If i had you in my bedroom...

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I'd imagine it would go something like this... First as soon as the door was shut behind
you. I'd then grab you by your hair with one hand and your pussy with the other and pull your face to my lips and passionately kiss you as I rub your clit making your pussy juices soak through your pants to my fingertips. My
cock now throbbing hard is pressed against your leg and you definitely notice. I take my wet fingers and pull my hard cock out with them, grab your hand, and put it around my pulsing unit and influence it into a stroking motion up and down my cock. Once
you start are stroking it by yourself i go back to your pussy this time down your pants to your shaven lips and start fingering you while I rub
your clit at the same time. You pull away but only to go to your knees and
swallow my dick down your throat as far as you can then suck it fasret and
faster until I begin to fuck your face. You decide you can't take it anymore and stand up forcing me to my back on the bed with one good shove while you frantically tear your clothes off. You mount me riding and
grinding against me hard and furiously so is to feel every bit of my cock sliding deep inside of you. You stay quiet at first because my roomates were home but as I felt you get wetter and wetter you got louder and louder
until I grab hold of both your ass cheeks holding you up slightly and your pussy and ass as open as I can possibly get them and start pounding your soaking wet hole as hard and as fast as I possibly can making you squirt all over both of us splashing all the way to our faces with every forceful thrust inside
you. At that point I stand up and finger your pussy making you spray everywhere a couple more times then I put you up on all fours and take my wet hard dick and rub it against your tight little asshole until it slide right inside effortlessly because your so excited and turned on. Your ass grips around me like a fist squeezed tightly around it as I begin to thrust with long slow strokes at first then becoming quivker an more carnal. By now your so turned on that it freely slides in and out now and is working the head of my cock as if it was inside a muscular moutg being worked over by a tongue. Faster and deeper I go until I'm ready to burst and as I begin to release my baby batter inside of you, you let out a loud moan yelling "Oh Fuck! I'm fucking cumming!" I keep
pumping in and out of you and can feel you clench up around me absolutely draining me of every single last drop of cum. I stay inside of you until the last few lingering pulses insures that my dick is indeed thoroughly drained. I then pull it out slowly and watch my cum as it leaks out of your sexy asshole and I take the head of my cock to rub it around you hole playing with it as it comes out of you just for good measure..... How does that sound?

Written by bddaddic2018
Cargado April 7, 2021
Notes I was asked by a female friend of mine what I would do if I had her in my room right at that moment. That is what inspired me to create tgis. Hope you enjoy.
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