Let Me Help You

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After Becca makes sure I’m okay, she walks over to join the scene that’s unfolding in front of me. Just like that. She joins them all having sex, like it’s a totally normal thing to do. I don’t have the confidence to join in on a conversation sometimes, and here she is joining a sex ring with people she doesn’t even know.
I sit quietly, shocked at where I am, hoping I’m not looking like the most prude virgin sitting here by myself.
I’m both very thankful and extremely upset with this rule telling me I can’t join in. Then I wonder how is it that I can be both upset and thankful for the same rule? If there wasn’t this rule, could I really just walk up like Becca did and join them?
The answer is no. I couldn’t. I’d never have the guts to do that. The thought saddens me more than I’d like to admit.
What am I even doing here?
I bring my fingertips to my mouth and start to slightly tug on my lower lip when I suddenly feel the heat of someone sitting next to me. When I turn, I see it’s him. Eros. And he’s alone next to me. Where did the other woman go?
I drop my fingers from my lip and start to play with the straw in my drink, looking forward, watching the show unfolding in front of me.
There are three guys and three girls. Two of the girls have been stripped of their clothes and are starting in on one of the man’s clothes. Becca is lying down on the bed. One man is stripping her clothes while she already has another man’s dick in her mouth. She’s up on her elbow, leaning to the side, working his dick between her lips as the other man finishes taking off her skirt.
She’s completely naked now and the man leans in, licking her folds and the familiar ache between my legs heightens as I continue to watch.
I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Right in front of me.
I close my legs tightly, shifting in my seat, trying to ease the need I’m feeling.
Heat starts to overwhelm my body and I realize it’s Eros; he’s sliding closer to me, pushing his body against mine. A shy smile slips from my lips before turning my attention back to the scene.
Becca is still on her back but now a female is straddling her face and the guy who was licking her before is now doing her slowly as he watches her devour the female. My vision locks on him as he slowly pushes himself in and out of her while she licks the woman who she doesn’t even know.
I’m shocked.
I’m mortified.
I’m more turned on than I have ever been in my entire life.
My chest is tight and my stomach starts to ache as my breathing gets so erratic, I can’t hide it anymore.
To change my focus and try to calm down, I look around the scene to see the other two guys with one girl. They’re sitting on a couch with the girl bouncing up and down on one guy while sucking on the other who stands next to them. He’s leaning down, rubbing her breasts as the other guy rubs her clit.
I hear her moan in ecstasy around the guy’s dick and I feel myself get wetter than I ever thought was possible from just watching people.
I can’t just sit here. I have to do something.
The glass I was holding is still in my hands so I open my legs only wide enough to slide the glass down between my thighs, suddenly very thankful Becca made me wear this short skirt.
The feeling of the cold glass up against my soaked panties is pushing me further than I imagined. The coldness along with the hardness of the glass pressed against me is causing my clit to tingle, releasing pure ecstasy.
Slowly, I move my hips from side to side, trying to hide my movements and not make what I’m doing obvious to anyone around. With my vision stuck on the body of a woman I don’t know as I watch a man’s dick slide in and out of her, I feel myself start to almost drool from my lips that are slightly parted.
I think I’m getting away with my own private little scene until Eros slides closer and I hear him whisper in my ear, “Let me help you.”
I jump, surprised to hear his offer and embarrassed I was caught. “I’m sorry. It’s the rules. I can’t do anything but watch.”
“It’s not breaking the rules. Just keep your panties on. Then it’s no different than kissing, really.”
I take a deep breath, agreeing with his logic as I move the glass and open my legs a little wider, inviting this stranger to touch me once again. I don’t know why but just his presence comforts me. In a place where everyone is wearing masks to shade their eyes, his are a piercing blue, shining through like they’re lighting my way.
His sexy smile sends tingles down my spine as he slides his fingers across my lap. Chills cover my entire body as I shiver before taking a sharp breath in to calm my nerves.
Tightness in my chest is making it hard to breathe and I’m dying for him to move faster to his point of interest. He doesn’t, though; he takes his time rubbing my leg, my inner thigh, my lower abdomen, the top of my mound, everywhere except the one place I am yearning for.
So I don’t get more frustrated from the sexual charge his fingers are causing, I look up to watch the scene in front of me some more for a distraction.
Becca is now on all fours with her butt in the air. A guy is behind her, doing her hard while smacking her rear end just as hard. She sucks on the other guy’s dick while he holds her hair back so he can watch the view. The other two girls are with the last guy. He’s lying on his back while one is sucking his dick and the other is straddling his face, rocking her hips back and forth while rubbing her breasts and tugging on her nipples.
My breath picks up as Eros finally reaches his destination. His fingers run on the outside of my panties, rubbing up and down my mound on either side but not hitting my lips or my clit. The feeling is pure torture, but oh so good.
I tilt my hips, hoping to guide him exactly where I want him to be but he stops his movement instantly. Dejected, I look at him as he shakes his head, telling me I can’t do that. A smile covers his face, telling me he likes this little game, too

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Written by Sexywriter
Cargado April 11, 2021
Notes Kamii enters a sex club for the first time and is shocked to see everyone fucking around her. Though she can't participate a friendly guy helps her get off without breaking the rules.
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