Ava The Wrestler Part 1

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Note: This is the first part of an ongoing series. I'll post more soon. Let me know what you think! I'm not a great writer or anything, I just enjoy writing stories like this. I hope you enjoy it!

The year is 2257, humans have become immortal. Although they can still feel discomfort and pain, they cannot pass on to the next life. Here, in the future, lies a city called Avalon City, home to the AWF (Avalon Wrestling Federation). At AWF, the wrestling is real, and the humiliation after a match, is even more real.
Our story revolves around Ava, a petite, 22 year old brunette woman who wants nothing more than to be the AWF champion. Unfortunately for Ava, AWF isn't all about glory.

Ava approached the monolithic building and took a deep breath. She had her stories about its size, about the sea of people constantly filing in and out, and the lights and sounds overwhelming the senses. She stood still for a moment, taking it all in. Tonight, she would make her debut on AWF. And hopefully, she would quickly earn her way to a championship match. She hadn't been told much about AWF, except that the stakes were high. But she knew she had to try, she had to endure any pain or discomfort caused, because she wanted to be great, just like her mother before her. Despite her small size, Ava was determined.
Ava quickly made her way through the building and found the CEO's office. She knocked quietly, and a booming voice was heard from the other side, "Come in, come in!" Ava slowly opened the door, and was met by a man sitting at a large oak desk. He looked her up and down and grinned, "You must be Ava. Come, have a seat. I'm Mr. Caldon" He said, motioning towards the chair in front of him. She approached the chair, and sat down, she opened her mouth to speak, but he began talking again. "Ava Thunder, your contract is in front of you. Sign it, and we'll be good to go. Now normally I would give you a tour, go over your contract, and spend some time helping you learn the ropes. Unfortunately, I have business elsewhere." The man said as he stood up from his chair, towering over her. Ava looked up at him, and opened her mouth to speak again, but before she could say anything, he cut her off by sliding a pen across the table. "Sign here!" He said, pointing a large finger at the line resting at the bottom of the page. "And make it quick, I really should get going." He said before walking behind her. She felt him standing behind her, watching her closely. 'But I don't even know what's in this contract. Maybe I shouldn't..' she thought to herself. She felt the man's large hand on her shoulder, "Look, I know, it's a lot to take in. But I see a lot of potential in you, and I know you'll be one of the greats, just like your mother." He gave her shoulder a quick squeeze before stepping back. Feeling overwhelmed and reassured, Ava picked up the pen and signed the contract. "Excellent!" Mr. Caldon exclaimed, and he quickly swooped in to grab the contract. "This is my copy, and this.. is yours." He handed her another contract and made his way towards the door. "I'm sorry this had to be so fast, but I really do have to go. Welcome to AWG, Ava Thunder." And with that, Mr. Caldon left her alone in his office.

Ava leaned back in the chair, and decided that now might be a good time to read over her contract. Everything seemed standard, until she got to section 5. Her eyes widened, and she stared at the contract with confusion and anxiety. 'Section 5 - All AWG Superstars agree to submit to the winner of their match. The winning AWG Superstar may do as they please with their opponent, until the following show on Sunday. The losing AWG Superstar MUST submit, or they will be in violation of their contract. See Section 7 for more'. Ava's eyes quickly skimmed through the page until she found Section 7. 'Section 7 - If an AWG Superstar violates their contract, they will be banished from Avalon City, and sentenced to 100 years in prison.' Ava couldn't believe what she was reading. What did she just sign up for? Her heart was racing, and her mouth became dry. Suddenly, the door swung open behind her. "Hey, new girl. Let's get you ready for tonight. You're debuting in 5 hours." Ava turned to see who was speaking, and a tall, athletic woman with hair past her waist was staring at her. "You okay?" She asked, her blue eyes piercing Ava's. "Y-yeah, I'm okay. This is just.. a lot to take in. I didn't rea-" Ava was cut off by the stranger. "You didn't read the contract, did you? I'm guessing Mr. Caldon rushed you to sign it. He does that with the newbies. Don't worry, you stick with me and I promise nothing will happen to you. I'm Amazonia." She extended her hand, and Ava reached for it. With one quick movement, Amazonia pulled Ava towards her and grinned devilshly. "I don't know who the fuck you think you are, little lady. But I'm the queen around here, and I won't be shown up by some young little thing like you. I suggest you leave now, before you get all used up. Because with that little figure, you ain't winning shit." Amazonian continued smiling at her as she twisted her arm. Ava tried resisting, but she was easily overpowered by her. "You're not strong enough to make it a month in the business. If the ladies don't use you up, the men will when you start getting into mixed combat. Leave while you still can, bitch." Amazonia reached into the back of Ava's pants and firmly grabbed a handful of her round ass. Ava squirmed, but there was nothing she could do. She felt her body get warm, and for the first time in a long time, she couldn't help but feel wet. Amazonia chuckled. "Oh yeah, they'll have fun with you.." She grinned again and grabbed a handful of Ava's brown hair, before throwing Ava to the ground. "Good luck out there, you little bitch." Amazonia laughed as she left the room.

The next few hours went by in a blur. Ava was walked through the building by a young man by the name of Jake. He showed her around the entire b

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Written by merotica21
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Notes Ava, a petite up and coming wrestler in the future, joins a wrestling promotion where the losers get used by the winners.
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