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Story 1: Mengage Magic
  • Story 1: Mengage Magic
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Eva pushed down the fabric of her bodycon dress and for the umpteenth time wondered how in the hell her friends had talked her into wearing it. Being a girl on the thicker side, Eva had curves for days. The dress rested just below her ass, and Eva could feel the breeze on her naked flesh as she moved through the dimly lit hallway.
This was a mistake.
Everything inside of her screamed for Eva to turn around and get the hell out of there. But she wasn’t leaving Club Excite. Not when it had taken all her courage to ask her friends how to get an invitation.
“Miss?” A platinum blonde with perky tits and a bored expression caught Eva’s attention. “Do you have your invitation?”
Eva swallowed hard. She nodded and reached into her bag to pull it out.
“You will leave your bag here,” the woman said reaching out to snatch the invitation and the sparkly purse. She then handed Eva a black piece of cloth. “Cover your eyes, and make sure that the blindfold is tight. Enter the elevator and await instructions. Do you understand?”
Eva felt the silky-smooth texture of the cloth and moved to tie it around her eyes. It caught a bit in her dark curls, but she didn’t dare readjust it. Her anxiety level had reached an all-time high. Eva was claustrophobic and the thought of being blindfolded in an elevator was almost more than she could take.
Wasn’t that what she was here to do? Face her fears, change the way that she lived? Eva was tired of being the boring one. An elementary school teacher by trade, she dealt with uncaring parents, high risk children, and poverty level incomes—including her own.
She caught her old boyfriend, Frank, fucking their downstairs neighbor Tania. Not only does Tania teach yoga and have the perfect body, but Frank is now living with her and they are expecting their first child together.
It’s not easy to come home at night and hear their headboard slamming against the wall. When Eva was fucking Frank there hadn’t been any headboard slamming. Hell, there was rarely any fucking for that matter.
Eva was finished being the doormat that was afraid of everyone and everything. Her friends had been going on and on about this new sex club, Excite. The exclusivity of it is half the allure. Nobody knows who you are, and you don’t know who anyone else is. The club does extensive testing on every member, and only accepts a few.
Eva’s friends told her not to get her feelings hurt if she wasn’t picked. So, you can imagine her surprise when the phone call came that afternoon.
“Can you see anything?” the blonde woman asked.
Eva shook her head. “No.”
I cold hand touched her arm and led her to the elevator. Eva heard a ding and felt the whoosh of the doors opening. With a push to the small of her back propelling her forward, Eva entered the elevator. She reached blindly for the far wall and was thankful when she grabbed the center rail.
The doors closed and the elevator began to rise. Eva tried not to think about the blindfold, and the small space she was in. Her heart rate kicked up and her breathing became faster. Being so wrapped up in her worries she was completely shocked when a large hand caressed the curve of her bottom.
“Breathe,” a deep voice commanded.
“Who are you?” Eva rasped her hand still locked on the rail.
He made a tsking noise. “You know the rules. Are you ready to break them so soon?”
As he said this, his hand reached under and long firm fingers stroked the bare skin just below the curve of her bottom.
Eva bit back a moan. “No, I’m sorry.”
The elevator came to a stop and the man removed his hand. She whimpered as his skin left hers.
“Don’t worry,” he whispered near her ear. “There is more where that came from. Come along with me.”
A firm hand helped to pry hers from the elevator rail. He felt warm and confident, fingers long and just rough enough that she wondered what he did for a living. Eva knew that the man was taller than she was. He had leaned down to whisper in her ear. Eva was almost six feet tall with her five-inch stilettos on. She wondered just how tall her stranger was. Was he handsome? Did he like what he saw when he looked at her?
Her heels clicked along the tiles and she felt his arm go around her waist. It was an involuntary move when she sank into him just the teeniest bit. She heard the murmur of voices up ahead.
Were they going in front of a group?
“Where are we going?” A note of worry laced her tones.
The man stopped abruptly causing Eva to stumble against him. “This is the second time you have tried to ask questions. Do you have your safe word?”
Eva’s mind whirled. “Yes, bleach.”
“Are you choosing to use it?”
“No!” The response was automatic. Eva didn’t want things to end. She was tired of being the stodgy person that let life pass her by. “No, Sir.”
She felt him smile, if that was even possible. Maybe it was in the way he relaxed? Or maybe in the way he drew her in closer to his muscular frame? He was hard muscle and smelled amazing.
“I won’t harm you.” His breath tickled the edge of her ear. “You do know that, right?”
Eva nodded, “Yes. I’m scared.”
He hesitated a moment. “There is nothing wrong with being scared. That can enhance your pleasure. But let me put you at ease. We will not be doing anything in front of an audience.”
Relief crashed through Eva, but on its heels was a slight sting of disappointment.
The man continued. “We will have another assisting in your sexual fantasy.”
Wait, what?
Eva felt her pussy pulse at the thought of being dominated by two men. She squeezed her thighs together, but the man’s clever fingers had found their way under her skirt again. He brushed them against her slick folds.
“I see that you are not averse to my suggestion.”
She drew in a breath and replied shakily, “No, Sir.”
He brought his fingers up and traced her lips with her pleasure. She could smell the musky scent of her desire. “Suck,” he commanded.
He shoved his thick fingers into her mouth, and she tasted herself on

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Written by S Cinders
Cargado April 20, 2021
Notes Club Excite where you do whatever the Dom's tell you to. No names, no questions, we are there to fuck.
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