Steam Bath Fuck Time

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I finished my workout and was looking to relax. I hit the steam room in my workout attire: leggings and sports bra and left my shoes on the mat near the door. It was late at the gym, almost closing, and empty in the room and I enjoyed my quiet time. I leaned back and laid out on the teak bench and let the sweat build, rolling off my tired and toned body, and releasing the stress of the day as each bead dripped off me. I had my earbuds in and was jamming to the latest Taylor Swift album, Evergreen, and closed my eyes to further enhance my relaxation.

I heard the door open but didn’t look since there was plenty of room and another bench was easy to find. Whomever it was seemed to notice I was occupying this end of the steam room and decided to sit somewhere else. I just zoned out and relaxed. Sweat dripping off every part of me by now and feeling super relaxed, I fell into a short nap.

I dream began pleasant enough. I was on a beach in the Caribbean and the weather was hot. Sweaty hot. I was perspiring and overlooking a beautiful aqua blue ocean, the surf crashing in the background. I was with my SO and he was holding my hand while we sipped ice cold Corona’s. He moved his chair closer to me and he placed the beach towel over my lap and gave me a sly look. I just sat back and adjusted my hips and legs, opening them slightly, he brought his hand under the towel and began massaging my clit through my Revolve Wild One’s Brazilian Bikini bottoms. His hand working over my pubic mound while everyone around us had no idea what was happening. I leaned back in my beach chair and enjoyed his pussy play. My insides warming up to the massage he offered me. I moaned slightly as I enjoyed the Taylor Swift album.

He dug his finger between my slits and rubbed my vulva and worked up until he pinged my clit. I enjoyed the secret pleasure I was receiving in public. He kept working my slit and my wetness was beginning to seep into the lining of my bathing suit. He pulled back up and worked my clit harder, circling it and pressing it into the spandex fabric of my suit. It felt great and I opened my legs a bit further to open myself to welcome the growing orgasm.

When I was close to cumming, I brought my hand down to my crotch to guide him to the exact spot that was going to send me over the edge. When I did, my dream turned into reality as I struck a live hand that wasn’t mine working me over. I opened my eyes and saw this very toned and very handsome man rubbing my pussy. “What the f....?”, I started to say but he crept closer to me and said, “I saw you having what seemed to be a very good dream and I figured I would help you out!” I replied, “Well, I fell asleep and was dreaming but the dream seemed so real.” He said, “Yeah, you were moaning loudly before i ever considered touching you and I am sorry if you think I violated you but I figured I could help your dream end happily. I know it’s strange but it also seemed to work!”

Although this was weird, I did have to admit it my dream was great and he had helped me almost climax but that quickly retreated when I opened my eyes. I said, “Do you do that often in the steam room?” He replied, “No, like I said, I saw you dreaming and you started touching yourself a little and I just took over. You were very sexy in your dream state. Sorry I couldn't finish you off, looked like you were getting close.” I replied, “I was and now it is gone.”, and as I started to get up, he placed his hand on mine and said, “Sorry, let me help you finish that dream” and gently placed his hand on my inner thigh.

The touch on my inner thigh brought back the wave of horny that I was feeling in my dream and I said, “What do you mean?” He replied, “Well, lean back, put your ear buds back in and I will stay here and get you off. Then you can leave satisfied.” I said, “Sounds stupid, plus we could get caught.” And he said, “Nobody is here. We won’t get caught.” And pressed further up my thigh, touching the base of my soaked leggings and pussy. His touch felt good as it pressed the wet leggings against my wet cunt. I leaned back and put the earbuds in and lowered my legs while opening them up just a bit.
He went back in and I closed my eyes to enjoy his touch. It felt weird but good as he parted my vulva through the spandex and rubbed my walls. He went back up to the clit and pressed it hard through the spandex, I lowered my hand to guide him to the right spot and soon enough I was cumming. Me pressing his finger into my button releasing a wave of relaxation and cum into my leggings. I finished and pulled his hand away. He stayed where he was and I got up and grabbed his stiff cock which was only held back by a towel that easily fell to the floor.

I stroked his sweaty shaft and lowered to my knees onto the floor of the steam room. Sweat dripping off me, I took his lubed cock into my mouth and fondled his balls. Sucking him hard and fast, slurping spit and sweat in a feverish pace. I felt him tense up and blow his load into me welcoming mouth. I swallowed him down and got up from the floor.

I lowered my leggings and sat on the bench next to him, I opened myself up and help my flaps open and he took the hint and went in for a licking. Eating my wet gash out, fingering me easily with the sweat and cum lube. He pinged my clit every now and then while I rubbed it when it was being neglected. I enjoyed his tongue inside me licking up my wetness. I came easily again and coated his face with my orgasm.

I climbed off the bench and straddled him. Happy to see his cock was hard again! I pressed his tip against my wet hole and lowered myself onto him slowly. Enjoying him inch by inch as he glided into me, filling my hole with his cock. He bucked his hips upward and the quick thrust put him all the way inside me and caused me to gasp as he pumped me.

I rode him fast and furious as the exceptional frictionless motion allowe

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