Start of a new friendship part 2

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“Hey guys!” I said, opening the door for Matt and Sarah to come inside.

Sarah had a hat on with a ponytail pulled through the back. She was wearing a swimsuit wrap but you could see the two neon strings over each of her shoulders. I knew she had on a similar outfit as Julie was wearing. I leaned down and hugged her kissing the side of her cheek.

Matt had on a tank top and board shorts. For the past year the work he has put into the gym with me and Julie training him has paid off. He is solid, he shoulders were huge and in the tank top he looked ripped. We did the Predator hand shake. You know, the part where the two guys grasp hands in mid air and act as if they are arm wrestling. Stupid thing we’d do but it was our thing. Matt and Sarah have really become close and good friends, I thought to myself shutting the door.

“Where is Julie?” Sarah asked, looking around the house.

“Upstairs just preparing to be fashionably late and make her entrance as always.” I said, jokingly.

Sarah headed upstairs while Matt and I both watched her ass sway with each step. She has been doing spin class with Julie every day for a year, her ass was hard as a rock! The best part though, is how both our girls asses were so round and fat due to all the riding. There is nothing better than sliding your cock in a big round ass, I chuckled at the thought.

“So, what did you think of their swim suits?” Matt asked, as we headed to the bar area.

I grabbed the whiskey and started making us a drink.

“Totally shocked me.” I said, shaking the tumbler and pouring us a couple old fashions. “The bigger question is, are you ready for what comes next?” I asked, raising my glass.

Matt took his glass, raised it and clicked it against mine. “Here’s to a night of fucking, sucking and spunking.” He announced and we both started laughing.

“I’ll drink to that!” I replied, taking a long sip.

“What are you two trouble makers toasting to?” Julie asked coming down the stairs. She had on a very similar wrap, it must have been from the same store that Sarah purchased hers. She had on the same hat from earlier, hair in a pony tail pulled out the back. She had her pool side bag draped over her right shoulder. The bright red string was over her left shoulder.

After two months or so, Julie and Sarah were inseparable. I’m watching them both walk down the stairs and can’t help but notice even their walk was almost the same. They wore their hair the same, same style clothes, both had the same size fake tits, both ridiculously fit and toned, both had round bubble asses, firm legs, the same walk and hell their gestures were even becoming similar. The only difference was Julie was a few inches taller. They both were fucking gorgeous though!

“Toasting to health and friendship.” Matt said and we both tried hard not to laugh. I was biting the inside of my lip.

“Well your shit eating grins say otherwise.” Julie said, approaching Matt and giving him a hug and he kissed her cheek. She came around the bar to my side and grabbed my ass. “Mind making us a couple drinks? We are going to head out to the pool.” She kissed my cheek and grabbed Sarahs hand.

“Make mine strong, please!” Sarah yelled as she was being lead by Julie.

“Same babe!” Julie shouted.

“Head on out. I’ll finish up here and bring everything out.” I said to Matt.

He grabbed his drink and headed out to join the girls. As I looked out the window shaking their drinks. I watched as the girls were taking off their wraps. Sarahs sling bikini was exactly like Julies except hers was a bright blue. Her tits hung out from all sides and a piece of string just big enough to cover her nipple was placed dead center on her tits and formed a V at her pussy. The string went straight up her ass crack to her shoulders. Pretty much both girls were nude except for pieces of string covering nipples and their pussy lips.

They were stroking each other’s tits, smiling and laughing. I watched as Matt walked up to them and they both made seductive poses for him. He set his drink down approached them and placed a hand on each of their asses rubbing them. They were all laughing, while Matt looked each of them up and down. Again, the girls stepped back and posed. Putting their hands on their hips, cupping their tits and leaning forward, spinning around and shaking their asses. Sarah grabbed Julies hand and they ran and jumped into the pool. As they came up their strings were all over the place. Both the girls tits were totally exposed. Matt stood there just watching as the girls, laughing, readjusted themselves and put the strings back in place. My cock was rock hard and sticking straight out.

I placed the drinks on a serving tray, along with some bottle waters and headed out to join them.

I placed the tray down and took the girls drink to the pool edge. They swam up, I could see both sets of their tits just bobbing in the water. The strings going right down their ass cracks.

“Excuse me waiter. By any chance do you have a straw I can suck my drink with?” Sarah asked, looking up at me while pushing herself up with her hands. Her tits pressed together making them look twice as big.

“No Ma’am, they clog the pool drains.” I replied, staring at her tits.

“Oh too bad.” She said, dropping back into the water making a sad face. “It’s so much easier having something in my mouth do drink with.” She said, taking their drinks and walking over to Julie.

My cock was now pulsing, all the blood in my body was in one place right now.

“You two getting in or just going to sit their like two pervs, staring at us all night.” Julie asked.

The sun was now setting. Matt was sliding into the water. I walked over lighting the fire pit and turned on the water features. The sound would help muffle the noises I’m sure were to be happening as the night went on. I walked back to the pergola and closed the curtains around

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Notes The girls have a pool party planned. Sarah gets more that she could imagine.
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