Professor, Will You Get Me Off?

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Once I watch the last student leave, I open my door and walk back in. Cole is just finishing cleaning off the board, and I close the door. The loud thud radiates through the room.
Cole jumps slightly when the sound hits him, but his tension fades the moment his eyes meet mine.
“So, Maverick.” I smile as I walk down the steps of the lecture hall closer to him. “Tell me, do you ever get carnal knowledge of a female in that bar?” I ask, quoting the movie.
He lets out a small laugh before walking to his desk and leisurely pulling the seat out to sit down. His hands fold over one another as he leans back, eyeing my every move.
Once I reach his desk, I walk around to the front, pushing myself up to sit in front of him. After kicking my shoes off, I place my feet on either side of his chair, spreading my legs to reveal the garter belt I have on under my skirt.
His eyes dance up my legs, and I watch his tongue slip out, licking his lips when his eyes reach his final destination.
No words are said as his hands slide up my thighs, teasing the lace at the top of my stockings before moving up and brushing them lightly over my panties.
“I was afraid I’d lost you,” he says as he pushes them to the side, running his finger up my slit.
“I didn’t get my fix last night, so I took a gamble,” I say, throwing his words back at him from the first day of class.
His lips tilt up in recognition. “Is that all I am, a fix?” His fingers penetrate me right as he says fix.
My head falls back, loving the feeling of his fingers inside me. When he curls them up, hitting me right on my G-spot, he growls, “Is this what you want?”
I lift my head to answer him, “God, yes.”
Our eyes meet and without our masks on things feel different. I can see him now, he feels more real, and this feels dirtier, sitting on his desk, in the middle of his classroom. I look over at my desk, and instantly, I feel the excitement rush over me like I traded one kink for another.
“Ah, you like that, don’t you? You like knowing you’re going to fuck your teacher?”
I bite my lip, nodding my head and grinding my ass down on his desk.
“My, my, you are a dirty girl, and I like your kind of kink.”
He winks, curling his hand more and pushing harder against me. His other hand reaches up, unbuttoning my blouse and pushing my bra to the side. His fingers pinch my nipple, and the sensation sends me in the other direction.
I hate that I’ve never liked my nipples being played with but call me crazy, I don’t.
My head shakes back and forth as I grind my hips, wanting to ask him to stop but words fail me as I dig in search of my release.
Thankfully, he gets my drift and lets go, fully gripping my entire breast and kneading it softly. I groan my approval, and his lips tilt up slightly, knowing he’s done well.
His fingers pull out and quickly move to my waist, sliding my panties down my legs and off completely. Giving me a devilish grin, he opens his desk drawer, sticking them inside and shutting it with a hard thump.
“I hope you didn’t want those back.” He winks, and I drop my head back with a laugh.
With a quick movement, his belt is undone, and he’s ripping open a condom he had in his back pocket.
“Did you really just have that on you?” I tease.
“A guy can dream, right?”
I eye him suspiciously.
“I was hoping you’d walk in today, and I’d get to fuck you over my desk.” He positions himself perfectly against me. “And look.” He slams inside of me. “I got my wish.”
My arms rush up, grabbing on for dear life to his shoulders as his thrusts speed up, beating against me. His desk starts to slide across the floor, but he doesn’t stop. His movements are rushed, harsh, and I’m shocked to feel the burn deep and low starting so fast.
“We may be alone now, but someone could walk in any minute,” he grunts out.
The thought of being caught rushes through my body and my burn turns into a fire, blazing out of control as I grind harder against him, so close to exactly what I came for.
I hear his heavy breathing in my ear. “Fuck Evangeline, that turned you on even more, didn’t it? You want us to get caught, don’t you? You want someone, say, Charlie, to walk in and see me with my cock in you.”
“Oh, God,” I scream out, riding out my climax that his dirty words brought on faster than I’ve ever felt before. He doesn’t stop his stride, continuing to pound away on me as my clinching subsides, not fully enjoyed, but still amazing.
His hands grip my ass, pulling me into him as he grunts out his release and drops his head to my shoulder, biting it softly.
Our haze of pleasure is short-lived, and he pulls out, sliding off the condom and throwing it in the trash. I jump off his desk, satisfied with my choice to come back and happy knowing this was a quick fuck and nothing else.
“Thanks for that extra lesson, Professor Spence,” I taunt as I start to walk away, smoothing my skirt down to where it belongs.
His hand reaches out, grabbing my ass and wrapping his other arm around my neck, bringing my back to his front.
“That. Will. Happen. Again,” he forces out. “Why don’t we go get a bite to eat now?”
I turn around to face him. “Nope. That’s all I wanted. Thank you.”
He shakes his head slightly. “Tomorrow then. Will you be at Bridge?”
“Is your friend coming back?” I ask.
“What does that matter?”
“You said you like my kind of kink.” I lean in to kiss his cheek. “And my kink is him watching.”
I wink and walk to the door, not turning around but knowing he’s watching my every step.

Written by Sexywriter
Cargado April 11, 2021
Notes Evangeline gets a little dirty with her professor after class hoping no one walks in on them.
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