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The waves were great as they pounded the surf, compliments of the Nor’Easter that was out at sea stirring up the angry ocean. I jumped out of my blue Honda CRV and wrapped a towel around me as I undressed and squeezed into my wetsuit. I maneuvered into it without a peep show for the other surfers and zipped up the back, while biting on a hair tie which was my next task before hitting the waves. I pulled my hair long brunette hair back and secured it tightly with the hair tie and pull my hood over. I look in the side mirror and tuck a few free strands into the hood while admiring my toned and athletic body in the sausage casing, also know as my dry suit.

I unfasten my longboard from the roof rack and made my way to the beach. Waves pounding the surf and I guessed they were about 12-16 footers. I jumped board first into the frigid Atlantic Ocean and paddled out, needing to duck under one large wave before I was beyond the break. The water was frigid but my dry suit kept me warm and dry. Early summer on Cape Cod had cold water which would soon turn warm and attract the sharks.

Wading in the surf, I sat back on my board scanning the horizon for the wave I would ride first. “Hey, Kara, is that you?”, I barely hear though wind blowing. I turn and see a surfer paddling toward me and see that it is John, a surfer friend with benefits as he is a strapping young man. “Hey John, how you doing?”, I say. He responds, “Great waves so what could be better?”, and I say, “Looks great! Just got out here. Been out long?” He says, “Yeah about an hour now.” “Cool, maybe grab a beer after?”, I ask and he laughs and says, “Nothing better than a cold beer after a good surf!”, and paddles off.

I catch the first wave and ride it to the shore. A good start to the day and the salt water both cleaned the soul and clears the mind. I paddle back out and spend the better part of two hours riding the waves in and paddling back out. Enjoying myself immensely. I my last run, I catch a solid half pipe and figured it won’t get any better than that and I walk to the beach. I look back at the angry ocean and see John riding a wave masterfully. He is a very good surfer and his 6’5” frame and muscular body fills his wetsuit perfectly. He ends his ride and walks up to me and says, “Finished?”, and I say, “Yeah, a good two hours out there and I think I got the perfect wave coming in, so, yeah, I’m feeling good about the day.”

“Still up for the that beer?”, he asks. And I respond, “Yeah, sure. Where?” “How about over there?”, he says, pointing to a Winnebago Bus parked at the back of the lot. “You got to be kidding me, that’s yours?”, I ask. “Yup, I just got it and am going to drive the coasts in search of the perfect wave! My version of the endless summer, I guess.”, he says. “Come on, check it out!” I say, “Ok, let me grab my clothes. Mind if I change in there instead of in my towel in the parking lot?” “Of course not”, he says as we walk toward my Honda CRV to strap my board in and gather my clothes.

He helps me with the board like a true gentleman and then comments on my pink satin thong like the true moron he is and I laugh at his contrasting styles. We walk over to the Winnebago and I climb aboard and enjoy the warm air on my face and John puts his board away on the back of the rig. He climbs aboard and walks over to the mini fridge and pulls out two Corona Premiere’s. He grabs the Balashi Bottle Opener from the fridge door and pops the cap off before handing me one and says, “Cheers!”

I take a solid pull off the beer and set it down on the table. I pick up my bag and ask, “Place to change?” An John, taking a pull off his beer, points to the back. I take the hint and walk back. I close the door behind me and I pull the zipper down and pull the dry suit off. I pull on my panties and fasten my bra and pull my yellow Beachcomber sweatshirt on and then pull on my black Lululemon yoga pants. I undo the pony tail and let my brunette shoulder length hair flail freely. I pick up the suit and walk back out. John has his suit unzipped and pulled down around his waist. His muscular chest is flexing a more muscular bicep that is opening another beer and I say, “Can I hang this somewhere?” And without moving another inch, John grabs it from me, pulls a hanger from an nearby closet and hangs in the closet what seemed like one motion. “Thanks!”, I say and head back to the table to retrieve my beer while catching a glimpse of his happy trail that stretches from his belly button down.

“So, Endless Summer, eh?”, I ask. John says, “Yeah, I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time and never had the time or the means to do it. When my grandfather died, he left me a nice lump of money so I bought this and I serve out the last week of work and then I have from middle of June through end of September off. I am traveling the East Coast first then heading to the West Coast. Surfing any chance I can get.” “Wow, sounds like a great adventure!”, I say and we continue to talk about the cool places to surf on the both coasts and John has a map to make sure none are missed.

He says, “Kara, you should join me! It would be a blast!” And I say, “Um, that sounds like a great offer but I think I haven’t the means to take such a trip and I certainly don't have enough time saved up to take three and a half months off.” He says, “The means are on me. My grandfather left me a lot of money, more than I need, and it would be fun to travel and surf with you!” “And work?”, I ask. John says, “Quit. Find a new one when you come back. You hate that job anyway.” He is kinda right about that but I still have bills to pay. “I still have bills and rent to pay.”, I fight back. He says, “Ok, I’ll make you an employee. You can be my assistant on the trip. I’ll cover trip expenses and pay your basic living bills while we travel.” “And no strings attached?”, I ask. “No string attached but maybe we stil

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Notes A day of surfing ends with a great sex party and an offer for an endless summer
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