Unearthed , a sci fi short

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As soon as Victor and I leave the bar, I immediately try to call you. Right to voicemail, no surprise there. I turn back around, expecting to see the green and yellow sign from the odd bar, Unearthed.

Yet, nothing is there except for a filthy brick wall and a pacing girl smoking a cigarette. I start leaving you a brief message, "This guy I started seeing is something else. I can almost hear you rolling your eyes, I'm not talking about Tom. I mean literally inhuman." I'm about to go on and divulge more about my bizarre night but Victor runs up and puts his arm around me. "Yeah, I'll call you back soon!" I unconvincingly yell into my phone.

"Slow down Elena, I know that was a shocking experience but can I at least tell you why?" Victor asks with his distinct and mutable eyes staring at me. I've only known Victor for a week so let me explain and in doing so, we will need to start at the beginning. It was a Wednesday. I had seen him occasionally at my favorite comic book shop and we had a what you would call, "an acquaintance relationship".

We would smile at each other, mention what we were reading and that was pretty much it. Last Wednesday he was wearing this very intriguing jacket. It looked like it ran off electricity. Nothing I had ever seen before and his obvious toupee was somehow adorable so I asked him about it. The jacket, not the toupee. The next thing I knew, we were at my apartment. Clothes scattered all around. I'm messy as all hell but we were also frenetically kissing and tripping over books and chatchkas to make it to the bed. I kept reaching for his hair piece and he would shy away, which inevitably made me more curious and amused. Our bodies were getting closer and barer, after we were in bed I finally saw it. Under his hair piece where his scalp should be were dark and shiny blue scales. Imagine a mermaid's tail on the guy you're about to sleep with. On his head to be exact. His body melded against mine in a way I hadn't experienced. I was soaking wet and dripping down my inner thighs. I straddled his hips and grinded onto him, he looked up at me; surprised at my enthusiasm. Pulling his hand towards me, I placed with his index finger right above my clit which was aching to be touched at this point.His rough hands against my smooth skin was a sensory overload and I felt I could climax from the briefest of touches. As soon as the rhythm picked up, I climbed on top of him and his tongue was waiting for me. Using his face as a chair, I rocked back and forth; reaching countless orgasms. I leaned forward and felt his hardness; if there is one thing I love, it's a hard cock.

Opening my lips, I tasted his cock, it was smooth and cool to the touch but I could feel it throbbing nonetheless. I slid my tongue up and down him, enjoying the moans that came from his mouth. Every sound and sigh he made reverberated against my wet pussy, taking it to a new level. Our mouths explored each other for hours it seemed and I couldn't get enough. His taste was sweeter than I expected with a metallic note I couldn't get rid of.

He seemed to be sleeping so I poked around, looking for any other abnormalities. I'm not proud of this but wouldn't you be curious too? As I massaged his arm lightly, I moved all around and felt what appeared to be scales underneath almost every part of him. Jerking awake, he immediately noticed the expression on my face. A confused combination of fascination and fear. "I know we just met, but I need to show you something," he said with haste.

"I don't even know your name dude, body modifications are wicked but how did you get this done?" I asked as I touched his scalp.

"Call me Victor, Elena. We should get dressed. Now. I didn't get anything done, once you see Unearthed you'll understand." Victor calmly said as getting dressed and fixing his toupee..

"OK, Victor. We don't really know each other and I immensely hate being told what to do." Is what I should have said. Instead, I replied, "Alright Victor, let's head out then."

I tucked my pepper spray and taser into my bag, threw my dress on and met Victor at the door. How was he so fast? We walked about 12 blocks east from my apartment and were staring down a deserted alley with brick walls on all sides. I reached into my bag for my pepper spray and as if reading my mind, Victor says "I mean you no harm Elena."

He knocks 4 times on a brick, whistles, and knocks once more. Before our eyes the bricks morph into a bright and lively bar porch with a neon sign yelling 'Unearthed'. For some reason, I take his hand and walk up the steps to the porch and take in the scenery. I find myself lost in this beautiful bar, I go up to the counter and ask for a whiskey sour. The bartender swirls her purple hair around, looking at me with almond shaped rubies for eyes and smiles. "You're in the wrong place for that darling," she says and places a small cauldron of what looks like a chemistry experiment gone wrong. Green, bubbling, and foggy all over. I notice her breasts and can't look away. I imagine her joining Victor and I. Both of us taking turns with his hands and cock.

Victor sits next to me and asks, "Do you have any questions and do you have to be anywhere in the next 5-7 days?"

"Yes to both, where are you from? Where are we? Why do your eyes look like pools of silver?" I start asking everything that pops in my head as I blush from what I was just fantasizing about.

"I'm from a planet called Jenexa. This bar is a gateway from earth to Jenexa. Think of it as a rest stop. Time moves much faster here in between the two so by the time I finish this sentence it will be next Monday on earth."Victor tells me.

"So you are an alien, and I'll be paying my rent late. That sounds about usual for me," I sarcastically retort with a snarl. Within milliseconds, everyone's attention is on me.

"Elena, we prefer the term Jenetian and it is about time for us to be going," Victor says with a smile as we head b

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Written by Molly Lane
Cargado April 7, 2021
Notes What starts out as a random tryst, turns into an intergalactic evening.
A girl, a hookup, an alien, and an otherworldly bar.
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