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I am Justice.

It’s not my real name, of course, but card number eight of the Major Arcana in Tarot. (Some decks have me at number eleven. Both numbers have their own power so I’m okay with either.)

‘Justice’ is my rank within the freedom club run by the Emperor. The club is a loose-linked organization of individuals who like to experiment with sex, all sorts of sex. There are very few rules and they’ve been laid down by the Emperor. Any transgression means you’re out on your ear in no time flat.

The rules are basic. No hard drugs because the Emperor believes they are antithetical to the whole purpose of experimentation. Big words, eh? He’s kinda like that. Basically, if you're high, you won’t learn anything from what you’ve tried and learning is important—how to please and be pleased. He will tolerate the odd bit of weed but that’s it. No drunkenness – see previous. And no sex without full informed consent and that means no bullying or coercion allowed.

Who’s this Emperor, you might ask? Well, no one knows who he is, but he seems to know a hell of a lot about each one of us and he uses the knowledge to assign our rank according to the Tarot.

I’m new to the Justice gig, being promoted a couple of weeks ago when I defended a Two from one of the Knaves. The Emperor found out, I don’t know how, (I wouldn’t even know how to contact him) but find out he did. He has eyes everywhere.

If you know nothing about Tarot, don’t worry, you’ll learn a lot as we go through the deck and you meet my tarot compadres.

Take me, for example. Justice sits on a throne with a sword in one hand and a set of scales in the other. She keeps everything in balance and is ready to smite (yeah, that’s a word) any wrong-doing, no-gooder who disobeys the rules—like I did with that Knave. He’s still in the club because he didn’t manage to carry through what he wanted to try with an unwilling partner. Next time, he’ll be gone and we’ll never see him again.

I used to be Two of Swords. She’s the chick sitting on a bench in front of the ocean, blindfolded with two swords crossing her body. She always reminds me of the Lady Justice figure over courthouses that says justice is blind. It’s a bit ironic then, that I’ve been promoted from Lady Justice to, er, Lady Justice though I did spend some time as Five of Coins along the way.

When the Emperor assigns a rank, it’s handy to understand why. When he made me Two of Swords, I couldn’t work it out, so I went searching for anything I could find about her. Well, it seems she’s at a bit of a stalemate in her life and blind to the opportunities around her. That was me, dead set. I’d crawled away from life with a boring, deadbeat loser who got all whiny because I earned more than him as a journalist for an online mag. Couldn’t he see I was working for us together?

Over it! When I escaped, I had no direction of where to from here, until one of my girlfriends suggested coming to an orgy with her.

Er, no…

“To keep me company in case hubby wants to try something different? You’re curious, I know it. None of it can end up in your columns— not people, not place, not action.”

Okay already, I get it.

“You don’t have to do anything or get involved, just be an observer. There’s a few of those on any given night.”

I’d never have thought she was into polyamory and it turns out she’s not. She spent the whole night with her husband, but boy, did they get off on the exhibitionism of the whole thing. Sex in all sorts of ways in all sorts of places with people up close and personal helping out. And I mean really giving them a hand—on boobs, clit, butt-hole. They could get on with the fucking because others were doing the titillation. I found out much later, these two are The Lovers.

So what happened with me? Two hot bods sidled up as I was massaging my awesome orbs, in full heat watching my friend and her man. When these guys came on to me, there was no way I was saying ‘no’ to some real-life, physical action. A lonely dildo can only take you so far, you know what I mean? They had me naked in no time. I never could find my new bra afterwards—a small price to pay. I had one lapping at my fanny flaps and the other… Oops, hold that thought. There’s someone at the door.

“Hey Jules...” (When I’m telling anyone, including you, about my involvement in the club, I keep my most personal deets, like my name!! under wraps. A journo works to out others’ scandals, not be the outee. Now sweet little Amy here has blown my anonymity. Be warned, if I hear any of you dicks calling me Mewly Julie, you’ll be eating your own balls for breakfast.)

“Ted and I were hoping you could help us out.” Amy’s clear green eyes are sparkling and the light over the entryway glints off her wedding ring. She’s about five feet four and nicely rounded. The smooth--faced man is close to five-ten, slim build, red hair, office-worker non-tan, and giving off an aura of disapproval. His attitude reminds me a lot of my boring ex, but at least this guy is here. It must mean he’s willing to do something about it.

“What’s that, then?” I ask.

“Um, I really want to give this guy a blow job, but he keeps pulling back like he just can’t do it with my mouth around the big boy. I, we, wondered if you had any tips. The girls at last week’s playdate...” (that’s what we call the orgy so it doesn’t upset the non-cogs, the outsiders who couldn’t even dream about what we get up to) “…loved it and I want to give it a go.”

“Plenty on offer last week,” I say.

She casts a sidelong at Ted. “Yeah, but I want my first time, at least, to be with my man.”

“Okay,” I wave them inside.

“Yay! Thank you. Come on, Ted.”

Ted doesn’t seem convinced and stalls on the doorstep.

“Rules,” I remind him. “You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, but if you’re here, it seems to me like you want to go a step further, right?”

His face blooms red, he nods and takes one step into the fo

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Written by Bella Duce
Cargado April 15, 2021
Notes A pair of blowjob virgins seek advice from, Justice, an experienced senior member of the tarot freedom club. Justice steps them through what to do. They're quick learners and Ted finds himself with a double-dose of precious cum from Amy and from Justice. Amy can't swallow fast enough when Ted lets her have what she's been begging for.
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