On my knees for the Quarterback

Story 1: Phoebe from next door.
  • Story 1: Phoebe from next door.
  • Story 2: Damp panties.
  • Story 3: Take me in the ass.
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Prologue - Phoebe
Dear Santa,
I know it’s been a while since I have written you. We’ve had some highs and lows over the years. I know that I reacted badly to the granny panties you stuck in my stocking when I was twelve. And maybe I really didn’t appreciate the self-help books that you lovingly placed under the tree with my name in bold red strokes. The one on Late Bloomers Can Still Flower and Acne to pop or not to pop: this is the question, were particular favorites. I don’t want to give the wrong impression. But Santa, I am begging you to be on your best behavior this year.
You know that we open the gifts with Grant’s family every year. Grant, my one-time best friend, turned super popular quarterback of the high school football team. The same Grant that sometimes gives me the nod in the hall that says yeah, we had a good run, but you are old news.
I just, I want to get through this last year. We are seniors and next year we won’t have this shit to worry about. So, I thought I would give you a list of approved items.
• Socks, plain
• Fruit - don’t go wild
• Laptop – I know, I’m laughing too.
Okay, well thanks, and ah, have a Merry Christmas.

Chapter 1 - Grant
“Great game, Grant! That last pass was fucking awesome!”
I smirked at my teammate who had caught the pass I threw, “Yeah, that is mostly thanks to Brady for catching that long bomb.”
Brady rolled his eyes in amusement, “We can both be heroes here, Grant.”
We laughed, smacking each other's helmets and horsing around as we shuffled back into the locker room. The smell of twenty years of unwashed socks mixed with bleach and body spray greeted us.
I felt like I was on cloud nine, I loved the feeling that I got after a win. All through showering and getting ready for the after party I felt like nothing could get me down.
A couple douche bags asked who I was planning to nail at the party. Honestly, I didn’t care as long as she was hot. I wasn’t really into long-term relationships. Shit, the only girl that I ever been even friends with was Phoebe Wilson from next door. I shook my head, it had been a lifetime since I had thought of Pheebs. She was pretty cool, but we had grown apart over the years.
I gathered my things and walked out of the locker room to kids cheered my name, and my buddies flipped me off. Being a college school senior, I knew that being captain of the football team had a certain stigma. I tried to take that title with humility, but there were times when they treated me like a God.
And it was fucking awesome.
Out of the corner of my eye, I caught little Phoebe Wilson trying to get my attention. It was weird, I just be thinking about her. But the strange part was that she was there. Phoebe wasn’t the type to attend football games.
I have known Pheebs my entire life. Not only had we grown up next door to each other for the past eighteen and a half years, we even shared most major holidays together even to this day. Shit she was three days younger than I was and knew about the times when I used to wet the bed.
You don’t have that level of intimacy and go to complete strangers. We were friends, sort-of. But not the kind of friends that wait for each other after a football game. I pushed through the crowd to where she was standing.
My admirers didn’t really love that I was ignoring them, but they had faded into the background.
“Hey Phoebe, is everything okay?”
I tried not to notice as a faint pink slashed against her pale cheeks. Where I was huge, Phoebe was tiny. She pushed her black-rimmed spectacles up her small straight nose and gulped.
“You need to turn your phone on.”
I had to lean into her to hear the softly spoken words.
“What’s going on?” I felt in my back pocket, but my phone wasn’t there.
“Your mom,” She wrinkled her brow, “She’s had a small accident.”
Mom remarried Steve two years after my dad was killed in a freak accident at work. My dad had run a construction business, and my mom and I were devastated when he passed.
When Steve came on the scene, I hated him. He was nothing like my dad.
It took a while, but when I finally got over trying to compare the two of them I saw that Steve wasn’t such a bad guy. He also went out of his way to make my mom happy. After losing my dad and seeing her completely devastated it was nice to have her smile again.
“What kind of accident?” I felt panic creep up my spine.
Her eyes said it all, “ She slipped and fell at work. I guess she cut her leg on something as well. She has twenty seven stitches. They took her to University Hospital. I have been trying to reach you for the last two hours.”
I grabbed Phoebe’s arm ignoring the small squeak. I hauled her out of the school and to the parking lot.
“Where did you park?”
Phoebe gaped at me, before shaking my arm off and walking over to her small black two-door sedan.
“Sure, Grant I would love to take you to the hospital. No really, don’t mention it,” she said through gritted teeth as she unlocked the doors.
“Sorry, Phoebe,” I knew that I had been high handed. “I am just worried about my mom.”
Phoebe’s face softened, “It’s okay, she is going to be fine. They have some of the best specialists in the state at University Hospital.”
I nodded my head because it just seemed like what I should do. But I was scared, and I knew Phoebe was as well by the way she bit her lower lip.
Two hours later I was able to see my mom. They had ended up doing emergency surgery. She had a broken leg that had taken plates and screws to reset. Steve was a mess, and I could see how much he loved my mom. When I finally went in she looked so small in the bed.
“Grant,” her voice was weak.
I took her hand, “You are gonna be okay.”
Mom smiled, “I will be fine. Is Phoebe with you?”
I nodded and mom’s face relaxed. I kissed her forehead and waited for a few minutes until I thought she was asleep and went back out into the waiting room.
I glanced over at Phoebe who had been t

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Written by S Cinders
Cargado April 20, 2021
Notes Phoebe has been hot for her neighbor Grant for as long as I can remember. One night after the college football game, she gets her chance to show him how she feels.
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