You Get Both of Us

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What the fuck? I look around and watch Cole walk away with Secret, leaving me here without a word. I asked him to let me play, but I didn’t know I’d be getting tied up. He wasn’t the one who did it, though…Secret did. Cole watched in amusement, and I’m dying to know if he was internally laughing at me because he was giving me what I wished for or if he’s in on this.
A moan of pleasure sings out and grabs my attention, pulling me into the scene in front of me.
I watch as one girl is lying on her back, a guy up on his knees fucking her while a girl leans over and rubs her clit. Suddenly, I understand why Secret tied my legs the way he did.
A throb works its way through my core, and I’ve never noticed how much relief I get from closing my legs tightly until I don’t have the ability to do so.
I turn to the other two people in the scene, but my ache gets worse when I catch a glimpse of her face and the extreme pleasure ripping through her as the guy slides in and out at a leisurely pace. The way her hands fly down on the bed, grasping for any bit of control she has left, lights my insides on fire.
The time slowly ticks away and a need growing low inside me is driving me to the brink. I squirm in my chair, looking for any type of relief but nothing works. My pussy is aching, and all I can do is stare at the cause of my plight.
I turn my head to the right and then the left, but all I see are other scenes unfolding, and thoughts of being those women makes my body tingle in anticipation.
My lips part and my head starts to bob ever so slightly with the motion of him sliding in and out of her. I’m absolutely mesmerized by my view, and I don’t notice Cole behind me until I feel his hand grip my breast and a quick warm breeze blow across my open legs.
The two sensations together make my body boil, feeling like I’m going to explode. The idea that I’m finally going to get my night with both men makes me curl my toes in anticipation as I drop my head back and give my body freely to both of them.
My eyes were closed but before I can open them, my mask is removed, and a soft blindfold is tied quickly in its place. I jump at the thought of people seeing me, but Cole leans down, whispering in my ear, “It’s okay. It covers the same amount as the mask. Do you trust us?”
I bite my lip and nod my head. A warm hand caresses my pussy, running his finger through my folds for a brief moment before my legs are released from their hold.
Cole lifts me from behind, and I’m walked to another part of the club. In my head, I envision the same place we’ve been, but honestly, I don’t know, and the thought makes me tingle in ways I’ve never felt.
I have no clue who’s watching, where they’re taking me, or what’s going to happen, and I swear, I’ve never been so turned on in my life.
I’m sat in what feels like the same chair as before, and they reposition my hands above my head, tying them to the chair again so I can’t move.
To my surprise, my legs are brought up high, and I can feel a rope being tied around my mid-thigh, to my ankle and to what feels like the back of my chair as I can feel the ropes against my shoulders.
My ass slides forward slightly into a more comfortable position, and I rest my head on the edge of the chair as I listen for clues of who’s who and where they are. When we walked over here I could tell, but now, they’ve both moved around and are being eerily quiet, so I have no clue.
The feeling of two fingers sliding up my slit takes me by surprise.
“So wet for me,” Secret grunts out in his sexy Batman voice.
Another hand joins his caress, and I can’t tell if it’s Cole or Secret. When yet another hand wraps around my breast, just the way I like it, warmness overtakes my entire body, and I know I’m in for one hell of a ride.
Having so many hands on me at once and not having a clue who’s who or where they are is intense. Take away my sight, and every touch feels ten times more sensitive, more intriguing, more mind-blowing.
They both remove their hands, and I’m left there, on display, for a minute, the anticipation killing me.
I don’t feel anyone near me until the warmth of a tongue moves up my slits and wraps around my clit. Within a few seconds, I’m panting, trying to move my body in any way I can to find any kind of relief from what I’ve had pent up. When two fingers push inside me, curling up to the exact right spot, I scream out the most intense orgasm I’ve ever felt.
“Do you feel better now?” Secret whispers in my ear.
I bite my lip, nodding, still not able to actually speak.
“I’m glad that spot of yours hasn’t changed,” he says quickly before walking away again.
His comment has me reeling, but when I hear the tearing of a condom wrapper, all of my attention is focused on where they are and more importantly, who I’m going to get.
With my legs still tied up, a tip teases my entrance, and I shudder when he pushes in ever so slightly before pulling back out. He’s playing with me, and he’s fucking good at it.
“Do I get to know who’s doing me tonight?” I ask.
In unison, they answer, “Both of us,” with Cole in his normal voice and Secret in his grunting tone.
This teasing game is building an ache so low, so deep inside me that I want to scream and just when I think I can’t take it anymore, a finger is placed lightly on my chin, turning me to the side, and when the tip of a cock touches my lips, I open up wide, welcoming him in.
As I do, I’m finally given the other man’s cock fully, and he picks up his pace, sliding in and out while I suck on the other’s length.
So many sensations run through me while being tied up. Taking what they’re giving me and having no control over the situation brings me to the breaking point again.
The man fucking me leans over, so he’s closer to my face.
“She’s close, I can feel it,” I hear Secret grunt.
Cole agrees, “Hell yeah, I can feel it.”
They’re both so close that I can’t tell who’s in front of me and who’s directly to the side o

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Written by Sexywriter
Cargado April 11, 2021
Notes Evangeline enters a sex club where she is blindfolded then tied up by two men. She doesn't know which one is fucking her and which one is touching her as they have their way with her body, bringing her to come harder than she ever has.
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