca didn't want to be the occupant for the saddle.
Again disappointment... because I almost came in my
shorts with the thought of her sexy lesbian friend
eating pussy in our bedroom... but that left an opening
for me!

Laura and I had a serious conversation about it and she
agreed to let me occupy the saddle. The conditions were
that I could not speak and I was not to know who I was
satisfying. I agreed but was a little nervous. Let's
face it, there are some pussies we just don't want to
eat. Fortunately, not seeing them would help remove this
hesitation. Unfortunately, most of Laura's friends were
decently attractive and I would miss out of the joy of
seeing all these wonderful pussies lowering down onto my

The next morning Laura had me cleaning the house as she
leisurely prepared her things. We parked my truck at the
local grocery store to give the appearance I wasn't home
as we picked up some last minute supplies. As soon as we
put the groceries away I laid Laura across the kitchen
table and lifted her sun dress to find exposed pussy
lips glistening with wetness. I told her I wanted her
pussy to be the first and the last pussy I licked

I placed her legs over my shoulders as I knelt down to
kiss her body. It didn't take long for my tongue and
fingers to bring her to climax. Once she finished, Laura
kissed her juices from my face. I asked her if she was
ok with me doing this. She replied yes and asked the
same of me; I responded by saying let's get things

Finally it was time for me to get into position. I
raised the height of the bed a few inches to allow for
me to easily slide the majority of my body underneath.
To cover my face I

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